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Over and Over Again

11 Feb

Everyone makes their own decisions. If we think about our actions before we make them and don’t simply react to what’s going on around us, we have a better shot at choosing things that will move us forward. We all have the right to choose anything we like but we only have control over ourselves. Others may do what they will, and we cannot prevent their choices from affecting us. If someone hurts us, we can learn from the experience and pay closer attention to our dealings with them. If we could look at only the facts and make our decisions clearly and without influence, everything would be simpler. However, we’re human, and our emotions are part of everything we do. If we get hurt by someone we love, we may let them close enough to hurt us again. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and if we’re involved with someone who is mean and hateful, they will be accountable for those choices. But we’re accountable for what we do as well, and if we continue to allow them to hurt us, that’s on us. The old saying, “Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me,” is valid. If we allow others to hurt us over and over again, we are partially responsible for the pain we suffer. We never have to stay in any situation that isn’t beneficial. We can always step away and move on to someplace new. If we remain in place, and allow ourselves to continue to be abused, we own that choice. There isn’t any situation powerful enough to hold us down indefinitely. We always have the ability to change. We are more powerful than we imagine, and can do anything we desire. We can have the lives we dream about by making choices that take us to it. Every day is a blessing, and we can reach any goal and find complete happiness.

Promises are sacred commitments. If someone makes a promise to us, we hold it close and fully expect them to fulfill it. If the promise is broken, so is part of our trust. If they continually make promises and never keep them, we learn their word is worthless. If we continue to trust them, we will likely be disappointed. We can say anything to get what we want. We can promise the moon and everything that goes with it, but unless we fully deliver, our word means nothing. Deciding to keep our commitments and always follow through will open valuable doors for us, and pave the way toward success.

If we’re caught in a situation where we’re suffering but there is no easy way out, we can decide what we want the most. No matter where we are, we can move. The road may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We are powerful and intelligent, and no matter what’s going on, can find our way forward. Our happiness is important. We can move away and start again. Every dream is possible and we have all the courage and wisdom we need to make them ours.

Today if you’ve been hurt, step back and look at all your options. You never have to stay anywhere you don’t want to be. There are endless opportunities possible, and you have everything you need to find the way forward. Be strong and trust yourself. Every blessing is possible and you will succeed. Be confident. The best is just ahead.

Impending Doom

19 Mar

Life is unpredictable and sometimes things go wrong.  We may find ourselves thrown into a sudden tempest without warning and grasping for anything to bail us out.  There are many factors involved in every decision and we have no control over many of them.  We don’t know what decisions others are making, and there are countless complications that may arise without warning.  If we suddenly find we’re on foreign territory and nothing we expected is happening, we may feel impending doom is upon us and we will never succeed.  There may be desperation as we try to find our footing again and figure out how to proceed.  If there are black clouds looming over us and the situation feels oppressive, we may believe there is no way to get through.  We can always step back, sit down and give up, but if we do, the goal we wanted to achieve will never become reality.  Instead, we can dig deep and take the next step.  It might be dark, but above every black cloud the sun is still shining.  We can count on that and push forward until we reach it.  Few situations will go exactly as we plan them.  The road forward may be convoluted and twisted, and we may need to backtrack once or twice, but if we continue pushing ahead we will reach our goal.  Life is filled with complications and unexpected developments.  It doesn’t matter what happens on our journey.  If we want to reach the destination we can continue forward.  There isn’t anything out of reach.  We are strong and powerful and nothing can hold us in place.  Every single dream is possible if we are willing to continue in the face of adversity.  Our lives are precious and our potential is unlimited.  We can do anything and go anywhere.

There are many situations beyond our reach that may prevent us from doing something exactly the way we planned.  Complications and problems may hold us back but each brings with it the opportunity to stretch and reach beyond what is comfortable.  Strength comes from overcoming difficulties and wisdom is obtained when we find new ways to move forward.  All the complications we face teach us new ways to see the world and help us find success.  We are strong enough to face anything that comes and learn the lessons that will take us where we want to go.

When things go wrong again and again we may begin to believe we are cursed and doomed to a life of despair.  We all feel overwhelmed from time to time but in fact, nobody is cursed to a life of despair.  Sometimes it’s all about timing and we must wait for the right opportunity to arise.  Other times it’s about persistence and patience.  We have everything we need to be as successful as we desire.  Life is filled with opportunities and promise.  We can do anything, and nothing is strong enough to hold us back.

Today if everything you counted on has failed and you can’t see the way ahead, be confident.  There is always another road to any destination you desire.  Look at everything objectively, let go of despair and step forward again.  Every dream is possible.  There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish.  Try again.  You are amazing and strong, and nothing is out of reach.


11 Dec

We go through many different challenges and changes as we navigate our lives. The years come and go, and with them come new experiences that bring us trials or joys depending on where we are and what’s happening around us. In the natural calendar year there are four defined seasons, each with its own expression and blessing. But in our lives the seasons are unnumbered and unlimited. No matter what we’re going through now will change to something else. If we’re in a season of disappointment and regret it will not last forever. Even if we feel devastated and overcome, the days will pass, and soon we will be somewhere else. Life is fluid and ever changing and no season lasts forever. We determine some of what will come by the actions we take, but many things are out of our control and we all face times we could never predict or imagine. The blessing is in the opportunity to experience something new. There are countless things to learn each day, and the chance for growth is ever present. Being aware and awake, and facing every moment fully brings us the greatest blessing. Whether we’re facing hard times or days filled with joy, there is much to be learned and each lesson takes us closer to the person we most want to be. Nobody lives in perfect peace and happiness all the time. Embracing the difficult and happy moments will help us find balance and joy in our lives. We have so much to offer and can grow through every experience we face. Life is a wonderful teacher. We can capture every moment and find great joy as we learn and move forward.

When we’re young we often dream of lives filled with promise and prosperity. Nobody ever wishes for a life full of trial and trouble. We can’t control everything around us but we can control the choices we make. If we choose roads that bring disharmony and contention, we will never find happiness. If we make decisions without thinking, hurt others to move ourselves forward, or manipulate situations to get something we want, our reward will not be the peaceful, happy lives we seek. Every choice we make brings a result. We can re-evaluate our decisions, and if needed, modify them to bring the destinations we desire.

There are few situations in our lives that cannot be changed. If we aren’t happy where we are, we can change what we’re doing and move closer to the destinations we desire. Nobody is frozen in time and there isn’t anything we can’t modify. We may need to change our connections to those around us, move to a different location, or simply stop doing something that is holding us in place. Whatever is needed is within our control. We own our lives and can create them any way we desire. Every season changes and if we want to be somewhere else, we can get there.

Today if you aren’t where you want to be, turn your course and change direction. Your life is yours and you deserve to be happy. Decide where you want to go and take the first step to get there. You can make your dreams come true. Nothing is impossible. Take control and do what is needed to find true happiness. It’s right there for you and you will reach it.


9 Mar

Finding direction in our lives is sometimes easy and we feel confident we’re going exactly where we want to go and are on the right road to get there. Other times as we move along we may experience some doubt. Even if everything seems to be exactly the way it should be we may hear a little whisper in the back of our minds that something needs to change. There may be a niggling suspicion that things aren’t exactly as they seem. If we’re busy and involved, we may ignore it and if the problem is small it may not matter. But often when we have a feeling that things aren’t right, there is something we need to look at. When we get quiet whispers that come again and again it’s wise to pay attention to them. We can’t know everything but we are highly perceptive. We may be subconsciously aware of something that doesn’t fit and the doubts that creep in may be a sign we need to look more carefully. If we’re doing something we really want to do, we may forge ahead no matter what comes to mind. But if there is a quiet, small voice of caution that whispers again and again, it’s wise to listen. We can stop and really look at the situation objectively and we may see something differently and choose to change our course. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem, but other times we may misunderstand what’s really happening. Listening to our inner voices, and heeding whispers of caution will help us more carefully and effectively navigate our way forward. We can be wise and careful and still accomplish everything we want to do.

We know what we want to do and we know how we want to do it. We are in control of our lives and we can decide how we manage it and what we will do. But we aren’t the only people who have influence over what happens to us. We cannot predict the decisions or actions of others and sometimes their plans will be in direct conflict with ours. If we don’t know what’s coming, we can’t possibly prepare. We can be confident and still exercise caution. We can move ahead with our eyes not only focused on the goal but those around us as well.

The world would be easier to navigate if everyone was honest and clearly stated what they were going to do and followed through on every promise. But that is not how things are. Everyone makes choices and some people will lie to us, some will promise things they have no intention of doing, and some will mislead us to achieve their personal goals. If we are careful and watchful we will have a better chance of succeeding no matter what others do. If we listen to any warnings or doubts and address them carefully we will be more aware and able to proceed more effectively. We can do anything and we can be wise. Listening to the whispers that may come will help us succeed.

Today if you have a feeling that things aren’t exactly as you think they are, step back and evaluate the entire situation openly and honestly. If there are problems, address them and correct your course going forward. You have everything you need to be successful. Listen carefully and pay attention and you’ll find the right way forward.

It’s Not My Fault

18 Oct

We have many experiences every single day and sometimes our lives don’t exactly go the way we planned or the way we most want them to. When things go wrong because we run late, we miss an appointment, we overextend ourselves, or we drop the ball on a responsibility, it’s tempting to say “It’s not my fault,” and then blame the circumstance or someone else involved. Sometimes things really are out of our control and we aren’t responsible for the result, but other times, although we may want to blame someone else, the problem lies with us. When we are the reason things go wrong it’s best to accept our part in the problem and then find a way to fix it. There is great blessing in understanding personal responsibility. It’s a gift that enables us to find our way and clarify our path forward more successfully. When we fully acknowledge exactly what we’re doing when we falter we can learn how to be more successful in reaching our goals. Nobody gets everything right every time. We all take left turns from time to time. Understanding when we’ve failed to follow through and learning from the experience helps us become more honest with ourselves and those around us. And that honesty allows us to see where we need to change to find greater success.

It’s easy to point our fingers outward when things go awry. There are countless excuses we may offer and some of them may be valid. But even if our excuse is valid, we are still responsible for the promise we made. If we own our responsibility, and claim obligation over it we will often find a way to complete it as promised. Our ability to follow through on our promises reflects who we truly are. If we take them lightly and offer excuses when we drop the ball, we may lose the trust of those around us. But if we do all we can to honor them, making no excuses for failure, others will know they can depend on us.

Things go wrong sometimes and we can’t predict the future. If we simply cannot fulfill a commitment we’ve made, we can discuss the situation with the others involved and together come up with a plan to work around the problem. We can be pro-active and acknowledge when things aren’t going to work out. If we over commit, we can revise the plan. If our schedule changes and we can’t complete something we’ve promised, we can ask for help. Communicating our concerns will help us resolve any issue that arises and address a situation before we fail. There isn’t anything we can’t handle. We can keep our promises and we can move forward with confidence and clarity and address any problems that come our way.

Today if you realize you aren’t going to be able to keep a commitment you’ve made, address the situation openly and find a workable solution. Revise your plan and do what is needed to work around the problem. You are wise enough to solve any problem that comes your way. Face it head on and continue moving forward with confidence.


6 Feb

Everything we do has an affect on something. Every decision we make takes us somewhere and every choice has a result. If we’re paying attention we can see where we’re going and if we stay on a certain road, where we’ll end up. But that attention can be distracted if we’re involved with someone we really like, or the road is very beautiful, or the promised destination is something we truly want. Distraction can make us oblivious to certain clues and cues, and we might find we end up somewhere that isn’t anything like the destination we thought we were traveling to. They say hindsight is 20-20 and that’s true, but it’s only true because we can’t possibly know what we don’t know. In the end it’s easy to see all the missed steps because we have more information. However, if we’re alert and allow ourselves to see things as they really are as we travel forward, we’ll be able to make better choices. People who want us to do things their way, or go where they think we should go may convince us by making things seem different than they really are. It may not be malicious, and they may think they know what’s best for us. But we know better than anyone where we should be, and if we look carefully, we’ll find our way there.

Every choice we make will bring us a result, either good or bad. Sometimes they are the results we’re seeking, and sometimes we have to try again. There are a lot of roads we can take, and some are very attractive. If we aren’t careful we may follow them without looking at where they will ultimately lead. For instance, if we meet someone we feel very attracted to we may plunge ahead without a second thought. They may seem to be everything we’ve been looking for, but as time passes we notice they don’t always follow through on what they say, and although they seem very sincere, they continually break their promises. If we get caught up in their charisma, and the charming promise of who they say they are, we may miss these important cues for a time. But in the end, truth always surfaces and if they are dishonest and insincere, eventually we’ll see it. If we’re very invested in the relationship when the truth comes out, it will be painful to redirect our course. It’s much easier to be willing to see everything openly at the beginning and make a positive decision starting out, than it is to fix a situation after problems are evident.

B always follows A. If we look at situations with a broad view and see where they’re headed, and allow ourselves to be objective instead of getting caught up in the image of what might be, we will better direct our course. We’ve all been swept away, and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we thought it would. When someone wants something from us – our time, our effort, our affection, our love – they may paint the palette with the exact colors we need to see to follow along. We can be entranced, enchanted, and mesmerized, and if we are, we won’t see the situation objectively. But we can remember that B always follows A. One thing always leads to another, and if we pay attention we can see where we’re headed. We have the power to objectively and wisely make any decision, even one that is framed in illusion and promise. We can step back, clear away any curtains of influence, and see the whole situation objectively. Being proactive at the beginning will help us to go forward confidently and wisely.

Today if the road you’ve been on isn’t going where you thought it would, you can change your course. You are capable of making excellent decisions and if you need to change something, you can. Nobody’s life follows a perfectly straight line. Every detour teaches us something. You know where you want to go. Do what you need to get there. You’re in control. You can change direction and you will be successful.

Finding It

1 Dec

Every day we spend our time doing things that are important to us. What those things are depend on who we are, what we want, how we feel, and dozens of other parameters. But no matter what’s going on, if there is something we want to do, even if we haven’t planned for it, we generally find a way to get to it. It’s often a true axiom that we do what we want to do most. For instance, if we have responsibilities we need to take care of but would rather try out a new restaurant, we might let something go to make that happen. It’s a question of motivation and direction. We may tell ourselves we really need to get something done, and we might even plan for it, but if we don’t want to do it, we may justify putting it off. In the end, whatever we’re looking for, we’ll find. If we’re looking for a way to make something happen, we’ll get it done. If we’re looking the other way, it won’t happen.

There is sometimes pressure from others to do things a certain way and in a certain order, but if we aren’t convinced that’s for us, we won’t make it a priority. However, we might agree to do it their way just to make them happy, and get them to drop the subject.  We can do anything we want to with our time. We are the ones in the end who make the decisions about our lives. And so, it’s important to decide what we really want to do. Do we really want to visit that friend we’ve been promising to see for months but never make it? Do we really want to go to that sci-fi movie because our best friend loves it and we hate it? We need to be completely honest with ourselves and with those around us. If we aren’t going to do what they ask, we may politely decline. If we aren’t going to show, no matter what the argument is, it’s best to say so.

We all want to be nice and helpful. We want to be agreeable and get along with others. Having our own opinions and making our own decisions does not diminish that. We can be completely honest and we can say no. When we’re honest and upfront we may face the disappointment of others when we decline their request, but they will respect us for telling the truth. When things must be accomplished, we should make a defined plan to get them done so we can let them go. Leaving them hanging in limbo will never bring us satisfaction or peace. They’ll niggle at us continually until we complete them.  But when we’ve completed the task we can move on to the things we most want to do. We are capable of organizing our lives and our activities in the best possible way so we can be comfortable and happy going forward.

Today if you’ve been looking for ways to dodge something you need to do, make a plan to get it done and then complete it. You’ll be happy when the chore is over and you can move ahead with something fun. Be proactive and organize your tasks so you feel content and capable. You can do anything you want to do. Today look for the best way, and you’ll surely find it.