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Call the Dance

16 Feb

There is an old saying that says if we call the dance, we must pay the piper. It means we are responsible for the results of all our decisions, even when they don’t turn out the way we hope they will. There will be consequences to every choice we make and no matter what they are, they belong to us. If we’ve been dishonest, childish, foolish, or unwise, whatever results from our actions is our responsibility. Of course, if we make good decisions and act well we will also gain the reactions to those choices. There is no way to skip out on our accountability and nobody gets to dance for free. We may try to ignore our part in our decisions, we may dodge the ramifications or try to hide, and we may even deny we’ve done something. But as in cards, once we’ve played our hand it cannot be changed. We can’t always predict the results of our choices and sometimes things will go awry even if we’ve tried our best. But if we are noble and honest we will manage what comes. We can call any kind of dance we want. We can choose wisely or foolishly, we can help or hurt, but whatever we choose the piper will require payment.

Selfishness never leads to happiness. If we selfishly make choices that only consider our wants or needs with no regard to how they will affect the lives of those around us we may get what we’re seeking but the price may be high. If we pretend to be something we aren’t or lie or cheat, we may fool those around us for a time. But truth is powerful and in the end, it will rise and if we’ve been dishonest our deception will become clear. Those who have trusted us and believed in us will see the truth of what we’ve done and who we really are. If we’ve hurt them badly they may turn away from us and we may lose our connections to them. It’s always wise to make the best decisions we possibly can and when we do, even if we falter, those involved will understand our objectives were noble even if our results didn’t work out.

There are times we might believe we can escape accountability by keeping our actions secret. Secrets only work when nobody figures them out. The problem is there is no secret so perfect or locked up that it won’t be revealed. Time has a way of opening the doors to truth. We might be able to hide for a while but nobody can hide forever. It’s better to make our choices out in the open. We can be honest about our motivations and choose boldly. If we decide to make a bad decision, we may make it and face the consequences. If we decide to embrace wisdom, our road will often be easier. If we choose well, when the piper comes for payment we’ll be ready. There isn’t anything we can’t do well. We deserve to be happy. Living honestly and making good choices will bring us happiness and peace.

Today if you’ve made a bad decision and must now face the consequences, face them bravely and openly. You can resolve any problem you must face and correct your course. Choose wisely going forward and live honestly. You’ll be happier knowing you’re on the right road and you’ll become the person you want most to be.

Pretty Packages

29 Sep

There is something alluring and exciting about a stack of beautifully wrapped packages waiting to be opened. Whatever the occasion, pretty wrapping paper, graceful bows and shiny boxes are captivating and draw us in with all the possibilities. Although we don’t know what’s inside, just looking at them can bring us excitement and wonder. What’s underneath may be the prize but the packaging is what pulls us close. The bright colors tantalize us, the shimmer enchants us and we may feel almost mesmerized by the sight. Wrapping things up in pretty packages is very effective. It’s a tool sometimes used in our everyday lives to captivate us and get our attention. If there is something we don’t want to face, or something someone wants to sell us, dressing it up in lovely illusion may bring us close. And the closer we get the harder it may be to see things objectively. If we get caught up in the beauty and fail to see what lies at the heart of the matter, we may get lost. Shiny boxes and beautiful paper may capture our attention, but what lies inside is what’s important. It may be something wonderful or something entirely different. Turning our focus away from the sheen and luster, and really seeing things as they are will help us find what’s real.

Personal beauty is a powerful force. If we see someone who is physically very attractive we may feel strongly drawn to them. Even before they say a word we may want to be close to them. The way they smile is enchanting, the way they move is hypnotic and we may feel unable to look away. But outward appearance tells nothing about who is inside. Are they honest, kind, loving, sensitive, and sincere? We may believe they are wonderful without any evidence simply because they are so appealing on the outside. But the wrapping only covers what lies beneath. Although the attraction may be great we must discover what is real before we can proceed with confidence. Sometimes outward beauty is all there is. Discovering the truth before traveling too far down the road will help us move forward more effectively.

Lies are an effective, if dishonest, way of dressing up distasteful or unpleasant situations. We can make things seem prettier by saying they are different than they really are. We can embellish the truth to make a situation more beautiful and more attractive, and we can use distraction to help get our message through. All lies are eventually uncovered and just like unwrapping a beautiful package and finding something unappealing or offensive inside, we will find the truth in every situation. If we can be perceptive enough to remember pretty words and shiny paper mean nothing and wise enough to see through the shimmer, we will find the truth more easily. We don’t need pretty packages to face our lives. We are capable of understanding and accepting things as they are and smart enough to find the truth.

Today if you’ve been fooled by something alluring and attractive, and now see things are different than you thought, accept the complete truth. You know what’s real and are strong enough to face it. You can understand everything. Move forward with confidence knowing the whole story and you’ll find great success.

What is Real

16 Jun

We all live in the real world and things happen every day that we can clearly define and understand. When we have all the information we need in a situation we can proceed with confidence. But sometimes it can be hard to discern what is real. We have our perceptions and although we believe they are right we might be slightly off the mark. If we don’t have all the information we can only make determinations based on what we do have. Sometimes facts are withheld from us by others wishing to deceive and sometimes we just don’t want to know the whole story. If what we know doesn’t include the entire picture, we may struggle trying to find what is real. If we move forward with only part of the information, we will only find part of the truth. We can enhance our ability to make the best choices by looking at the situation objectively and deciding to see all the facts. If we move forward with only part of the story, we’ll end up at a destination that may not be what we planned on.

Truth is available to all of us all the time. It’s always there. We may look away from it because we really don’t want to know it, others may keep it from us, or our situation may be so complex that it’s hard to discern it. But it’s there and if we want to know the real truth of any situation and sincerely look for it we will find it. No matter how hard we try to hold it back or disguise it, truth will always rise because it is what is real. Learning to live truthfully isn’t always as easy as it may seem. There may be things we don’t want to look at or admit, we may have to face some uncomfortable or painful realities, and if we choose to we may tuck the truth away until we’re ready to face it. But while it’s hidden it will remain. It will not change even if we want it to. The truth of any situation is what is real and will always be there waiting for us to discover it.

We can design our lives any way we want to. If we like, we can hide behind our jobs, our families, our education, our intellect or anything else. We can pretend to be different than we really are, and we can play games with our honesty. But none of those things will ever change what is real in our lives. We can choose to only look at one side of an issue because it’s comfortable for us but the other side will remain. We can skew our perception to fit a model we think we should have and live superficial and dishonest lives. But none of those things will bring us true happiness. We can only be truly happy when we face our lives as they really are. If we look at everything honestly and openly and determine how we want to live and who we want to be we will find real happiness.

Today if you’ve been hiding from a truth that is difficult, open your eyes and see it clearly. There isn’t anything you can’t manage and knowing the truth will help you find what is real. You have everything you need to go forward and you deserve every happiness. Facing the truth and what is real will help you achieve it.

What It’s Not

5 Apr

Change is an inevitable part of life.  Every day we face new things, learn new ways of managing them, and grow a little more.  We can learn by hearing about something but mostly we learn by doing.  If we don’t know how something is done and we have to figure it out, we can jump in and start.  But sometimes in the process we don’t figure things out by seeing what something is.  Sometimes it’s what it’s not that teaches us.  If our first impressions are incorrect we may not realize it until we’ve been in the situation for a while.  For example, we meet someone who is very brusque and seems to be wrapped up in their own world.  We might think they’re rude or arrogant, but then after interacting with them over time we discover they aren’t like that at all.  First impressions are important but they can be wrong.  It’s easy to believe we know the whole situation from the first moment, but that is rarely true.  We learn about things as we go, and sometimes what we thought was real wasn’t real at all.

We can only work with what we know at any given time.  Every day brings opportunities to learn and if we embrace them, we have a better shot of understanding how things really are.  There may be times when we want our world to look a certain way and don’t want to see the truth, and we look the other way.  We can pretend we are different than we really are, or that the situation isn’t the way it seems.  We can create our own little reality that has little truth in it.  If we do, we may be happy for the moment but true and lasting happiness will elude us.  Momentary bliss will never sustain us over time.  Truth has a way of surfacing and no matter how we try to hide from it, will find us in the end.  If we open our eyes and see things as they truly are we may be uncomfortable for a time but living truthfully is the only way to real and lasting happiness.

When we make judgments and later discover we were wrong we may feel disappointment or sorrow when we learn the truth.  If we were wrong about a personal relationship we care a lot about it may hurt deeply.  When people want something badly they sometimes pretend to be whatever it takes to get it.  If the other person was willing to do or say anything to bring us close, and we discover none of it was true it can be heartbreaking.  We could decide to ignore the truth and hope that in time our dreams will become real, but that may only postpone the inevitable.  It’s best to face the truth – whatever it is – as soon as we discover it.  Sometimes things aren’t what they seem.  Sometimes they are very different.  What they really are is what is real.  We can face whatever it is and we can still find happiness.  There isn’t a road too hard for us to travel.  We can face anything and we can find our way again.

Today if you see that things aren’t as you thought, you can turn your course.  The truth is there to show you the way.  There are endless roads in front of you, and you will choose the right one.  You know more now than you did before.  Use that going forward.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You have everything you need to be happy.

Being There

22 Mar

The world is a big place and there are billions of people inhabiting it. Whether we live in huge cities or small towns, in the country or suburbia, we are all here together. Everything we do, every decision we make affects our lives in some ways, and may also have an impact on others around us. We can try to isolate ourselves if we want to be alone, but it’s not always easy unless we lock ourselves up at home and don’t venture out. No matter what we do, we’re connected to those around us. We pass them, see them, engage with them, and make an impression about who we are. Although it’s good to be independent, we all need each other and depend on each other in countless ways. The level of that reliance depends on our relationship. Every relationship has an unspoken understanding that we’ll be available at some level. If we are strangers passing on the street that involvement will be minimal. If we are friends it increases. When we love each other that reliance will be great. We need to be available to those who love us – both emotionally and physically. We need to answer when they call, and respond when they need us. It’s an integral part of our relationship and if we neglect it, the trust we share will diminish and over time we may lose everything. It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship if one party isn’t available. If we want to be close to anyone, we have to be there for them.

We always do what we want to do most. That’s a truth we all share. We can say we couldn’t make a commitment because we got busy, or we didn’t make an appointment because our schedules got out of control, or we had a conflict, or anything else. While all our excuses may be true, the fact is we decide how we spend our time. The reasons we give for not showing or being available won’t always repair what has been lost. The simple truth is if something is really important to us, we’ll be there for it. If it’s not important, any excuse will do. When we have a relationship of any sort, if we want to keep it, we have to commit to it. And that means we have to be there and available.

When we make commitments and then don’t show, we are often valuing other things as more important. Sometimes we really do want to do something but our lives won’t allow it at this time. We all have real complications and sometimes things don’t work out. If that’s the case we need to re-evaluate the commitments we’re making. However, often when we don’t follow through it’s not because it’s impossible, but that we’ve chosen to do other things instead. We all get to choose how we spend our time. We are in control of our lives and can live them any way we like. We always do what we want to do most. Every person in our lives knows this and our actions clearly communicate it. If we really want successful relationships, they must be valued and protected. We can do that by being available and making them a priority.

Today if you haven’t been available to those who care about you or depend on you, remember your relationships are valuable and worth your time. It’s good to build strong bonds with those around you and you can do that by being there for them. You are very important, and so are they. Show them you care by showing up and being there. They will draw closer to you and your connection will deepen. We all need each other and we need you. Be there. The closeness you’ll develop will be well worth it.