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Truth and Freedom

11 Sep

We go through many experiences as we navigate the ins and outs of life. Some things go well, other times we struggle, it may be easy to find the answers or we may get lost. There are limitless complications that may arise, unforeseen developments that suddenly alter the situation and we are constantly adapting and adjusting to the changes around us. We never know what will happen next and as we step forward on whatever path we’ve chosen we try to make the best choices to bring us the outcomes we desire. If we get tangled up in situations where there is dishonesty it may cloud our vision for a time but truth always rises and becomes clear. Once we know what is real and can see things as they truly are we are free to make our next decision. Truth will always untie the bonds created by dishonesty and open the way forward. When we know what is real and see everything openly we can plan effectively and reach whatever destinations we’ve chosen. Dishonesty and lies may open the way in the beginning but in the end always bind us up and hold us back. They muddy the waters, bring confusion and contradiction, and keep us from moving forward. We can choose to be clear and truthful about everything in our lives and enjoy the freedom that honesty brings. Truth is truth and nothing we do or say can change it. Facing things as they are and accepting what is real will empower us and help us reach our goals. Nothing will pave the way more effectively and people will trust us and honor us when we are truthful and honest in all our dealings.

Honesty is an absolute. It will never work to be somewhat or mostly honest in our dealings. We’re either truthful or we aren’t. Every situation we face will be impacted by the way we handle it. We have all the wisdom and insight we need to make the best decisions going forward and all the courage we need to be completely honest as we go. Embracing what is real gives us power and helps us understand anything before us. Nothing will ever be as effective as choosing to be clear and honest in everything we do.

There may be times when we are tempted – just this once – to lie in an effort to move forward. Maybe we believe it will help us open a door we’ve been struggling with or enable us to influence someone we want on our side. We can do anything we like and every decision is ours to make but lying one time makes it easier to lie again. Once we open that box it may be hard to close it again and each deception will take us further from who we really want to be. We’re smart enough to figure out any situation and manage it honestly. There is never a need to sacrifice our integrity to get to a goal. All options are possible and staying true to our best standards will help us achieve them.

Today if you’re tempted to lie to get through a complicated situation, remember truth is the only way to freedom. The confidence you gain by being honest is a priceless asset. There is nobility and greatness in you. Magnify them and choose wisely. You can do anything and reach any goal you desire. Be the best you can be and all the doors will open for you.


Refusing to Go

22 Jun

We all face times when questions of ethics and honesty come into play. Some situations are so obvious we easily decide which way is right and continue forward without much notice. However, there may be times when it’s a bit harder to choose. Our conscience will guide us if we’ve been cultivating honest and honorable decisions and have chosen to do what’s right in the past. But if we’re easily swayed by the promises of others or what we may gain in the short term, we may choose paths that are less noble. When we purposely make a bad decision the first time we may feel pangs of guilt and regret. But if we return and make another bad decision, and then another, over time we may become inured to the situation. After a while guilt and remorse may not even appear and our conscience may become numb. Our lives reflect every choice we make and bad choices rarely bring lasting happiness. We may find immediate gratification from them but they cannot bring us peace in the long run. We deserve to be happy and if we find we’re going the wrong way – no matter how long we’ve been on the road – we can stop and refuse to go any further. It is never too late to correct our direction and make better choices. The road ahead is ours to choose. We can choose what is best instead of what is easy, what is right instead of what is convenient, and what will bring us happiness. We can trust ourselves going forward and cultivate a strong and valiant conscience.

The world is filled with compromises. We can’t always have things exactly the way we want them and we learn to give as we move forward. Compromise is an important skill but it rarely works to compromise our ethics or values. There really is nothing worth the price of our honesty. We may be convinced that if we bend a little in the wrong direction just this once it will move us forward and we won’t have to do it again. We may tell ourselves we must be dishonest in order to get something we need but there is no way to justify dishonesty no matter what is at stake. Our integrity is our most valuable possession. If we abuse it we will lose the trust and respect of those around us, and in time, will lose it for ourselves.

A strong and noble conscience is a priceless asset that will guide us through many complicated and difficult choices. If we always choose the right in every situation we will gain the strength we need to make difficult decisions wisely. When we choose integrity and wisdom over ease and complacency we find happiness. Refusing to take the wrong road will bring us continued happiness and peace. It’s not always easy to choose wisely and we may be sorely tested but we have everything we need to prevail.

Today if you’re facing a hard choice and there are immediate benefits to choosing poorly, stop and look at the long road ahead. Your choices define who you are. Choose nobility and refuse to go down the path of dishonesty. You have everything you need to be happy. Make your decisions carefully. Be wise. There is so much joy and peace waiting for you. Good decisions will bring them to you.


Nobody Knows

14 Jan

They say everyone has secrets of some sort. Maybe there are personal things we keep to ourselves or maybe we lie about our age, or our background, or stretch the truth when talking about our experiences. Or we may be dishonest about big things like if we were married before or have broken the law. We can say anything we want and can be honest or lie. We can do things privately when nobody is looking, perhaps unethical or even illegal things, and hope no one finds out. We may think if nobody knows what we’re doing we’ll get away with it and be fine, but nobody is perfect, and we may leave a trail that leads back to us. If we’re found out we may deny the allegations, but once we’ve done something, no matter what it is, it’s permanent and cannot be undone. It will be there forever. Doing something badly or dishonestly can never bring us happiness. Our personal integrity is priceless. It’s worth more than anything we could ever acquire or own. If we compromise it, even if nobody knows, we lose. We are what we do and in the end if we choose well, even when it’s hard to make a good choice, we will gain. We can choose the higher course and opt for nobility even when other options arise. There is nothing more powerful than being honest and true, and it shows in everything we do.

Some people think if nobody knows what we’ve done, it’s like it didn’t happen. It’s almost as though they believe in a parallel universe where our secret actions can hide, never to be revealed. We could live two lives at the same time – the one we live out in the open and share with others, and the one we live in secret doing things we hope nobody will ever see. However, deception will complicate our lives and get in the way of our decisions, and can block our way forward. Only by being honest and straightforward, by living cleanly and openly, will we ever achieve our greatest hopes and dreams.

A spider’s web is an intricate and sticky creation. It’s designed to hold whatever crawls onto it or gets too close. Once captured, struggling only increases its hold on the victim and it’s impossible to escape. When we tangle our lives up with dishonest choices and lies, when we hide what we’re doing and keep secrets, we create a personal web that captures us and holds us tight. Everywhere we turn we must be careful not to reveal some private information or let others too close. If we continue the deceit, we may find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward. But we can free ourselves by choosing to be honest. Each time we make a good decision it will open a new door for us, and in time, we will be able to let go of all the trappings we created. There is nothing better than an honest, noble life. It will bring us happiness and peace, and we will move forward with confidence.

Today if you’ve been tangling your life up with the complications of dishonesty and secrecy, change your path going forward. Living openly and nobly will open all the doors for you. Choose wisely and move ahead with confidence. You deserve the best of everything and choosing well will bring it to you.