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22 Dec

As we move through our lives we face all kinds of situations, meet various kinds of people and learn constantly.  We know who we are and what we want to do, but there are continual influences all around us.  Some are intense and strong, and as we get caught up in everything going on we may fall into those influences and forget who we really are.  As time goes by if we continue to adopt the patterns and choices of others instead of choosing what we want for ourselves, we may end up living a life that doesn’t genuinely represent us.  It’s possible to live our whole lives doing things others expect, or living in ways that fit someone else’s ideas.  Our lives are precious and belong completely and utterly to us alone.  We can manage them any way we desire and design them to fit perfectly into the choices we want.  It takes courage and strength to stand on our own if our choices don’t match what’s happening around us.  Everyone is different and we all have our own ideas about how life should go. It’s easy to go along with everyone else and try to assimilate into the expected norm.  But we deserve to be ourselves and can remember what we really want and where we want to go.  Life is an incredible blessing.  Living our lives authentically and doing what is most important to us, even if it’s different from those around us, will bring us happiness.  We have everything we need to find satisfaction and happiness in our lives.  Being true to who we and remembering what we want will take us there.

When we need to drive from one place to another and we’re in a hurry, a nice paved super highway is a good idea.  There are no stoplights to impede our progress and the roads are straight and clean, making the journey easy and quick.  If we need to accomplish something quickly, we may choose to simply go along with everyone else in an effort to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.  That’s fine when all we want is to reach the goal.  But if we want our views heard, our ideas are important, and we can slow things down, speak up, and choose what’s best for us.

There may be someone in our lives we are very attracted to, or admire very much, and their ideas and opinions are important to us.  We may bend our personal needs and preferences to accommodate them and adopt their ideas in order to get close to them.  Letting go of our own choices are might work for a time but we cannot keep who we are boxed in forever.  We need to be free to express ourselves genuinely and remember what’s important to us.  We have gifts to offer that no one else possesses and we may offer them openly and with confidence.  When we are true to ourselves we will find success and happiness.

Today if you’ve been playing along in a role that isn’t you, let your true self shine through.  You have so much to offer and the world is blessed because you are here.  Share your unique gifts with us and show us who you are.  There is nobody else like you and what you have to offer is precious and desired.  Remember who you are and let us share your life.

Mountains Ahead

22 Mar

Every life is filled with challenges and opportunities.  No matter what we accomplish there will always be another mountain ahead waiting for us to climb and as long as we live we will have challenges to overcome.  While we’re busy learning all we can from every experience and trying hard to succeed we may become so focused on the task ahead that our behavior with those around us may suffer.  It’s great to be determined and self-directed but as we travel forward if we cut off those around us and brush them away as we plow ahead we may lose connections we might need in the future.  We may need assistance to overcome an obstacle and if we’ve pushed the person with the answers away in the past they may not be interested in helping us.  Being aware and kind to those around us no matter how focused and busy we are will always be a benefit to us.  Even if we never need their help in the future, the bridges we build by our consideration and respect will be a great support in all our endeavors.  Embracing the friendship of those around us, building relationships and letting others into our lives will be a great benefit and blessing.  We all have so much to offer and even when we’re pushing for success we can share our gifts and allow others to share theirs with us.

In our lives as we travel from one point to the next there will be times when something gets in the way and stops our progress.  Even if what we’re doing is very important if there is a barricade in our path we will not be able to go forward until we find a way around it.  If others have been in the same position they may have valuable information that will help us.  We can be open to asking for help and then listening and taking good advice.  We don’t have to do everything ourselves to be successful and relying on others from time to time is an asset we may draw on.

Sometimes we may believe we are the only ones who know exactly what we need to do and how we need to do it.  It’s good to be confident in our abilities but no matter what we know there will likely be someone else who knows a little more.  If we are receptive to listening when they offer us information and take the time to carefully evaluate their advice we may find an easier way forward than relying solely on our own resources.  Everybody has unique gifts to offer.  Being open to receiving them and allowing new ideas to enter our plans often helps us achieve our goals more efficiently.  We can be confident in our own abilities and still allow the ideas of others to embellish our plans.

Today if you’ve been pushing hard to get to a goal you want to achieve and have brushed past others along the way, remember you can’t know everything.  Others have ideas you haven’t yet considered and allowing them into your life and listening to their advice may give you the boost you’ve been seeking.  You can do anything but you don’t have to do everything alone.  You can listen and see things in new ways and as you do you will build bridges that will help you get to the goal.  Success is always there for you.  Allowing others to join you along the way will help you find it.

Have Some of Mine

3 Oct

Everyone has different gifts, talents, and skills. We all learn different things as we grow, and some of us are born with special talents. Sometimes we get the opportunity to share those benefits with others. Perhaps we share them by participating in a group project, or maybe by teaching someone something they’re interested in. There are limitless opportunities for sharing if we keep ourselves open. But some people don’t want to share what they have. They want to have proprietary ownership over what they know. In the job force some consider this job security. They believe if nobody else knows what they know or can do what they can they will always have a job. That may be true, but if we don’t share what we have, we don’t have the opportunity to feel connected to those around us. Sharing our personal lives allows us to enhance and build our relationships, and when we give we never lose anything. Like the flame on a candle, we can share our light with an infinite number of people, and still have all we need. We’re just making our experiences wider in scope and building a more expansive field to relate to.

If we keep all our gifts to ourselves, and are stingy with them, we end up isolating ourselves from others. If there are no points of commonality between us and those around us, we end up standing alone. We can hold all our cards close to our chests but that will just prevent others from getting close. Some people prefer their lives that way. They don’t want close relationships and they don’t want to interact with others any more than they must. We all have a different level of comfort in dealing with others, but if we want to feel like we belong, if we want friendships and strong relationships, we have to let others get close to us. We can’t get close by standing back. Sharing with others who we are, and what we know helps open doors. And open doors invite others in, and make us approachable.

If someone near us has a skill or gift we’d like to learn, we may ask them to share it with us. Most people are happy to do that, and as we learn about their particular advantage, we also learn more about them. As they teach us, they learn more about us. We create stronger personal bonds, and become closer in our relationship with them. If they were just acquaintances, the experience may make them friends. If they were friends already, it may create a deeper friendship. We interact with people every day. Bringing them into our lives, and getting closer to their lives will be a blessing to us. When we have a large network of others around us who understand us, and who we can trust, our lives are more comfortable, and we are happier.

Today think about sharing your skills and gifts with those around you. Bring them into your life by opening up and showing them who you really are. You’ll get closer to them, and get to know them more completely. They’ll appreciate your willingness to share and learn to trust you. Build a strong network around you by opening yourself up and letting others in. Your life will be richer, and you’ll feel happier with the friendships you’ll build.

Head and Heart

24 Sep

When we are attracted to someone, we feel excited and happy when they are near. We feel drawn to them and think about them all the time. We want to be with them and we want them to want us in return. We aren’t thinking about logic, we aren’t thinking about being reasonable, we’re thinking with our hearts. We feel compelled to seek them out, and the pull is physical, and emotional. People say the heart wants what the heart wants, and it feels like that’s true. We’re drawn with our hearts in the beginning, but after a while, our heads must enter the picture. We start thinking about the other person more objectively. We start seeing things we missed at first, and we can then determine if a continuing relationship with them is beneficial.

We have a lot to offer. We have many gifts to present. If we want relationships that will endure, and make us happy, we must recognize not only what we bring but what the other person has to offer as well. We deserve the very best relationships possible. We deserve all the good things we want. If we take the time to let our heads evaluate where our hearts have taken us, and then carefully consider what the long term results will likely be, we can make better decisions about who we want to share our lives with. It’s exciting when our hearts are calling the shots, but it’s important that we engage our heads to ensure we’re headed down a road we want to travel.

Sometimes we fall for people who are not good for us. We all have issues, but if we connect with someone whose issues are hurtful to us, who have more problems than we can handle, or who cannot commit, it’s painful. If we’re wise, we’ll look at these situations openly and without reservation or protection, and let the full measure of their impact weigh on us. We need to see everything clearly so we know what’s best for us. There may be times when we have to leave a relationship because the long range prognosis is unhappiness. It’s difficult to leave any relationship, but our happiness is important. We are the only ones who can ensure it. We need to do all we can to make that happen.

Today if you’re evaluating a relationship, keep your eyes open. See everything clearly – all the good and all the bad. Determine what’s best for you. If you decide to continue it, you’ll have a better understanding of where it will take you. If you decide it’s not going where you want, do what is needed to let it go. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best decision for you. You deserve the very best. And you can make sure you get it.

Outside the Lines

15 Jul

When we’re children we’re told all sorts of things about how we should act, and what we should do. “Take turns, no cutting in line, play fair, and color in the lines,” among others. It is polite to take turns, and we shouldn’t cut in line, and it’s nice when everyone plays fair, but that doesn’t always happen. However, do we really have to color in the lines? Do we really have to keep the colors where the picture tells us to, or can we color outside the lines and make our own pictures? Some of us are more comfortable with the lines there to define where we are, but some of us prefer to ignore them, and make an abstract. Inside or outside the lines, wherever we choose to color, our creativity can blossom, and we can fully express who we are.

There are all kinds of rules, and laws in the world. We mostly try to obey them because they bring order, and order is something most of us like. But when it comes to expressing ourselves, we need to be free of restriction. We should be able to show as much of who and what we are as we like. Our personalities, our gifts, our talents, and our offerings are unique to each of us. We need to feel free to express them completely. How we do that is up to us.

Some people are natural at coloring outside the lines. They dress in styles unique to them, they play interesting and different music, they wear their hair in unconventional styles, and every day, and in every way, do exactly what feels right to them. Others prefer a more conservative approach. They like to dress to fit the norm, they are comfortable in predictable patterns, and they like traditional activities, and things. They prefer the picture with the colors in the lines. Neither expression is wrong. We just need to decide which we prefer.

Whether we color in or outside the lines, the important thing is that we color in some way. We can use broad strokes and be bold, or we can define each detail as we go. Either way, we need to express who we are genuinely. It’s important that we give the world the exceptional gifts we have to offer, our way. We’re the only ones who can bestow our specific talents, and the world is blessed because we share them. Everyone around us is embellished when we share who we are with them. They say variety is the spice of life. When it comes to us as people, nothing could be more true. We’re all different. We’re all supposed to be different. Whether we are in the lines or outside of them, we are blessing the world because we’re here.

Today be who you are in everything you do. Let go of restriction in expressing yourself. Be free to be your true self. Be confident, and let your uniqueness shine. You don’t have to fit a mold or an idea to be worthwhile. You are perfect just as you are. Today, share your best, unique self to those around you. Just be you. That’s the very best person you can be.