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No Power

25 Aug

Our lives can be complicated and there may be times when we have many things to deal with at the same time.  When we’re stressed with many issues that need our attention we must work hard to keep all the balls in the air.  It isn’t easy to solve many things at once and although we will accomplish everything that needs to be done, in the midst of the process we may feel overwhelmed.  The tension and pressure to resolve issues may make us feel agitated and on edge, and sleep may elude us as we try to process everything before us.  We all face difficult and challenging periods in our lives and no matter how strong and capable we are, the continued pressure may wear on us.  After a while we may feel we can’t take anymore.  Our power feels diminished and we are exhausted.  Our batteries die and our energy fades.  When that happens, the only way to continue is to stop.  It seems counter-productive to stop in order to go forward, but once our power has been drained we must stop and recharge.  We can step away for a time, find refreshment, forget about all the issues before us and rest.  If we take a short break, leave the situation and allow our minds to wander, we may be amazed at how clear things become.  We will be able to see everything in a different light and as we allow our minds to clear, answers we’ve been seeking will have the chance to rise.  There is no problem or complication that is beyond us.  We can solve anything but we can’t move forward if we’re overwhelmed and exhausted.  Taking a few moments to find respite and relax will give us renewed energy and clarify the way forward.

There is an answer to every problem we face.  All roads lead to a destination and there is never only one way to get there.  If the road we’ve been traveling is complicated and there are continual road blocks moving forward, we can look at our options and find another path.  Even if the problem has always been solved one way in the past we can choose a new way to get to the destination.  Every option is available to us and thinking about new ways forward may open new resolutions previously hidden.  We have everything we need to solve any problem.  Keeping our minds open and our eyes focused on the way forward will help us resolve any issue before us.

Nobody needs to re-invent the wheel.  If we get stuck we can reach out to those around us for additional information, advice or counsel.  We all have a lot to offer and our understanding and comprehension of issues will differ.  We can draw on the experience of others and use their expertise to help us find the answers we need.  We don’t have to do everything alone and we can bring others in who may have a perspective that allows us to move forward.  We are wise and competent and there isn’t anything we can’t do.  We will find every answer and every solution if we step back, take a break, and seek help from those around us.

Today if you’re facing several complications and you are overwhelmed at the tasks before you, take a moment to step back and see everything clearly.  Allow your mind to rest and the answers will come.  You have everything you need already to find success.  Step back, stop and then move forward.  All the answers are there for you.

Mountains Ahead

22 Mar

Every life is filled with challenges and opportunities.  No matter what we accomplish there will always be another mountain ahead waiting for us to climb and as long as we live we will have challenges to overcome.  While we’re busy learning all we can from every experience and trying hard to succeed we may become so focused on the task ahead that our behavior with those around us may suffer.  It’s great to be determined and self-directed but as we travel forward if we cut off those around us and brush them away as we plow ahead we may lose connections we might need in the future.  We may need assistance to overcome an obstacle and if we’ve pushed the person with the answers away in the past they may not be interested in helping us.  Being aware and kind to those around us no matter how focused and busy we are will always be a benefit to us.  Even if we never need their help in the future, the bridges we build by our consideration and respect will be a great support in all our endeavors.  Embracing the friendship of those around us, building relationships and letting others into our lives will be a great benefit and blessing.  We all have so much to offer and even when we’re pushing for success we can share our gifts and allow others to share theirs with us.

In our lives as we travel from one point to the next there will be times when something gets in the way and stops our progress.  Even if what we’re doing is very important if there is a barricade in our path we will not be able to go forward until we find a way around it.  If others have been in the same position they may have valuable information that will help us.  We can be open to asking for help and then listening and taking good advice.  We don’t have to do everything ourselves to be successful and relying on others from time to time is an asset we may draw on.

Sometimes we may believe we are the only ones who know exactly what we need to do and how we need to do it.  It’s good to be confident in our abilities but no matter what we know there will likely be someone else who knows a little more.  If we are receptive to listening when they offer us information and take the time to carefully evaluate their advice we may find an easier way forward than relying solely on our own resources.  Everybody has unique gifts to offer.  Being open to receiving them and allowing new ideas to enter our plans often helps us achieve our goals more efficiently.  We can be confident in our own abilities and still allow the ideas of others to embellish our plans.

Today if you’ve been pushing hard to get to a goal you want to achieve and have brushed past others along the way, remember you can’t know everything.  Others have ideas you haven’t yet considered and allowing them into your life and listening to their advice may give you the boost you’ve been seeking.  You can do anything but you don’t have to do everything alone.  You can listen and see things in new ways and as you do you will build bridges that will help you get to the goal.  Success is always there for you.  Allowing others to join you along the way will help you find it.

Clean Paper

2 Feb

Our lives reflect everything we experience as time passes.  We aren’t perfect and sometimes we do things that don’t work out or make a mistake that affects us or others.  When we’re carrying around the results of a negative experience it’s sometimes hard to get a fresh perspective and feel we can begin again.  But every single day is a new beginning like taking a clean sheet of paper with nothing written on it and starting a new story.  There may be some writing in the margins where we have things we need to work out or finish, but the main page is blank and ready for us to start anew.  Researchers say we make about 35,000 decisions each day.  With so many options the stories we can write are limitless.  We are never constrained or restricted by anything but our own choices.  There may be pressure from those around us to go one way or another and there may be restraints on our time, but ultimately we decide what we will do.  No matter what has happened in the past we have a new piece of paper to write on each day, and we can be confident in writing the story we want most.  Today we can write it any way we like, and tomorrow we can start again.  Life is all about our experiences and we can determine what many of them will be and where they will take us.

Although we all know our lives belong to us, there may be times when we allow the pressures of those around us or situations to control what we do.  We may go along and travel down a road we don’t want because someone we care about thinks it’s best for us.  Or in an effort to face a difficult situation, we might choose an option that takes us away from where we want to go in order to solve a complicated issue.  We can do whatever we want but each time we trade what we want most for something else we lose some control over our future.  We have the power to live our lives in ways that make us truly happy but that requires us to make choices that create happiness.  If we give our lives away, others will take them.  We deserve to determine where we’ll go and what we’ll do.  We have everything we need to create the lives we really want and when we do, happiness will follow.

There may be times when we feel we need to trade something we want for something else in order to keep the peace, or to get along, or change a situation that isn’t working.  If we make the trade, we must accept where the decision takes us.  However, no road is permanent and we can always change our course.  We can make decisions well and if we’re headed to a destination we don’t want, we can reroute our way forward.  We have a new piece of paper every single day.  We can start a new path and change our story until it fits us perfectly.

Today if you’ve been carrying around the remains of a negative situation and it’s holding you back, leave it behind in yesterday’s story.  You have a new day you may design any way you want.  You have so much to offer.  You know the road you want to travel and it’s perfect for you.  Choose your way forward and let your story reflect who you really are.