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Rubber Hammer

22 Jun

Every day brings us something new, and with each step we learn more about ourselves and the world around us. It isn’t always a picnic, and we will all face trials and problems that need to be solved. As we work through each issue, we gain additional insight and understanding. We might find ourselves in a situation where we can’t make any headway, and move forward. It might be because we haven’t yet gotten all the information we need to solve the issue, or it could be that we don’t currently have the tools we need to get the job done. If we have to pound a big nail into a hard piece of wood, a good strong hammer will help us accomplish it. But what if the only hammer we have is made of rubber? A hammer is a hammer right? Rubber isn’t steel, but it seems like it would work eventually, so we pound away and pound away, and make minuscule progress, but success is far away. We could stay in place and work the problem indefinitely with the tool we have, or we could get a better hammer. A heavy, steel hammer would enable us to complete the task quickly and easily, and move on to something new. Sometimes all we have to do to reach success is get a better tool. But if we like the tool we’re using, are attached to where we are and what we’re doing, and are concerned about making any changes, we may end up pounding away indefinitely, hoping what we already possess will be enough. Life can be hard and the choices we make will either make it easier or more difficult. Having a rubber hammer when we need a steel one won’t help us advance. We are intelligent and can look at every situation objectively and see what we need to reach success. By choosing the tools that help us move forward, and working hard to get to the goal, we will succeed.

When we set out to complete a goal, we design our way forward and choose the method and road we desire. We try to choose well, but we might find the road we’ve chosen has a lot of detours, switchbacks, and roadblocks. We’re moving forward but the pace is very slow and cumbersome. If we’re very attached to the original idea, we might hold on hoping that even though there is no indication of change, somehow, it’ll eventually work. Like hammering in a nail with a rubber hammer. Every goal is possible and we can be flexible enough to alter our plans if needed. Nothing can keep us from success when we’re ready to move, and we will prevail.

Everyone wants a life of ease and comfort. Being comfortable in our choices is important, but an easy road won’t always move us ahead. If we aren’t advancing, we can stop and look at all the possibilities. There will always be another option and we can choose the one that will take us to our destination. Every single goal is there for us and all our dreams are possible. We have everything we need to find our way forward, and reach success.

Today if you’re stuck and aren’t moving forward, look at all the options available. There are many roads to every goal. Choose the one that will take you to success, and step forward with confidence. You are powerful and wise, and can accomplish anything you desire. Trust yourself. Every dream is there for you, and you will succeed.


21 Mar

“I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.  Means no.”  Captain Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean

There are a lot of ways to spend our time.  We can try to plan our days around the things we want most to accomplish but we aren’t alone and others may ask us to participate and complete assignments they need help with.  It’s good to be helpful and involved but sometimes outside requests may become burdensome and take more time away from us than we are comfortable with.  There is no limit to the time others may ask us for and it’s up to us to control the situation so we are available but still able to do the things we want to do most.  When we’ve given all we can and another request is upon us, it’s appropriate to say no.  We may disappoint those asking and they may not be happy, but we are in control of our lives and must choose what is best.  We cannot move forward if we spend all our time accomplishing someone else’s goals.  We can share our time effectively and still stay true to the course we’ve set for ourselves.  There are endless opportunities available every single day and if we take advantage of every one of them we may accomplish many things but they may not take us where we want to go.  It’s possible to spend our lives doing lots of interesting things that lead us nowhere.  Some things are interesting, but other things are important.  We can do many different tasks and still keep our eyes and efforts focused on the important goals we want to achieve.  Our lives are ours to design and we are in control of every decision we make.  Staying true and focusing on the road ahead will bring us success and satisfaction.

Guilt is a powerful tool that may be used when something is intensely desired, but guilt is a self-inflicted emotion.  Nobody can really make us feel it.  We may be coerced into believing it, but the decision to let it control us is ours.  No matter how convincing the other party may be for why we must do as they ask, the choice is always ours to make.  We can do our part and still stay on our course going forward.

They say our greatest sorrow comes from giving up what we want most for what we want at the moment.  When we give away time that robs us from accomplishing what we want most in order to do what others ask, we may feel great sorrow for the time we’ve lost.  We know what we want and what we need to do.  We can be in control of our time and decisions, and choose the best road going forward.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we keep our eyes focused on the road ahead.

Today if you’ve been asked to give your time for something that will take you away from the goals you’ve set, examine the situation carefully.  You know where you are and what you need to do.  Help others and be involved, but stay true to the course you’ve set and keep your eyes on the road ahead.  All your dreams are possible and with careful planning will come true.


31 Jul

No matter how many gifts and talents we possess, or how confident and strong we become we all have something we carry with us we may deem a weakness or vulnerability.  Perhaps we are afflicted with obsession, fear, anger, an intense flight reflex, compulsion or a thousand other behavior traits that hang us up and sometimes prevent us from moving forward.  We may work on resolving the issue and make progress in overcoming it but often it may remain even if we’ve been able to diminish it.  It’s like our Achilles heel.  The legend of Achilles is his mother dipped him in the waters of the River Styx and he became invincible, except for the part of his heel by which she held him.  In a great battle he was shot in that heel with an arrow, and died.  When we are dealing with something again and again we may think of it as our Achilles heel, the one thing that holds us back and trips us up.  We may certainly take whatever steps we feel will help us change the situation and allow us to more comfortably move forward.  We have a lot of positive attributes and we all do many things well.  As we try to change something in our behavior we may focus on the problem so intently we lose sight of all the positive things we accomplish every day.  It’s good to address the things we feel compromise or inhibit us from becoming our best but we can also remember how great we are in other ways.  One complication doesn’t change all the good we do.  We all have so much to offer.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish and nothing too difficult for us to manage.

No two people are the same and we all have things we must deal with from time to time.  What is simple for one is difficult for another.  It’s easy to look at others and think their lives are better than ours, they have more opportunities than we have or they don’t have the problems we must face.  We might be right about some of that but everyone gets their own unique set of challenges and issues to face.  Even if we can’t see them it’s probable everyone around us is solving some problem or facing some complication that is making life difficult for them.

We have all the tools we need to change anything we desire in our lives.  We know ourselves better than anyone else ever could.  Every challenge and test that comes will teach us something new about ourselves and as we solve each problem we’ll gain additional attributes to assist us going forward.  We can address any pattern or behavior that isn’t working for us and we can change our path at any time.  There may be moments of doubt but we can pull our courage forward and become fearless in moving ahead.  The world belongs to those who take it.  We have everything we need to get anywhere we want to go.  Every step we take moves us closer to our goal.

Today if you’ve been struggling with a behavior that has held you back, look at the situation objectively and see how you may modify your course.  You already know where you want to go.  There is nothing strong enough to hold you in place and success is waiting for you.  You have everything you need to achieve it.

Finding Passion

3 Apr

We go through a lot of experiences and changes as we live our lives.  Sometimes we know what we want to do right away, and other times we need to consider our options before deciding on the way forward.  When there is something we really want to accomplish we may be filled with passion to get it done.  There be an intense conviction that we need to accomplish the task and great drive to move toward it.  Passion gives us an added push that helps keep us going when the road gets rocky or we face complications.  If we lack passion for the things we want to do we may fall into complacency and be unconcerned.  We can take all the time we want to decide our way forward but if all we do is sit and wait nothing will change.  If we don’t make decisions to progress ahead with purpose chances are we will not accomplish the goals we want to achieve.  Complacency is a dangerous game.  If we simply watch our lives go by, we may fall into laziness or apathy and find years pass without accomplishing much.  If we spend our time only thinking about possibilities and are unconcerned about when or if we accomplish them odds are we will do little to move forward.  It takes passion to make strong decisions and stick to them and it’s impossible to be passionate and complacent at the same time.  If we know what we want and are determined to do what is needed to obtain it, nothing can stop us. True conviction and passion are available to all of us all the time.  We need only decide what we want to achieve and then with confidence begin our way forward.

Before we begin any journey we must decide on the destination.  We won’t achieve anything by aiming in circles with no target in mind.  We can do anything and all we need to begin is decide where we want to go and what we want to do.  Once we determine the destination we can begin to plan and start moving forward.  Great satisfaction comes as we conquer each step forward and get closer to the goal.  There will always be complications and distractions but if we are focused and determined we will reach the goal.

When pilots fly they sometimes allow the plane to make decisions by employing the auto pilot feature.  When the plane is in that mode the pilot does not need to focus on the way forward unless an unforeseen complication arises.  Auto pilot is the perfect tool for airplanes but living on auto pilot will never help us reach any destination we are seeking.  We must be fully engaged, passionate about the goal and pushing forward with attention and purpose to be successful.  Complacency will never bring us success.  We can purposefully and with conviction seek out the best choices for our lives and then confidently go forward to achieve them.

Today if you’ve become complacent and haven’t moved forward, decide what you want most and begin anew.  Embrace your passion and direct your course.  You can climb the highest mountain and overcome any obstacle.  The world is there waiting for you to claim it.  Move forward and make all your dreams come true.

Wearing Armor

5 Jan

Life is ever changing and can be complicated. We have good times and bad, we go through countless challenges and we learn continually. Sometimes we struggle with problems that confound us and as we navigate our days there may be times when something especially difficult comes. When the hardest times come upon us and we feel overwhelmed, even though we may momentarily believe we can’t survive them, we will get through them in time. Centuries ago soldiers preparing for battle made sheets of armor to wear to protect them from swords and arrows. The armor allowed them to face the enemy confidently and preserved them as they fought. Although we don’t wear armor, we can strengthen our resolve and determination to overcome whatever we’re facing and have an unshakable will to succeed. We can envision armor around us when we face threatening situations and have the calm resolve that no matter what comes, nothing will prevent us from progressing forward. We are strong and there isn’t anything too difficult for us to manage. When we’re facing extreme odds and the fire ahead is intense, we can press forward with confidence as though we were wearing armor and we can succeed.

We are not born with unlimited strength. Strength comes to us when we must press against trial. Each challenge we overcome makes us stronger and every problem gives us additional tools to use going forward. The old saying of “No pain no gain,” is effective when we think about the challenges we face. If everything came easily to us and nothing ever went wrong, we would have no need for strength or even understanding of complex matters. The struggle through trials enhances our power going forward. We may face very difficult situations that are confusing and difficult. But no matter what comes, with patience and the armor of determination, we will navigate them successfully and overcome.

Deciding we are capable is often the first step to success. If we believe we can win, often we will. Doubt has a way of weakening resolve and if we are unsure, we may struggle to find the answers we need to move forward. Confidence is a very valuable tool in our arsenal of success. It enables us to unravel even complicated and extraordinarily hard problems simply because we believe we can. We are always able to solve whatever comes to us. We have everything we need to find our way, overcome any obstacle, and solve any problem. We are wise and capable. We have the armor of confidence and determination on our side and we can face any challenge with the certainty that we will triumph.

Today if you feel overwhelmed with a difficult problem you are facing, if you feel concerned you can’t manage it, remember there isn’t anything you can’t do. Surround yourself with armor. Be determined and believe in your success. You are stronger than you realize and there is nothing too difficult for you. You have everything you need already. Go forward with confidence. You will succeed.