Wearing Armor

5 Jan

Life is ever changing and can be complicated. We have good times and bad, we go through countless challenges and we learn continually. Sometimes we struggle with problems that confound us and as we navigate our days there may be times when something especially difficult comes. When the hardest times come upon us and we feel overwhelmed, even though we may momentarily believe we can’t survive them, we will get through them in time. Centuries ago soldiers preparing for battle made sheets of armor to wear to protect them from swords and arrows. The armor allowed them to face the enemy confidently and preserved them as they fought. Although we don’t wear armor, we can strengthen our resolve and determination to overcome whatever we’re facing and have an unshakable will to succeed. We can envision armor around us when we face threatening situations and have the calm resolve that no matter what comes, nothing will prevent us from progressing forward. We are strong and there isn’t anything too difficult for us to manage. When we’re facing extreme odds and the fire ahead is intense, we can press forward with confidence as though we were wearing armor and we can succeed.

We are not born with unlimited strength. Strength comes to us when we must press against trial. Each challenge we overcome makes us stronger and every problem gives us additional tools to use going forward. The old saying of “No pain no gain,” is effective when we think about the challenges we face. If everything came easily to us and nothing ever went wrong, we would have no need for strength or even understanding of complex matters. The struggle through trials enhances our power going forward. We may face very difficult situations that are confusing and difficult. But no matter what comes, with patience and the armor of determination, we will navigate them successfully and overcome.

Deciding we are capable is often the first step to success. If we believe we can win, often we will. Doubt has a way of weakening resolve and if we are unsure, we may struggle to find the answers we need to move forward. Confidence is a very valuable tool in our arsenal of success. It enables us to unravel even complicated and extraordinarily hard problems simply because we believe we can. We are always able to solve whatever comes to us. We have everything we need to find our way, overcome any obstacle, and solve any problem. We are wise and capable. We have the armor of confidence and determination on our side and we can face any challenge with the certainty that we will triumph.

Today if you feel overwhelmed with a difficult problem you are facing, if you feel concerned you can’t manage it, remember there isn’t anything you can’t do. Surround yourself with armor. Be determined and believe in your success. You are stronger than you realize and there is nothing too difficult for you. You have everything you need already. Go forward with confidence. You will succeed.

One Response to “Wearing Armor”

  1. melaniefellmanwrites January 5, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

    Yes, we can move forward with confidence. One of my favorite verses (and one I try to fully trust and live by) is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” No matter how difficult or scary a circumstance may be, Christ has the strength I lack; therefore, I need not fear, rather, trust. Lets live boldly!

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