4 Jan

When there is something we really want to do, a dream we really want to make a reality, or an accomplishment we really want to achieve, we may work hard to move it forward. We may spend time planning and thinking about what we need to do to get to our goal. After we begin forward, some things will go as planned but other things will turn and we may face a roadblock. Sometimes we may have to change course to keep going, or may even need to take a step back and regroup. Big accomplishments and dreams that are difficult to achieve take time and effort. Some of our plans may go wrong as we move forward and our success will often depend on our determination to continue. We must not only have faith that we can achieve our goal when things go awry, our faith must be unwavering. We must be resolute and unshakable. If we keep our eyes focused on the goal no matter what happens, and continue forward against all obstacles we will reach our destination. It takes determination to continue forward on any path when things go wrong. It takes courage to keep moving against the wind and boldness to defy roadblocks and detours. We have all the strength we need to accomplish anything we desire. We are capable of adapting when needed and forging ahead with confidence. Big dreams may take time but we can accomplish them. We can have the lives we most want and we can endure any challenges we face. There isn’t anything we can’t do when we are determined.

Everything in life changes every day. The view we saw before may be different now. Change is a constant part of life. People may come who alter our direction. Unexpected developments may occur that stop our movement forward and unplanned events may happen that make us question our strategy. But we are capable of modifying any plans we’ve made and still reach our goal. We can adjust to changes in the situation and find another way through. Even if things become complicated and we are pulled in a different direction we can understand how to get back on the path we need and find our way forward.

Living our lives fully and doing all the things we dream of will bring us great satisfaction and happiness. We don’t have to go along with plans others have for us or always do what others expect. We have everything we need to design the perfect life we want and achieve it. Our lives belong to us and nobody else. We can imagine our most desired dreams, determine how we want to go forward, and then make plans to make them come true. We can accomplish anything we want to do. Anything. We have all the courage, determination, wisdom and strength to accomplish whatever we desire.

Today if you’ve been dreaming of something you really want in your life, create a plan forward to make it a reality. You deserve every happiness and all your dreams can come true. You are strong and capable and you know where you want to go. Set your feet on the path that will take you there and move ahead. There isn’t anything you can’t do.

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