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Endurance Test

15 Apr

There are a lot of challenges and tests we navigate throughout our lives. We never know what we’ll have to face as the future unfolds, and although we are intelligent and capable, we may have to endure something that overwhelms us for longer than we want. Trouble comes in all kinds of ways, and there may be times when we can’t move. We aren’t alone in the world and can’t control what others are doing. We might find ourselves in a situation where someone else’s bad decisions affect us in negative ways. It doesn’t feel fair that we must suffer because of actions out of our control, and if that happens, we may be frustrated and angry. We are in charge of our lives, and nobody wants to be restrained from moving forward because of decisions out of our control. However, if that is what’s happening, we can deal with it until things change. It’s hard to be patient when we want to move, but we are intelligent and can find the way to manage whatever comes. We can look at all the possibilities waiting for us, and plan how we’ll progress when things open up again. Waiting gives us time to think about all the possible eventualities that may occur, and helps us refine our way forward. We are very strong and completely capable of doing whatever we desire. Change will come and we’ll be able to begin moving ahead again. Until then, we can work on what is available right now, and prepare for the future. Every destination we desire is waiting for us, and when we can move again, we’ll reach them.

Sometimes when we fly on a plane, we may encounter a situation where we’ve arrived at our destination, but the plane must circle for a while before we can land. We eagerly await our turn to finally get off the plane. While we wait, we may feel impatient. It’s hard to be in a holding pattern in our lives. We know where we want to go and what we want to do, and waiting to progress may weigh heavily on us. We may feel the press of time passing, and our frustration may increase. It won’t help us to get angry if we can’t change the situation. Instead of wasting our energies wishing things would change, we can use the time to get ready for when all the doors open again. We are intelligent and nothing can hold us down indefinitely. Things will resolve, and we’ll jump forward toward all the goals we desire.

Learning to endure difficult situations gives us grace, and teaches us more about ourselves. We are capable of greatness, and our power is increased as we work through every situation. The whole world is there for us and if we can’t get to our goals today, we’ll get them tomorrow. If tomorrow we’re still stuck, they will remain in place waiting for our arrival. We are powerful and wise, and nothing can keep us from success.

Today if you’re having trouble enduring a situation you can’t change, decide what you want and determine how you will proceed. Every destination is still there for you, and all the doors ahead will open. You are amazing and can do anything you desire. Your future is waiting. Be patient, and get ready. Every dream is possible, and you will succeed.

Finding Passion

3 Apr

We go through a lot of experiences and changes as we live our lives.  Sometimes we know what we want to do right away, and other times we need to consider our options before deciding on the way forward.  When there is something we really want to accomplish we may be filled with passion to get it done.  There be an intense conviction that we need to accomplish the task and great drive to move toward it.  Passion gives us an added push that helps keep us going when the road gets rocky or we face complications.  If we lack passion for the things we want to do we may fall into complacency and be unconcerned.  We can take all the time we want to decide our way forward but if all we do is sit and wait nothing will change.  If we don’t make decisions to progress ahead with purpose chances are we will not accomplish the goals we want to achieve.  Complacency is a dangerous game.  If we simply watch our lives go by, we may fall into laziness or apathy and find years pass without accomplishing much.  If we spend our time only thinking about possibilities and are unconcerned about when or if we accomplish them odds are we will do little to move forward.  It takes passion to make strong decisions and stick to them and it’s impossible to be passionate and complacent at the same time.  If we know what we want and are determined to do what is needed to obtain it, nothing can stop us. True conviction and passion are available to all of us all the time.  We need only decide what we want to achieve and then with confidence begin our way forward.

Before we begin any journey we must decide on the destination.  We won’t achieve anything by aiming in circles with no target in mind.  We can do anything and all we need to begin is decide where we want to go and what we want to do.  Once we determine the destination we can begin to plan and start moving forward.  Great satisfaction comes as we conquer each step forward and get closer to the goal.  There will always be complications and distractions but if we are focused and determined we will reach the goal.

When pilots fly they sometimes allow the plane to make decisions by employing the auto pilot feature.  When the plane is in that mode the pilot does not need to focus on the way forward unless an unforeseen complication arises.  Auto pilot is the perfect tool for airplanes but living on auto pilot will never help us reach any destination we are seeking.  We must be fully engaged, passionate about the goal and pushing forward with attention and purpose to be successful.  Complacency will never bring us success.  We can purposefully and with conviction seek out the best choices for our lives and then confidently go forward to achieve them.

Today if you’ve become complacent and haven’t moved forward, decide what you want most and begin anew.  Embrace your passion and direct your course.  You can climb the highest mountain and overcome any obstacle.  The world is there waiting for you to claim it.  Move forward and make all your dreams come true.