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Mountains Behind Us

17 Jun

Life is full of challenges. Every day brings something new, and each experience teaches us more about life and the world. Nobody gets a perfect life filled with constant ease and comfort, and we all face trials and trouble from time to time. Sometimes what we’re facing isn’t too hard and although inconvenient is more of an annoyance than a huge disruption. But life is fickle, and we may find ourselves in a situation that seems impossible. The road ahead may seem so steep and threatening, we may think there is no way we will ever survive. We may believe the mountain we must climb is too high and treacherous for us to navigate. Terrible things may happen, disasters may strike, and we may lose everything. The road ahead may be unimaginably hard and we may be frozen in fear wondering how we’ll ever overcome it. Although the mountain in front of us may seem impossible, we have already conquered very difficult problems in the past. There are many mountains behind us we’ve surmounted and overcome. Each trial has taught us something of value, and we have reserves of courage and strength to draw on. Even if the path before us is harder than anything we’ve faced so far, and even if at first, we have no idea how we’ll manage, we have everything we need to prevail. There is no need to shrink and think we aren’t strong enough or smart enough to win. We are more powerful and intelligent than we think we are. The mountain may be large and looming ahead, but we are strong enough to reach the top. By trusting ourselves and relying on our ability to understand and comprehend even very complex issues, we will find our way through. Nothing is strong enough to vanquish us. We will find all the answers we need, and with determination and endurance, will succeed.

Trouble is a part of life, and change is constant. In a moment, everything could tip, and the road beneath us may disappear. The destination we were headed to may be gone, and we may be left standing stunned, wondering what to do next. When big problems plague us, there is no need to panic. We are capable of unraveling even the most complicated and difficult challenges. There isn’t anything we can’t manage, and manage well. We can trust that life will go on, and we will prevail.

There are some things we may think we could never handle, and hope and pray they won’t come to us. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, and it may happen that our worst fears are realized. If the whole world turns upside down, and everything we thought was real disappears, we still have ourselves to rely on. We will always find the way through whatever has occurred. Nothing can hold us down indefinitely, and with courage and faith, we will find our way.

Today if you’re facing a huge challenge and you aren’t sure you can manage it, look back at everything you’ve already overcome. This is just one more step. You already possess everything required to find all the answers you need. Trust yourself, and be confident. Nothing can keep you from success. You are amazing and powerful, and you will prevail.

Whatever Can Go Wrong

30 Jan

When we’re pushing toward something complicated we want to accomplish, there may be unforeseen developments and we never know what will happen next. If we’ve been on the road for a while, and many things have gone wrong, it can be hard to keep our motivation level up. Sometimes it may seem that whatever could possibly go wrong, does go wrong. When there’s one blockade after another, and every step forward seems to push us two steps back, it’s hard to continue to believe we can succeed. Some goals are very difficult to achieve. That’s why the hardest and yet most desired goals are often left behind. It’s hard to keep trying when it seems everything we do goes south. But with determination and focus, we can reach any goal, no matter how hard. There is an old saying that, “Nothing worth having comes easily.” That’s often true. We can stand back and be happy with what’s readily available, learning to accept mediocrity. Or we can resolve that no matter how hard the road is ahead, we will continue forward until we reach the destination. Greatness is possible, but it will take constant work and careful attention. We can have the lives we want if we’re willing to do what it takes to get them. Every destination is possible but they won’t all come with ease. Our dreams won’t simply come true because we desire them, or we’re good people, or we think we deserve them. We must do what is required to make them ours. We are strong and powerful and have all the wisdom we need to accomplish anything we desire. Trusting ourselves and being confident will move us forward, and we will prevail.

Before beginning toward any goal, it’s helpful to look at everything we can see that might be involved, and think about possible complications that may arise. Planning is beneficial, but we can’t read the future, and even when we try hard to prepare for what may come, we may be surprised by developments along the way. We don’t know what we don’t know. There will always be something happening we couldn’t foresee, and the road ahead may get convoluted and twisted up. Problems may arise, but we are intelligent and with patience, and careful consideration, will find our way through.

There may be times when there are so many obstacles and detours, we cannot move ahead. Change is constant, and timing is everything. What isn’t possible today may be easily accessible tomorrow. If we can’t get through and push closer to the goal right now, we can set it aside until our situation changes and then, start again. We are capable of discerning the best way forward, and can make the best decisions regarding our next steps. We can reach any destination we choose, and have the lives we desire most.

Today if you’re stuck and can’t move forward toward a goal you’re seeking, look at all the options possible. If the goal isn’t available now, set it aside and plan for it in the future. You are wise and amazing, and nothing is beyond your reach. Decide what you want to do and step forward with confidence. Success is there for you, and you will reach it.

The Third Law

28 May

Newton’s third law of physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nothing in life happens in a vacuum and every decision we make brings a result. As we make choices, we may have a good idea what the result will be based on what we know about the situation and what we’ve chosen, or we may not know where our decision will take us. But they all take us somewhere. There is no way to remain where we are as we step forward on the road ahead. Everyone wants to make good choices, and for the most part we will. But sometimes if the circumstances are confusing, or we get inaccurate information, or our emotions influence us in ways that don’t work, we may choose badly. When we take the first step on any road, we will inevitably end up where that road leads. Every journey has a destination and if it’s somewhere we don’t want to go, it’s up to us to step off the road we’re on, and go in another direction. It’s unlikely others will intercede and move us onto a better path. We’re in charge of our lives, and are responsible for every choice we make. Even if we feel swept along and pressured to continue on the wrong road, we can always step away and choose another path. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves, and we have all the courage and determination we need to direct our lives toward the destinations we desire most. There are unlimited choices to make, and with patience and wisdom, we can find the roads that take us where we most want to go. Our lives are ours to design. We need never go along or follow others. We know what we want and have everything we need to get it. We can choose our own journey and reach any goal we desire. Nothing is out of reach and we can make all our dreams a reality.

Some people may think they know what’s best for us. They may constantly give us direction or try to persuade us to do things they feel will take us where we need to go. They are certainly entitled to their opinions, and we can listen to their advice if we like. However, our lives belong to us and we are the only ones who have complete understanding about what we need and what we want. We can choose the road ahead even if it’s different from what others recommend, and move forward with confidence and clarity.

There is no way to see the end of any road from the beginning. Even if we plan well and choose the best possible option at the beginning, things may change and we may find we aren’t headed where we most want to go. Learning to turn and adjust our trajectory with each new development will enable us to reach the destinations we desire and help us find success. Life is all about change and we are certainly flexible enough and wise enough to navigate the road ahead to ensure we find success.

Today if you’ve made a decision that isn’t taking you where you want to go, stop and look at all the options possible. Find the road that leads you to success and start again. There isn’t any destination you can’t reach. Choose your next steps carefully and begin. Every road is there for you and you can do anything. Be confident and step forward. Success is waiting for you and you will reach it.

Free Space

12 May

Our world is a busy place. We have a lot to do every day, and no matter how much we get done, there is more waiting for us. We are glued to our smart phones, iPads, day planners, and calendars. We constantly check our email, voice mail, Twitter, and Facebook, and a dozen other things. It’s an invasive and constant situation. Of course, life hasn’t always been this way, but the technology age is here, and whether we like it or not, we are part of it. When we add our daily routines of work, chores, errands, gym, walking the dogs, cooking, cleaning up, and everything else we have to do, it gets exhausting, and can be overwhelming. After a time we need a break.

Taking time for ourselves is not just an option, it’s a necessity. We need to plan for time down, without the electronics, without the phone, without the pressure. Just time to recharge, and rest. For some of us that may include time spent with family or friends. Or it might mean an outing to a museum, or gallery. We might decide to stay home, and just veg on the couch with a good book. If we have the time and resources, it could mean a vacation trip to someplace we’ve always wanted to go. Whatever it means to us, whatever it takes to rejuvenate ourselves, that’s what we need.

But in order to make it happen, we need to plan for it. We need to write it in our day planners, enter it into our smart phones, and if we’re working, we need to request the time off. Once we have it planned we must commit that no matter what happens, outside of a natural disaster, atomic explosion or death, we will follow through, and take the time.

I have a family member who works constantly. He is always extremely busy with one project or another. He makes lots of plans, and he completes them. He goes to his regular job during the day, and when he finishes there, he starts working on the project of the month. He is always coming up with new and ingenious ideas, which are great, but he seems unable to see that all he does is work. He is not married because he doesn’t have time to date. He doesn’t go on vacation because he has too much to do and can’t ‘find’ the time. He rarely visits his family because he doesn’t want to stop the progress he’s making on item A, B, or C. He works constantly. As a result, he is always tired, and he has few friends. He isn’t happy with his life like it is, but he says working this hard now will ensure that in the future he’ll have the freedom he wants. Well, that might happen. Or he might find that this will become his lifelong model, and he’ll never stop to get to that freedom.

No matter how much we do, we will never be completely done with what comes next. Life is a continuous process. There is no end until we die. Work will expand to fill the time we give it – no matter how much time that encompasses. We can work 24/7 if we like, and we still won’t be done. So, either we control the work or the work controls us. If the work is controlling us, when do we get to live our lives?

Plan for time down. Plan for it. And then take it. Take the time you need to recharge your batteries. Turn off the phone. Turn off the computer. Shut down the iPad. Forget about Twitter feeds, and what’s happening on Facebook. Go outside. Take a walk. Take a nap. Go skateboarding. Go surfing. Play tennis. Do whatever makes you happy. Take time apart from your usual schedule to restore. If we can do this regularly, we will have more energy when we return to our busy lives, more excitement for what we’re doing, and more happiness in the long run. This life will take everything we give it. We need to make sure we give something back to ourselves.