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1 Oct

We will face innumerable challenges in our lives. Some trials are seriously hard and there may be times when we don’t believe we’ll survive. Hard times will come, we may face our most dreaded fears, and we may suffer intensely as we try to get through. Nobody can predict what life will bring, and there is no way to see what’s around the next corner. Things may happen we know nothing about that bring us hardship and difficulty. The future is unknown, and our paths may change suddenly and without warning. Although we may feel unsure and threatened, we have already overcome many troublesome and challenging times, and we can be confident we can conquer whatever we must. We have great reserves of courage and stamina within us and when we’re up against harsh and punishing winds, can dig deep and capture them. We may be pushed to our limits, but we will never be so pressed we can’t prevail. We don’t need to cower or surrender to anything. We are stronger and more powerful than we imagine, and no matter what is happening or where we are, we already possess everything needed to succeed. By trusting ourselves, and standing firm, we can continue forward and find every answer. Nothing can stop us or hold us down forever. Every destination is there for us, and we can reach them all.

Some people are very loud and bossy. When they want something, they may try to intimidate us by being forceful and demanding. They can do anything they like, but we are in control of our own lives. If we’re under their authority we may have to comply, but if not, we don’t have to buckle. They may be louder or bigger, or have more power than we do, but we’re in charge of our own decisions and can choose whatever we like. Our lives are ours to design and we can be confident in choosing our own way.

When we’re trying to accomplish a big goal, and we’ve been pushing toward it for a long time, and still the end of the road is far off, we may begin to tire and question our motives. When we’re weary and frustrated, it’s easy to give up. If the goal is important to us, it doesn’t matter how hard it is to achieve or how long it takes. We can manage whatever we must to make it ours. We can dig deep, and confirm our resolve to push forward. Every dream is possible and with determination and focus, we can reach them all.

Today if you’re facing a daunting situation and aren’t sure you can get through, trust yourself. You are mighty and powerful, and nothing is too difficult for you to manage. All the answers you need are already there for you. Stand strong and step forward. Be confident and sure. Success is just ahead, and you will reach it.

Staying Down

30 Aug

We share the world with billions of other people, and although we’ll never meet even a small fraction of them, there will likely be others around us much of the time. We work with them, pass them as we go from one place to the next, and interact with them on a regular basis. We try to get along and avoid conflict, but sometimes we may get into a situation where things go wrong and we find ourselves in the middle of a serious disagreement that may have lasting negative consequences. We might get knocked down in the struggle, and if we do, we’ll have to decide if we’re going to stand back up and face the trouble, or stay down and wait. Whatever decision we make will determine what happens next. If we believe in our position, and feel confident we are right, we may jump back up and continue on. But if we’re unsure, and those around us seem stronger and more powerful than we are, we may decide to lay low until things settle down. In the midst of intense conflict it may be difficult to get our point across and waiting may be wise. Every situation is different and we’ll have to use serious judgement to determine how best to proceed. Our views are important, and just because someone else is louder and more forceful than we are, doesn’t mean we can’t be heard. With patience and careful consideration, we can decide the best road forward. All voices are important, and when the time is right, we can step forward and express our views with confidence and clarity. We are intelligent and capable, and can stand firm even in conflict. We know who we are and what we want. Our ideas, thoughts and suggestions are valuable, and when we’re ready, we can share them openly and move forward toward success.

People are complicated and complex. What one believes is absolutely, positively the right thing to do, another may completely disagree. We all want harmony and good will in our interactions, and many times that will be our experience. But there are endless roads to every destination, and the road we choose may not appeal to those around us. If we must agree, we can find a compromise that includes everyone’s point of view and allows for success. We are smart enough to find the way through, no matter how convoluted or twisted the road becomes. Every destination is possible, and with courage, and patience, we’ll find our way to them all.

If we’re headed to a destination by ourselves, we can choose any road we like. We can simply pick the direction we want to go and step forward. However, if others are going with us, and have different ideas about how to get there, our opinion will only be one of many. Learning to be flexible and listen to other viewpoints isn’t always easy, but it will help pave the road ahead. By giving a little and compromising on how we proceed, we’ll build strong connections with those around us, and ensure success. There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well. We are amazing and wise, and will find the best answers.

Today if there is conflict and disagreement, decide on the best way to manage it. Listen carefully to all the views presented, and offer your perspective with patience and grace. Be open to new roads and options. You are so smart, and nothing is too difficult for you to manage. Every road is open. Success is always there for you, and you will find your way to any destination you desire.

Look Up

18 Jul

When things are going wrong, when plans don’t work out, when we’re troubled, overwhelmed and downtrodden, it’s hard to look ahead. We have to process the disappointment, and figure things out. Sometimes the pain of where we are can be paralyzing, and we have to stop for a time before we can move again. It hurts when things go wrong. And when we’re hurting, it can be hard to think of anything but just getting through it.

Disappointment and trouble are part of life. We all wish everything would go easily, every plan would work out well, every day would be filled with sunshine and roses, but that’s not life. That’s fantasy. An active fantasy life is one thing, and real life is quite another. There will be dark days, there will be sad moments, and sometimes there may be devastating developments. When we’re going through these times, it’s important to remember that nothing lasts forever. It can feel like forever, but things change every day. Whatever is driving us down today will be different tomorrow. It might not be perfect tomorrow, it might still be difficult, but it won’t last forever. Eventually everything changes.

When we’re unhappy our demeanor is off. We walk with our heads down, we may talk more quietly, or we may scream and rant. We may feel prickly inside, agitated, and wired, or we may feel numb, depressed, and sullen. Whatever the expression, it’s off from our normal personas. Our friends and family may offer suggestions which sometimes help, and sometimes don’t.  It’s not a good time. But it’s not forever. It’s just a moment. It will pass. Eventually we’ll feel whole again. Our dispositions will return to normal, and we will find happiness once more.

Today if things aren’t going well, or something disappointing has happened, if you feel bad and you’re not yourself, it’s okay. Feeling bad is a normal response when things go wrong. If you’re walking with your head down, and feel heavy with the challenge, look up. Lift your head, and square your shoulders. This will not overcome you. You will navigate it and you will conquer it, whatever “it” is. You are strong, you are capable, and you will walk right through this to the other side. Keep looking up, and keep walking. This is just a moment. You’ve already come so far. The other side is just around the corner.

Defining Us

16 Jun

Have you ever faced a challenge you didn’t think you could conquer? Something beyond what you felt you could manage? Have you ever felt overwhelmed at a problem you had to face? These times happen to all of us. Very difficult hurdles come that at first may shake us. We may have no idea how we’re going to overcome them, or even how we’re going to face them. When these things happen, they are usually critical, and demand our attention. Even if we’re unsure, even if we’re scared, we have to look at the huge hill before us, and just start climbing.

What defines us as people? Is it what we own? Is it what we’ve done? Is it how much money we make, or how many friends we have? What makes us who we are? When we think about our strengths, and our weaknesses, we can see that every facet of our personalities has been molded, and shaped by the experiences we’ve had. Our experiences are vast as we live our lives. Every day brings something new. And each challenge we face makes us a little stronger, a little braver, and a little truer. What defines us is how we face them.

When very difficult issues come into our lives, when we are facing the dragon, and there is fire all around us, we will come face to face with our fears. What if we can’t do this? What if we fail? What if this destroys us? There are a lot of things that can go wrong when we have a lot to surmount. But if we stand strong, and take it as it comes, face each moment and conquer them one at a time, we can overcome even the hardest of challenges. As we navigate the problem, as we deal with each complication, as we unravel each puzzle, we learn new skills, and we become stronger. Because of that strength, when the next hurdle arrives, we are ready to begin again. There is nothing we can’t handle. There is nothing we can’t face. We are powerful, and we are capable. If we remember that, we will not only survive, we will thrive.

Today if you are facing something very hard, something that is threatening, and you are afraid you cannot conquer it, remember who you are. You can do anything. Be fearless. You may not get every step right, but you will eventually reach the end, and you will overcome. You have more strength than you realize. You have the very best of everything inside you. You have everything you need. Don’t forget that. You will beat this. It’s just a hill after all, and you’ve been climbing those your entire life.