Look Up

18 Jul

When things are going wrong, when plans don’t work out, when we’re troubled, overwhelmed and downtrodden, it’s hard to look ahead. We have to process the disappointment, and figure things out. Sometimes the pain of where we are can be paralyzing, and we have to stop for a time before we can move again. It hurts when things go wrong. And when we’re hurting, it can be hard to think of anything but just getting through it.

Disappointment and trouble are part of life. We all wish everything would go easily, every plan would work out well, every day would be filled with sunshine and roses, but that’s not life. That’s fantasy. An active fantasy life is one thing, and real life is quite another. There will be dark days, there will be sad moments, and sometimes there may be devastating developments. When we’re going through these times, it’s important to remember that nothing lasts forever. It can feel like forever, but things change every day. Whatever is driving us down today will be different tomorrow. It might not be perfect tomorrow, it might still be difficult, but it won’t last forever. Eventually everything changes.

When we’re unhappy our demeanor is off. We walk with our heads down, we may talk more quietly, or we may scream and rant. We may feel prickly inside, agitated, and wired, or we may feel numb, depressed, and sullen. Whatever the expression, it’s off from our normal personas. Our friends and family may offer suggestions which sometimes help, and sometimes don’t.  It’s not a good time. But it’s not forever. It’s just a moment. It will pass. Eventually we’ll feel whole again. Our dispositions will return to normal, and we will find happiness once more.

Today if things aren’t going well, or something disappointing has happened, if you feel bad and you’re not yourself, it’s okay. Feeling bad is a normal response when things go wrong. If you’re walking with your head down, and feel heavy with the challenge, look up. Lift your head, and square your shoulders. This will not overcome you. You will navigate it and you will conquer it, whatever “it” is. You are strong, you are capable, and you will walk right through this to the other side. Keep looking up, and keep walking. This is just a moment. You’ve already come so far. The other side is just around the corner.

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