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The End is Near

25 Jan

Life is full of challenges and we face new situations every day. There is no way to see the future and the road we’re on may turn and take us someplace entirely unexpected. That might be something fun and interesting or it could turn out to be something that brings great duress and difficulty. We all face trouble from time to time, and when something intensely negative happens that seriously impacts our progress and is filled with complications, we may feel overwhelmed and unable to move. If we’re completely lost and have no idea how to proceed, we may think there is no way we’ll ever survive, and feel like giving up and just surrendering. Of course, we can do anything we like, and if we want to throw our hands up, and run away, we can, but that will give us nothing of value to carry forward. Even if we’re sure the end is near and we’re going down in flames, chances are there are options and possibilities we haven’t yet tried. Nobody has all the answers all the time, but we have everything we need to find the answers we don’t already possess. By trusting ourselves and remembering how capable and strong we are, we will find the way forward. There will never be a situation so terrible and complex we won’t be able to figure it out. If we need help, we can get it. If we need more skills, we can obtain them. Everything necessary to move us ahead will be there for us if we take the time we need to uncover the answers available. We are more powerful than we realize, and with patience and focus, will find our way ahead. Every single destination is possible, and nothing can hold us in place forever. We are perfectly able to unravel every complication and problem before us and reach success.

Everyone has their own opinions about what is possible and how to proceed. They may tell us they doubt we’ll succeed, and know we’ll never be strong enough to conquer the goal. That is their opinion, to which they are completely entitled. But opinions are just that – opinions. They aren’t facts and don’t predict the future. We are in control of what we do and can determine where we’ll go and what we’ll accomplish. Although it would be nice to have agreement and validation when we’re struggling along, we don’t need it to prevail. We know who we are and what we want, and nothing can keep us from success.

Self confidence is important when we’re trying to overcome a difficult challenge. If we don’t believe we will prevail, odds are we won’t. There really isn’t anything we can’t overcome and manage. If we stand strong, no matter what lies before us or how unsettled we feel, and pull on our inner courage and wisdom, nothing can keep us from success. Our lives are ours to design. We can do anything and go anywhere. By believing in ourselves and stepping forward with confidence, every destination will be ours.

Today if you’re facing a very difficult and daunting challenge, and doubt you can succeed, trust yourself. You are stronger and more powerful than you believe. Nothing can hold you in place. Every dream is possible, and you will win.


Foreign Territory

22 Dec

Throughout our lives, we go through many changes and adjustments. There are times we face big changes – marriage, the birth of a child, a new career, retirement and others. When our lives are changing dramatically it takes some planning and preparation to help us navigate the next step. If we are excited about what’s coming and happy with the new plan, the adjustments may come more easily. It can be an exciting time filled with fun and adventure. But sometimes big changes in our lives may be threatening. Life is constantly in flux and although we become accustomed to the routine adjustments we make along the way, big turns can make us feel unsure. We can take the time we need to evaluate any new situation, make a plan for moving forward, and take it step by step. We can process any change that comes and if we make a plan for one day at a time we’ll be ready and move forward with confidence.

There is great security in routine. We get used to doing the same things, going to the same places, and seeing the same people. We feel comfortable when our surroundings are familiar. When we’re facing a development that requires great change, even if we’re confident we’ll be fine, actually going through the process of modifying our lives may be unsettling. New situations are foreign to us and even though we know we’ll find our way, it can be disquieting to navigate. There are new patterns we must learn, maybe new people to interact with, and the scenery may be different. When we’re in foreign territory it can be confusing. But foreign territory is only unsettling because it’s new. We can make it ours by embracing it and learning about it. We are strong enough and brave enough to face new situations whatever they require. Change is constant. Big changes may be more complex but we are capable of navigating them and embracing them.

Planning can make any change easier. If the changes we’re facing aren’t sudden and we know about them before they occur, we can take time to evaluate everything we need to prepare and make a plan for going forward. Making a plan will give us more confidence and help us manage whatever details we face as things progress. There will probably be unexpected complications, but we can manage those as they come and do what is needed to address them and get back on track. Change is inevitable. We can manage it well and find success by taking our time, evaluating each needed step forward, and planning our course. There isn’t anything we can’t manage or overcome. We can walk through new doors and face new circumstances with confidence and clarity, and find joy in our new situations.

Today if you’re facing a big change in your life and you’re feeling a little unsure, take time to evaluate all the parameters forward and make a plan. You have everything you need to be successful. Embrace whatever comes and make it yours. This life is an adventure and you are brave enough and smart enough to take it on.

3:00 a.m.

30 Sep

When things go wrong in our lives, people hurt us, we are disappointed or worried, or have pressing complications on our minds, it can be hard to relax. When we’re processing a lot and have much to ponder it may be hard to let it go long enough to rest. We may fall asleep only to wake in the wee hours with our minds reviewing everything we’re trying to resolve. As we lie in the dark and all our worries and concerns roll around inside, despite our fatigue we may search for answers. What will we do? How will we get through? What’s our next step? What will happen? These thoughts may consume us and instead of drifting back to restful repose we may find the hours ticking by wide awake. Sometimes the answers come but other times our sleepless night doesn’t resolve anything. While we’re lying there and everything is knocking around in our heads, it is helpful to remember times in our past when we’ve resolved difficult problems and faced hard challenges. We’ve survived hard times before, we found our way through and we’ll succeed in doing the same this time. We can find comfort in what we’ve already overcome, and know we’ll conquer this situation as well. This life is filled with all kinds of complications and unexpected problems. We are certainly capable of handling anything that comes to us, and if we’re awake at 3:00 a.m. facing an issue we must resolve, we can remember that. We can relax and be strong knowing we’ll find all the answers we need.

When we’re young we have ideas about how life works and how our lives will go. We imagine what we’ll do and who we’ll become, and dream of all the things we want to accomplish. We never think about all the problems we’ll face or consider all the trials we’ll endure. But the problems and trials will come and with each challenge we’ll learn something new about ourselves and about our world. As we grow and face our days we may realize that some of our ideas about what is real are a little different than what we’re experiencing. Our plans don’t always work out and our lives don’t always reflect the image we thought they would. But we learn to adapt as we go and if we’re wise, day by day we begin to create the lives we most want. Sometimes the life we want now isn’t anything like the plans we made before. Each experience and each problem helps us fine tune what we want and teaches us how to navigate the road ahead.

The only control we have in this life is over ourselves. We can’t control what other people do, or what comes to us. We can only control how we manage our experiences and what we take away from them. Deciding to learn as much as possible and take those lessons forward will help us forge a path that is strong and defined. Overcoming problems builds confidence. This life is a blessing. Everything we experience can bless us in some way. Understanding and accepting that will make the journey easier.

Today if you’re worried or upset, concerned about a situation in your life, be confident. You’ve been through difficult challenges before and you have prevailed. You will find your way through this as well. You have everything you need. Be strong. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and you will find your way.

Burns and Scars

4 Feb

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we have fun and things go well, sometimes the bottom falls out and our dreams are shattered, and sometimes it’s some version in between. Nobody gets through their lives without being hurt from time to time, and when we’re really hurt and burned badly, it takes time to heal. If our dreams have gone up in smoke, if we’ve been betrayed by a loved one, or what we thought was real turns out to be a mirage, we can be devastated. Getting burned hurts. It hurts a lot and it takes time to recover. When we burn our skin, if the burn is very deep and serious, it has to heal from the bottom up. Dead cells must be removed from the top of the burn to allow it to heal more quickly and prevent scarring. The removal of that layer is often painful but necessary for recovery. When we’ve been emotionally hurt we have to do the same thing. We have to rub off the initial shock, confusion, and denial in order to get to the heart of the matter and recover. We can’t look the other way or the burn will never heal. It can be very painful to look at things completely when we’re devastated. It’s difficult to go through the process of removing obstacles to recovery, but if we do, we will be able to heal and go forward with renewed confidence.

When we’ve been hurt on the outside, after the wound heals we often develop a scar. If the wound was intense and very invasive, the scar may be large and thick. If we were only hurt a little, the scar may be smaller and smoother, but there is always a scar of some type after the wound heals. Over time scars refine and become less noticeable but they never go away. There is no way to be completely restored to our original state, and they will always be reminders of what happened to cause them. When we’re emotionally hurt and recover, we carry scars with us going forward as well. At the beginning if the scar is invasive and thick, it may keep us from making certain choices or feeling confident. Over time as we grow and change, just like the scars on the outside, the scars on the inside will refine. They will never go away completely, and we’ll always remember what caused them. But they will smooth out and we’ll find ways around them. Scars aren’t bad. They help us remember where we’ve been, and they need not hold us back. We can learn all we can from the experience and as we heal we can move forward.

As years pass, our appearances change through the normal course of aging. The laughter or sadness we’ve experienced show in lines on our faces. Our bodies show the wear and tear of life, and all the scars from all the injuries, large and small, we’ve endured. The lines, wrinkles, and scars are proof that we’ve lived our lives. We will never be the perfect beings we were when we arrived here, and everything that leaves a mark is a testament of our courage and endurance. We are going to get burned, in more ways than one, and we’ll carry the scars from those burns until we die. They are proof of how strong we are and what we’ve overcome. This life is challenging. There is a lot to learn. Sometimes we’re going to be hurt but there is nothing we can’t overcome. We will carry the marks, the lines, and the scars forward, but we will also carry the knowledge of what we’ve learned. And learning is what it’s all about.

Today if you’ve been burned by something that has hurt you deeply, you will recover. You will find your way through and you’ll carry the experience with you going forward, and it will not hold you back. You are courageous and strong. Be confident. You can do anything and you will succeed.

Digging Deep

21 Oct

When we go through situations in our lives that are difficult, and are really struggling to get through them, we sometimes think we can’t do it. We might think it’s just too hard, and we can’t manage. If there’s a way, we may try to run from the problem and avoid it. But oftentimes, there is only one way out, and that’s straight through it. We have to face where we are and find a way to navigate forward. At those times, we have to dig deep inside ourselves, pull all the strength and courage we have, and muster all our confidence to push through. Those situations are never easy and we may suffer while we’re navigating them. But while we’re pushing ahead, while we’re trying everything we can to move forward, we are learning more about ourselves and gaining strength even as we expend it. The harder the situation is, the stronger we get as we navigate it. It’s difficult to see the blessing when we’re struggling, but it will be apparent when we turn the page.

There are things that come into our lives that shake us, situations that seem insurmountable at first, and they can make us question our ability to survive. But each challenge, no matter how difficult, brings with it the opportunity to grow and learn more about who we are, and what we’re made of. If life was always easy, and nothing ever went wrong, we would never learn the skills we need to become fully aware and capable. The blessings that come to us when we are struggling are generally equal to the intensity of the struggle. If the situation is moderately difficult, we’ll learn a little. But if it’s very hard, and if it tries us deeply, we will grow and learn more about ourselves than we may have thought possible. We can always do more than we think we can, and we’re far stronger than we often recognize. It’s during times of great duress that we find our true strength and valiance. When everything is seemingly against us and we endure, we find out who we really are.

Knowing what we can do and how much we can overcome brings us confidence. When we’re in a situation that is frightening, and threatening, and our hearts are pounding because we’re unsure, we can still go forward. We can face the situation, and push through it to the end. When we do, we feel invincible when it’s over, knowing we faced the hardships, and despite them, got through. The confidence that comes on the other side of the trial is priceless, and teaches us more about ourselves. As we go through life and face one problem after another, navigate one seemingly impossible task at a time, and discover we can conquer them, we learn there is nothing we can’t face. There is nothing that will stop us. There is nothing that will overcome us. And that knowledge will guide us through anything that comes our way.

Today if you’re facing a situation that seems impossibly difficult, be confident. You can conquer whatever you’re facing. You will find your way through, and in the end, you’ll defeat every obstacle. You are strong and capable of facing anything that comes to you. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Keep moving forward.