Digging Deep

21 Oct

When we go through situations in our lives that are difficult, and are really struggling to get through them, we sometimes think we can’t do it. We might think it’s just too hard, and we can’t manage. If there’s a way, we may try to run from the problem and avoid it. But oftentimes, there is only one way out, and that’s straight through it. We have to face where we are and find a way to navigate forward. At those times, we have to dig deep inside ourselves, pull all the strength and courage we have, and muster all our confidence to push through. Those situations are never easy and we may suffer while we’re navigating them. But while we’re pushing ahead, while we’re trying everything we can to move forward, we are learning more about ourselves and gaining strength even as we expend it. The harder the situation is, the stronger we get as we navigate it. It’s difficult to see the blessing when we’re struggling, but it will be apparent when we turn the page.

There are things that come into our lives that shake us, situations that seem insurmountable at first, and they can make us question our ability to survive. But each challenge, no matter how difficult, brings with it the opportunity to grow and learn more about who we are, and what we’re made of. If life was always easy, and nothing ever went wrong, we would never learn the skills we need to become fully aware and capable. The blessings that come to us when we are struggling are generally equal to the intensity of the struggle. If the situation is moderately difficult, we’ll learn a little. But if it’s very hard, and if it tries us deeply, we will grow and learn more about ourselves than we may have thought possible. We can always do more than we think we can, and we’re far stronger than we often recognize. It’s during times of great duress that we find our true strength and valiance. When everything is seemingly against us and we endure, we find out who we really are.

Knowing what we can do and how much we can overcome brings us confidence. When we’re in a situation that is frightening, and threatening, and our hearts are pounding because we’re unsure, we can still go forward. We can face the situation, and push through it to the end. When we do, we feel invincible when it’s over, knowing we faced the hardships, and despite them, got through. The confidence that comes on the other side of the trial is priceless, and teaches us more about ourselves. As we go through life and face one problem after another, navigate one seemingly impossible task at a time, and discover we can conquer them, we learn there is nothing we can’t face. There is nothing that will stop us. There is nothing that will overcome us. And that knowledge will guide us through anything that comes our way.

Today if you’re facing a situation that seems impossibly difficult, be confident. You can conquer whatever you’re facing. You will find your way through, and in the end, you’ll defeat every obstacle. You are strong and capable of facing anything that comes to you. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Keep moving forward.

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