Taking Our Turn

20 Oct

In every group situation, in order to get things accomplished, there must be some sort of order, and leadership. If there was no plan and no leader, chances are nothing would get done. Leading requires responsibility and thought, and when opportunities to lead come up, if we want to, we can keep a low profile and not get involved. We can keep our heads down and study our shoes, but we can learn a lot more if we step up and take a turn in leadership. When geese migrate south for the winter, their “V” formation always has one bird at the very front leading the way. The primary responsibility of that position is to reduce air drag for the flock so they can fly as far as possible before needing to rest. The leader flies in the first position until they are tired, at which time they fall back into formation with the other birds. Immediately, another bird flies up to take the lead. This exchange happens many times throughout the flight, each one taking a turn at the front. Like geese, when we take on a leadership role, our responsibility is to reduce the stress of the project by showing the way for success. If we take our turn at the front, and do our part, we will enable goals to be accomplished, and we’ll learn a lot in the process.

When leading others, the first step is to understand the objective. Where is the group going? What are we trying to accomplish? Once we know that, we can make plans for successfully completing the task. We don’t have to do all the work ourselves, but may involve everyone on the team by delegating tasks to them. If everyone completes one small part of the project, no matter how great the job is, it will be accomplished. Being a leader doesn’t mean being the boss, and we can’t force anyone to do anything. But we can encourage them, and show the way. If we trust others to get things done, they will respond more positively than if we try to manage them. There is a saying that you can’t push a string. And you can’t. If you try, it will just bend and go nowhere. But you can pull a string and it will go wherever you take it. If we pull others along with the goal in mind, they will follow our lead.

Setting the example for leadership, whether the task is great or small, will help others learn to become leaders as well. If we lead with kindness, support, and patience, when we’re on the other side of the team as a participant, chances are we’ll get the same treatment in return from those in charge. If we are respectful and fair, we can be excellent leaders no matter what our current skills are. When we’re taking our turn at the front, and we need to reduce drag and show the way, if we include everyone in the plan and treat them well, we’ll accomplish the task, and be the example we want to be. We have everything we need to be great leaders. We just have to step up and take our turn.

Today if you have the opportunity to be a leader, take it. You can step up and be the one to show the way. Be kind and patient, and trust others with what needs to be done. They will respond positively and before you know it, the job will be accomplished. You have greatness in you, and the potential to be a great leader. Pull from that knowledge, and show the world what you can do. Take your turn, step up to the front, and be the best you can be. The experience will teach you more than you can imagine.

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