Foreign Territory

22 Dec

Throughout our lives, we go through many changes and adjustments. There are times we face big changes – marriage, the birth of a child, a new career, retirement and others. When our lives are changing dramatically it takes some planning and preparation to help us navigate the next step. If we are excited about what’s coming and happy with the new plan, the adjustments may come more easily. It can be an exciting time filled with fun and adventure. But sometimes big changes in our lives may be threatening. Life is constantly in flux and although we become accustomed to the routine adjustments we make along the way, big turns can make us feel unsure. We can take the time we need to evaluate any new situation, make a plan for moving forward, and take it step by step. We can process any change that comes and if we make a plan for one day at a time we’ll be ready and move forward with confidence.

There is great security in routine. We get used to doing the same things, going to the same places, and seeing the same people. We feel comfortable when our surroundings are familiar. When we’re facing a development that requires great change, even if we’re confident we’ll be fine, actually going through the process of modifying our lives may be unsettling. New situations are foreign to us and even though we know we’ll find our way, it can be disquieting to navigate. There are new patterns we must learn, maybe new people to interact with, and the scenery may be different. When we’re in foreign territory it can be confusing. But foreign territory is only unsettling because it’s new. We can make it ours by embracing it and learning about it. We are strong enough and brave enough to face new situations whatever they require. Change is constant. Big changes may be more complex but we are capable of navigating them and embracing them.

Planning can make any change easier. If the changes we’re facing aren’t sudden and we know about them before they occur, we can take time to evaluate everything we need to prepare and make a plan for going forward. Making a plan will give us more confidence and help us manage whatever details we face as things progress. There will probably be unexpected complications, but we can manage those as they come and do what is needed to address them and get back on track. Change is inevitable. We can manage it well and find success by taking our time, evaluating each needed step forward, and planning our course. There isn’t anything we can’t manage or overcome. We can walk through new doors and face new circumstances with confidence and clarity, and find joy in our new situations.

Today if you’re facing a big change in your life and you’re feeling a little unsure, take time to evaluate all the parameters forward and make a plan. You have everything you need to be successful. Embrace whatever comes and make it yours. This life is an adventure and you are brave enough and smart enough to take it on.

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