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3:00 a.m.

30 Sep

When things go wrong in our lives, people hurt us, we are disappointed or worried, or have pressing complications on our minds, it can be hard to relax. When we’re processing a lot and have much to ponder it may be hard to let it go long enough to rest. We may fall asleep only to wake in the wee hours with our minds reviewing everything we’re trying to resolve. As we lie in the dark and all our worries and concerns roll around inside, despite our fatigue we may search for answers. What will we do? How will we get through? What’s our next step? What will happen? These thoughts may consume us and instead of drifting back to restful repose we may find the hours ticking by wide awake. Sometimes the answers come but other times our sleepless night doesn’t resolve anything. While we’re lying there and everything is knocking around in our heads, it is helpful to remember times in our past when we’ve resolved difficult problems and faced hard challenges. We’ve survived hard times before, we found our way through and we’ll succeed in doing the same this time. We can find comfort in what we’ve already overcome, and know we’ll conquer this situation as well. This life is filled with all kinds of complications and unexpected problems. We are certainly capable of handling anything that comes to us, and if we’re awake at 3:00 a.m. facing an issue we must resolve, we can remember that. We can relax and be strong knowing we’ll find all the answers we need.

When we’re young we have ideas about how life works and how our lives will go. We imagine what we’ll do and who we’ll become, and dream of all the things we want to accomplish. We never think about all the problems we’ll face or consider all the trials we’ll endure. But the problems and trials will come and with each challenge we’ll learn something new about ourselves and about our world. As we grow and face our days we may realize that some of our ideas about what is real are a little different than what we’re experiencing. Our plans don’t always work out and our lives don’t always reflect the image we thought they would. But we learn to adapt as we go and if we’re wise, day by day we begin to create the lives we most want. Sometimes the life we want now isn’t anything like the plans we made before. Each experience and each problem helps us fine tune what we want and teaches us how to navigate the road ahead.

The only control we have in this life is over ourselves. We can’t control what other people do, or what comes to us. We can only control how we manage our experiences and what we take away from them. Deciding to learn as much as possible and take those lessons forward will help us forge a path that is strong and defined. Overcoming problems builds confidence. This life is a blessing. Everything we experience can bless us in some way. Understanding and accepting that will make the journey easier.

Today if you’re worried or upset, concerned about a situation in your life, be confident. You’ve been through difficult challenges before and you have prevailed. You will find your way through this as well. You have everything you need. Be strong. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and you will find your way.

Bitter or Better

23 Sep

Hard times come to us all. Sometimes we face heartbreak, sadness, and serious disappointment.   We may let the pain of these events go quickly and move on, but sometimes if the hurt is very deep, we may hold onto them for a while. It’s hard to move through a difficult time if we can’t let go of the pain, but sometimes we get stuck holding onto it. If someone has hurt us deeply, or betrayed us greatly, we may hold onto it for years, or for the rest of our lives. Perhaps someone you know has let something affect their lives so deeply they are no longer happy. Maybe it’s changed the whole dynamic of their lives. They are bitter and cannot move on.

Trials aren’t something we want to face. We don’t look for them, and we hope they won’t come our way, but they come to all of us. If we choose to, we can try to learn as much as possible from the experience, and then let it go so we can move on. If we do that, we may restore our happiness, and turn “bitter” into “better.” But since most of our painful experiences involve others, it generally means we have to forgive someone. If we’ve been hurt deeply, that may be difficult. But bitterness will destroy our lives if we let it fester. If we want to move forward, we must do everything required – including forgive.

There are people in this life who don’t care if they hurt others as long as they get what they want. It’s very difficult to be in relationships with them, and if we are, we will probably get hurt. They can only see themselves. They often talk a good line, tell others how much they care, and even pretend to be supportive, but in the end they only serve themselves. It’s doubtful they will feel shame or remorse. They are only concerned with what they want and what they need. If we have someone like that in our lives and they hurt us, we may try to explain our pain to them, and try to make them change. But we can’t change others no matter how hard we try. We can only change ourselves. We have to move forward from where we are. We have the power to let things go, to move on, and become stronger, and more resilient because of our experiences. We have the power to control our lives and make them happy.

Today if you’re dealing with pain from something that’s happened, do everything you can to make things right, and then let it go. Your life is too valuable to waste on unhappiness. You are in control of yourself and you can be happy. You are strong, and perfectly capable of managing this. You’ve been through trials before and survived. You can do anything you want. Do what you must to move through this, and begin again.