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24 Jan

When we’re children we might imagine being a grown up as a great adventure filled with all sorts of freedom and privileges. As we age and mature, we begin to understand how life works and each day teaches us something new. As we navigate all the ins and outs of each situation, we gain skills that help us move forward toward the successes we desire. We learn valuable lessons and gain confidence as we make good, strong decisions and find our way. Sometimes things go well and other times things go wrong and we struggle to figure out our next steps. If we’ve had to face many difficulties or have suffered a serious failure, we may doubt we can live well and find happiness. We may believe we’ll never find our footing or the right road ahead, and that we’re doomed to a life filled with stress and despair. While it’s true we can’t control most of what happens, we are always in control of our decisions and outlook. If we’re convinced we will fail, no matter what we do, the chances of success are diminished. We can create our own self-fulfilling prophecy. There is always the chance we’ll falter in any situation, but there is also always the chance we will prevail. Doubt is only a feeling of uncertainty and we can acknowledge it and then set it aside and trust ourselves to get through. We can push forward with determination, and any failure we may experience will be diminished by our personal self-confidence. Everyone has doubt from time to time but we need not give it power over our decisions. We can do anything we desire and nothing can hold us in place. Every goal is possible and with confidence and certainty we can achieve anything.

There is no way to guess what life will bring us. Change is constant and no matter what we’re experiencing today, chances are it will be different tomorrow. We may face situations so daunting we don’t feel we can manage them. They seem too hard to look at and we may feel sure we can’t survive. But deep within we have incredible resources of strength and courage, and regardless of what comes have everything we need to endure and overcome. We are stronger and more resilient than we may realize and can do whatever is necessary to manage anything that comes.

Sometimes we may choose to do something that others around us doubt we can achieve. They may try to dissuade us from the journey, telling us it’s too hard, too long or not worth the effort. We can always listen to any advice we like, but our choices are ours to make and approval isn’t necessary. We can design our lives and create them any way we like. We can do anything we desire and push ourselves toward any goal. We have everything we need to be successful and can reach any destination with confidence and clarity.

Today if you’re facing a difficult situation and aren’t sure you can manage it, remember how strong you are and trust yourself to find the answers. You already have everything you need to succeed. Pull courage from within and stand strong. Every goal is possible and nothing is too difficult. Be confident and step forward. All the doors will open and you will succeed.

How Long it Takes

15 Apr

When things go wrong or we suffer a painful loss, it’s sometimes hard to get over. We may grieve for a time, or suffer in other ways, and although we want it to go away, sometimes the healing process takes longer than we want it to. If it’s a serious loss, like a death of someone near us or a painful breakup, it may takes months or years to get through. Even devastating disappointments can take a lot of time for us to process and move forward. When we’ve been hurt badly, the damage can be all encompassing and even debilitating for a time. We might feel we can’t overcome it, and that we’ll never be right again. Grief and healing can’t be rushed. They have their own timetable and even if we think we should be over it, even if our friends and family tell us to get over it, we won’t get through until we’re done processing the loss. How long that takes is how long it takes. If we can’t accept what’s happened and hold on to denial we won’t heal until we can let go. But if we are determined to move forward, and do everything we can to face the change that has come into our lives, we will get through more quickly. There isn’t anything so difficult or painful we can’t manage. We just need to take it one step at a time and continue to take a step forward every day.

Devastating losses, no matter what they are, upset our lives. They impact us in every way. They may affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, or the hope we have for the future, and the trust we have that things will get better. If the pain is deep enough, even our personal faith may be shaken. We may question things we had previously believed were unshakable and find it hard to face another day. Human beings are incredibly resilient but we’re also incredibly fragile. If we suffer pain so great that we are rattled to the core, it will take time to put the pieces back together again. But our resilience is always there. It’s there even when we don’t feel it or can’t see it. It’s like invisible glue always ready to help us put things right again. It may take some time, and it will take determination, but we have everything we need to become whole and strong.

Suffering brings blessings. That can be hard to see when we’re struggling and everything hurts, but even when we aren’t aware of it, we’re growing and getting stronger. The greater the loss, the greater potential for growth. The experience of loss helps us learn how to gain. As we heal, even if we’ve been broken into a million pieces, and it takes all the courage we have to find our way back, at each step we gain strength. If everything was easy all the time we would be shallow and weak. There would be no need to learn and grow, and no need for emotional strength. The blessings of trials are great. If we can remember we’re gaining when we’re trying to recover from loss it will give us the courage we need to keep going forward. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We just have to keep moving forward.

Today if you’ve suffered a painful loss, no matter what’s happened you will manage it. There is nothing so painful that it will overcome you. You are stronger than you know. Flex your muscles, take a breath and move forward. Tomorrow move forward some more. You’ll get through this. And you’ll be stronger on the other side.

Healing Time

24 Aug

We all get hurt sometimes. We can be hurt physically and it takes time to heal. If we are hurt badly it may take a long time to heal. With our bodies, how long it takes for us to recover is often directly related to the level of impact. If we get a bump on the head, we may be fine in a day or so. If we get a concussion, it could take a long time before everything is better again. The same is true with our emotions. If we get our feelings hurt, we might recover pretty quickly, but if we get our hearts broken or someone betrays us, it takes longer to heal. Great wounds can take a long time, and sometimes we may think we’ll never fully recover.

Human beings are incredibly resilient. We are flexible and can adapt to almost any situation. That doesn’t mean adapting is easy, it just means we can accomplish it. But while we’re figuring out how to cope, it may take a lot of strength, and courage just to face our days. Even though we know intellectually we’ll eventually solve the problem, and put it behind us, there may be times when it can seem impossible. When we are devastated, sometimes we feel like there’s no hope. But that is an illusion. There is always hope. Given enough time, we will heal, no matter what we’re facing.

It’s hard to be positive when we feel bad. It’s hard to look forward and see the possibility of happiness again. It’s hard to trust ourselves to open the door to new possibilities. But everything is life changes. Nothing is permanent except death, so if we’re still alive we can do whatever we need to. Today may seem bleak and dark, but tomorrow the sun will rise, and we will continue to move closer to where we want to be. Eventually our distress will ease, and our confidence will return. One day we’ll realize we feel happy again. No matter what we go through, no matter how hard it is, we will move through it. Nothing is permanent. Everything will change.

Today if you’re trying to get through a difficult time, if you feel hopeless and lost, remember this is just one day. Even if it’s a bad day, it will only last for this one day. Tomorrow will be different. Keep going forward. There isn’t anything you can’t handle. There isn’t anything you can’t overcome. You are as strong as you need to be. Time is on your side. And time will heal everything.