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Where We Are

20 Dec

As we go through our lives, we make countless decisions. Each choice takes us somewhere and affects us in some way. Although we try to make the best choices at each opportunity, things don’t always go the way we think they will or take us where we thought we were headed. One thing leads to another and if we aren’t mindful, before we know it, we may end up doing things we never planned on in places we never intended to go. We may find ourselves living lives that don’t agree with what we want the most, wondering how we ended up where we are and how we can change direction and get back on track. Our lives belong to us but if we don’t pay attention to where we’re headed and simply let things roll out on their own, they may reflect someone else’s ideas and goals instead of our own. If we aren’t living the way we want to or are on roads that won’t take us to the destinations we desire, we can step away and start again. No matter where we are or how far we’ve gone, we can change direction. We can make our personal goals a priority and re-chart the way forward to achieve them. Every option is always possible and we can begin toward our dreams no matter how long we’ve been away. Life is a great blessing but how we live it is up to us. We can coast through and be happy enough, or we can purposely move toward our dreams and find complete satisfaction. We deserve every happiness and by making mindful choices can do what is needed to get it.

Mediocrity is easy to achieve. We need only do the minimum required to get through and go along with everyone else’s choices. We don’t have to come up with new ideas or plans, and can sit in the back seat indefinitely, allowing others to drive us where they will. It takes no effort to live a common and expected life. However, if we want to make the most of our days and see how far we can go, and if we want a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, we must do more. We have incredible potential but must act to unlock it. We will never know what we can do unless we push ourselves beyond where we are and test our limits. The whole world is there for us and every dream is possible if we’re willing to do what it takes to make it ours.

Nothing is permanent in life and change is constant. Even if we’ve been in the same position for a long time, we can move. There is no glue holding us in place and every option to explore is possible. We are the only ones who can make our dreams come true. There is no magic wand or genie in a bottle to grant our fondest wishes. We have all the power we need to do anything, and by taking control of our decisions and stepping forward toward the goals we most desire we can create the lives we want. Every happiness is possible and we have everything we need to get there.

Today if you’re unhappy with where you are or what you’re doing, decide what you want the most and take the first step toward achieving it. All your dreams are possible. You are powerful and strong, and nothing is out of reach. Begin forward and design the life you want. Every blessing is waiting for you. You have everything you need to reach any goal you desire and succeed.

How Long it Takes

15 Apr

When things go wrong or we suffer a painful loss, it’s sometimes hard to get over. We may grieve for a time, or suffer in other ways, and although we want it to go away, sometimes the healing process takes longer than we want it to. If it’s a serious loss, like a death of someone near us or a painful breakup, it may takes months or years to get through. Even devastating disappointments can take a lot of time for us to process and move forward. When we’ve been hurt badly, the damage can be all encompassing and even debilitating for a time. We might feel we can’t overcome it, and that we’ll never be right again. Grief and healing can’t be rushed. They have their own timetable and even if we think we should be over it, even if our friends and family tell us to get over it, we won’t get through until we’re done processing the loss. How long that takes is how long it takes. If we can’t accept what’s happened and hold on to denial we won’t heal until we can let go. But if we are determined to move forward, and do everything we can to face the change that has come into our lives, we will get through more quickly. There isn’t anything so difficult or painful we can’t manage. We just need to take it one step at a time and continue to take a step forward every day.

Devastating losses, no matter what they are, upset our lives. They impact us in every way. They may affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, or the hope we have for the future, and the trust we have that things will get better. If the pain is deep enough, even our personal faith may be shaken. We may question things we had previously believed were unshakable and find it hard to face another day. Human beings are incredibly resilient but we’re also incredibly fragile. If we suffer pain so great that we are rattled to the core, it will take time to put the pieces back together again. But our resilience is always there. It’s there even when we don’t feel it or can’t see it. It’s like invisible glue always ready to help us put things right again. It may take some time, and it will take determination, but we have everything we need to become whole and strong.

Suffering brings blessings. That can be hard to see when we’re struggling and everything hurts, but even when we aren’t aware of it, we’re growing and getting stronger. The greater the loss, the greater potential for growth. The experience of loss helps us learn how to gain. As we heal, even if we’ve been broken into a million pieces, and it takes all the courage we have to find our way back, at each step we gain strength. If everything was easy all the time we would be shallow and weak. There would be no need to learn and grow, and no need for emotional strength. The blessings of trials are great. If we can remember we’re gaining when we’re trying to recover from loss it will give us the courage we need to keep going forward. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We just have to keep moving forward.

Today if you’ve suffered a painful loss, no matter what’s happened you will manage it. There is nothing so painful that it will overcome you. You are stronger than you know. Flex your muscles, take a breath and move forward. Tomorrow move forward some more. You’ll get through this. And you’ll be stronger on the other side.