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Looking for Silver

2 Oct

Hard times come to us all. We never know what tomorrow will bring and sometimes our lives turn toward places we never want to go. Things will go wrong from time to time and our plans will sometimes fail. When everything gets turned upside down and we’re miserable trying to figure out what happened, why it happened to us, and what we should do next, it can be disheartening and overwhelming. They say every cloud has a silver lining, but when we’re in the midst of the storm, it can be hard to find anything to hold onto. If we’re devastated, and have lost our footing, we may feel stranded and alone. We know tomorrow will come and eventually things will change but it might be hard to figure out what to do until that happens. Trials and challenges can push us way beyond our comfort zones. We may feel the situation it too intense to manage. We may want to give up when it’s hard to continue and just sit down and refuse to move. Or we can trust ourselves and remember all the other times we’ve been overwhelmed and found the way through. We have everything inside us already to manage anything that comes. We are strong and intelligent, and even if we feel overcome, can find every answer we need to prevail. Nobody wants to suffer but hard times teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world around us. That knowledge is priceless and benefits every step we take moving forward. The silver will be there for us if we press ahead and do what is needed to solve whatever problem is troubling us. We are more powerful and wise than we realize and nothing can hold us down.

Some problems are very personal and we must face them alone. There may be internal conflict as we wrestle with the possible solutions before us. One road will take us one way, another will lead us to a different destination altogether. Sometimes we just need to change where we are and it doesn’t matter which road we take. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We know what we want and what we need. By taking our time and reviewing all our options patiently and carefully we will find the best way forward.

If the situation we’re in is severely dire it may feel nothing good could ever come from it. We may not see any redeeming quality in the suffering we’re going through. But no matter what’s happening, there will always be something of value to be gained. Perhaps we’ll learn to be a little more patient. Or we’ll gain greater trust in ourselves. Or maybe the only blessing will be that we increased our strength by enduring. Every trial gives us something to hold onto and those lessons go forward with us to help us and guide our path.

Today if you’re in a terrible situation and are overwhelmed with the problems before you, trust yourself to find the answers. You are smarter than you think you are and will find your way. Learn all you can from the problems you’re facing. That knowledge will be a great benefit to you in the future. Stand strong. You can do anything and you will prevail.


Defining Bravery

6 Mar

Everyone has heard stories of amazing bravery and incredible courage. Fire fighters who run into burning buildings to rescue children, people who stand up to vicious criminals and save themselves and those with them, and people who risk their lives to go back for someone left behind in a flood. There are countless stories of incredible strength and courage in the face of terrible odds and sure disaster. Although we may have the opportunity to experience events like these, many of us will go through our lives without facing them. We may wonder how brave we really are if we never get the chance to face insurmountable odds and prove ourselves. It may seem courage requires extreme conditions to show itself, but that isn’t true. Sometimes the quietest lives exhibit amazing bravery. Quiet courage is no less impressive than extreme examples. The determined decision to do our best no matter what comes and the willingness to endure difficult situations with grace and dignity are examples of bravery and courage. When we choose the best choice in a difficult situation and must step away from what is comfortable and easy, we are valiant. When we refuse to let anger overcome us and remain calm in the face of serious conflict, we are noble. Every decision we make decides who we are. Life is filled with endless challenges and each time we take a step toward what is right, each time we refuse to be overcome and stand strong, we are brave and courageous. There is nothing we can’t do and do well. Understanding our true power will help us move forward and give us the wisdom we need to prevail.

We don’t have to be fearless to be brave. Fear is a natural response to threat and may present itself under many different situations. We will undoubtedly feel fear when we have a near miss that endangers us but it may also be present when someone confronts us or we must do something new. When we stand strong and choose the right, we exhibit great courage and strength. We are more powerful than we know and every time we make an excellent choice, our power increases. We have everything we need to be brave even in the most challenging situations, and each step we take forward brings us greater strength and ability.

Personal strength is something we may continually work on as we go through our lives. We all want to make our dreams come true and increasing our courage and temerity will help us. We can do anything we really want to do. There really isn’t anything strong enough to keep us from any goal if we are determined to make it a reality. Recognizing the power we hold as we push forward and remembering how capable we are will enable us to overcome any obstacle in our way and find success. The whole world is available to us and we can go anywhere we desire.

Today if you don’t think you have the courage to do something, remember how powerful you are. You are braver and wiser than you realize. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Forge ahead and push through anything in your way. All your dreams are there for you and you will reach them. The road ahead is wide open and waiting.

Happy or Sad

26 Apr

We go through a lot of things in this life. Sometimes all runs smoothly and we feel happy and content. Other times things go wrong and we’re stressed and unsettled. There is no way to predict what each day will bring and even if we try our hardest to ensure things go well, sometimes there’s a ringer we didn’t plan on and we fall flat. We can’t control a lot of what comes to us but we can control how we react to it. If we’ve had a disappointment it may impact how we feel and what we do. But we can control our behavior and our attitude can affect how we see things and how we go forward. If we want to fall into despair and believe that things will never be right again, we can. Or we can see our disappointments, no matter how great they are, as passages leading to something new. We may not feel content, and we may be unsure, but we can still find joy no matter what we’re going through. If we want to, we can choose to be happy despite any disappointment. Happiness doesn’t just come to us. It’s often a choice we make. No matter what comes we’ll handle it, and as we do, we can find comfort. Since there isn’t anything we can’t manage, we can go forward with confidence and grace, and we can do it with joy.

This life has a lot of ups and downs. Situations and other people affect our lives continually. Those influences can be both a benefit and a detriment. When things go wrong and we’re struggling it can be hard to find joy. But we can be genuine in our disappointment and still look forward with confidence. We can go through hard times, face them head on, and find peace knowing we’re doing the best we can. No matter how difficult the trial, no matter how upset or sad we are or how disappointed we feel, we can still decide to find happiness going forward. No problem is permanent and everything shakes out eventually. We may end up on a completely different road than we thought we were headed for, but that just means the journey has taken a turn. It isn’t over, and we’ve only modified our direction. The twists and turns in our lives take us to new places we may never have dreamed of and wherever they take us we will find our way.

We are often more capable than we think we are. There really isn’t anything we can’t do. When we face difficult trials and serious disappointments, we have the resources within us to manage them. At first we may not believe we can get through but as time passes we’ll see we are coping and moving forward. If we focus on the goal instead of the journey, and the destination instead of the rocky road we’re on, we will get through more easily. And if we determine to find happiness in each day no matter what comes, the journey will be brighter and easier to navigate. Happy or sad, it’s often up to us. Our shoulders are strong enough to bear whatever burdens come. And the sun will continue to shine. If we focus on our strength instead of the heavy load we’re carrying, we will find joy and comfort.

Today if you’re feeling sad or disappointed, if the road seems impossible to navigate, look up. You’ve come so far already and there isn’t anything you can’t do. You have more blessings than you can count. Think about those and focus on the road ahead. Take control. There isn’t anything you can’t do, and you can do it with joy.

Healing Time

24 Aug

We all get hurt sometimes. We can be hurt physically and it takes time to heal. If we are hurt badly it may take a long time to heal. With our bodies, how long it takes for us to recover is often directly related to the level of impact. If we get a bump on the head, we may be fine in a day or so. If we get a concussion, it could take a long time before everything is better again. The same is true with our emotions. If we get our feelings hurt, we might recover pretty quickly, but if we get our hearts broken or someone betrays us, it takes longer to heal. Great wounds can take a long time, and sometimes we may think we’ll never fully recover.

Human beings are incredibly resilient. We are flexible and can adapt to almost any situation. That doesn’t mean adapting is easy, it just means we can accomplish it. But while we’re figuring out how to cope, it may take a lot of strength, and courage just to face our days. Even though we know intellectually we’ll eventually solve the problem, and put it behind us, there may be times when it can seem impossible. When we are devastated, sometimes we feel like there’s no hope. But that is an illusion. There is always hope. Given enough time, we will heal, no matter what we’re facing.

It’s hard to be positive when we feel bad. It’s hard to look forward and see the possibility of happiness again. It’s hard to trust ourselves to open the door to new possibilities. But everything is life changes. Nothing is permanent except death, so if we’re still alive we can do whatever we need to. Today may seem bleak and dark, but tomorrow the sun will rise, and we will continue to move closer to where we want to be. Eventually our distress will ease, and our confidence will return. One day we’ll realize we feel happy again. No matter what we go through, no matter how hard it is, we will move through it. Nothing is permanent. Everything will change.

Today if you’re trying to get through a difficult time, if you feel hopeless and lost, remember this is just one day. Even if it’s a bad day, it will only last for this one day. Tomorrow will be different. Keep going forward. There isn’t anything you can’t handle. There isn’t anything you can’t overcome. You are as strong as you need to be. Time is on your side. And time will heal everything.

Do you validate?

22 Mar

I have been watching a TV show where chefs compete to see who can make dishes out of unusual ingredients.  There is a stopwatch involved and it seems very stressful.  Every time I watch this show, when asked why they want to win, one of the chefs will say “It will validate what I’m doing,” or “It will validate that I am where I should be,” or something along this line.  This has been perplexing for me.  I wonder why they need to be validated?  By their own admission, they are doing something they love to do.  They are good at their jobs or certainly would never have been invited to compete in the show.  So, why the need for outside validation?

This has made me wonder about us as people.  If we are happy doing things we love, is it necessary that others validate that we are doing things right?  Is it necessary that we get acceptance and approval? Nobody likes criticism, of course, but do we need everyone to be happy about our decisions?  I don’t think we do.  If we are living our lives the way we want to, and we aren’t hurting anyone else, I don’t think we have to have the approval of anyone else.  We are living OUR lives, not their lives, and making OUR decisions, not theirs.

So I was thinking about my life.  Are there times when I need to be validated in a decision I’ve made?  Do I feel like I have to have approval to continue doing the things I want to do?  I am very independent and for me the approval of others isn’t very important.  I’m not hurting anyone, I’m just making decisions about my own life.  That’s enough for me.  I know friends who go to functions they don’t want to attend because someone said they should, who wear clothes they don’t like because someone didn’t like the way they were dressing, and who changed different aspects of their lifestyle because it didn’t agree with someone else’s idea of how their lives should look.  I don’t want that.  None of us should want that.

Our lives are gifts to US.  Nobody else.  We should be brave and courageous enough to live them the way we want to.  We should dress the way we want to, eat the way we want to, go to the places we like, and stand up for ourselves.  After all, the opinion of others is just that – opinion.   And opinion is just someone else’s idea of something.  Our ideas are just as important as theirs.  So be strong.  Get out there and live your life your way.  You’ll be happier.  This life goes by so fast.  Let’s be as happy as we can!