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Magic Lamp

7 Sep

We go through countless experiences as we move forward and each one teaches us something and changes us in some way. Despite the constant adjustments, we may find ourselves in a routine that is predictable and uninspiring. It’s easy to do the same things every day. There is comfort in knowing what to expect and over time we may become lazy and instead of looking for new opportunities, simply go through the motions of what we already know. But if we decide we want more or something different we can have it. We can think about achieving what we really want but thinking and dreaming will not make the change come to us. If we want something different, we actually have to do things differently. We can do anything we choose but it’s unlikely what we want most will simply come because we desire it. There is no magic lamp that will make it appear. If we want a change in our lives we must do things differently and move in a new direction. We are brave enough to let go of what we know and reach for something new. The whole world belongs to us and there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. We can decide what we really want and then do what is needed to achieve it. Our lives can be fulfilling, exciting, and joyful as we stretch beyond where we are to where we want to go. Nothing is out of reach.

Some people bemoan their lot in life. There may be a relationship that doesn’t work, a job that is unsatisfying, a family situation that is difficult or a thousand other issues that are stressful or bothersome. We can complain all we want about where we are but complaining will never change the situation. If we’re unhappy we can do what is needed to create a better plan going forward. We deserve to be happy and joyful in our lives. Every day is a blessing and we don’t need to waste time in situations that don’t embellish us. We can change our circumstance and create the lives we want the most. Everything is available to us and we can have it.

Change can be daunting and we may hesitate even if we really want something new. Nobody knows what the future will bring and it can be unnerving to step into the unknown. But unknown territory is just someplace we haven’t been. We have enough courage to open a new door and see what’s behind it. No matter what we face we are smart enough to find our way through. Every road is open to us and there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. We can start with one step, and then take another. As we push forward our lives will change, our experiences will grow, and we’ll become the person we most want to be. We can have the lives we dream about. There is nothing standing in our way.

Today if you want a change but aren’t sure, take the first step. You can have the life you dream of. There isn’t anything you can’t do and no place too far to reach. Take one step and then take another. Design the future you want the most. It’s all there for you and nothing will keep you from it.



9 Jun

We can do a lot of things well and accomplish many goals throughout our lives.  When we have sufficient determination and time we can generally get to most desired destinations.  But sometimes we may try to accomplish something and no matter what we do can’t seem to move forward.  When we struggle and push and still can’t get ahead it’s very frustrating.  Life is complicated and we don’t always know everything when we begin a journey.  If we truly cannot achieve what we’ve set out to do right now it doesn’t mean we have failed.  We can look at the situation objectively, see what the problem is and then revise our plans.  We may need additional information or we may need to wait until we are in a different place in our lives.  Although it’s important to try our best to reach our goals, there is no value in trying over and over again to accomplish something that cannot be accomplished right now.  Recognizing limits is important.  If we simply cannot move forward no matter what we’ve tried the timing may be wrong or we may need to wait until our circumstances have changed.  If the destination is out of reach now we can set it aside and do other things and try again later.  All planes get grounded from time to time.  Once we see what is needed to move forward we may begin again.  We don’t have to stay grounded forever.  We have everything we need to be successful and continue forward.

We only have control over our personal decisions and what we do.  Sometimes when we’re trying to accomplish something and others are involved, their decisions may derail us and push us off track.  If we must have the agreement of others to move forward and that is not forthcoming we may be stopped in our tracks and unable to progress.  If we can’t bring them into agreement we may need to find a way around them to continue forward.  If that isn’t possible it may be necessary to set the goal aside until things change.  Life is fluid and ever changing and in time our circumstances will adjust and we’ll be able to start again.

Unpredictable complications are always a factor.  We can’t know what we don’t know and sometimes there is more to the story than we are aware when we start out.  Others may keep facts from us, things may develop that stop our progress or our lives may change in such a way that we can’t continue forward at this time.  When those things happen we can revise our plans to accommodate whatever has happened and decide how we want to proceed.  We can wait if we need to and do other things until our situation changes.  Life is long and a road that is blocked today may well be clear in the days ahead.  We can prepare for the future and be ready when the time is right to start again.

Today if you’ve been working hard on accomplishing something and no matter what you do can’t move forward, stop and look at the situation openly and completely.  Revise you plans if you need to and if the timing is wrong, set the goal aside and work on other things.  Be patient and continue forward.  Although you may have to wait, eventually everything you desire will come.

Not Possible

26 May

When we want to do something new, especially something that hasn’t been done before, we may hear others tell us it can’t be done. If nobody has yet accomplished what we’ve set our sights on, some may say it isn’t possible. But that isn’t always true. Every day someone does something nobody has ever achieved in the past and although we know that, if we’re trying to do something new, the opinions of those around us may influence us. It would be wonderful if we could get unlimited support for all our ideas, but that doesn’t often happen. There will be some who will agree with our plans and even try to help with them, and others who will tell us we’ll never succeed. Perhaps there is fear for our safety, or fear of the changes the accomplishment could bring. Sometimes people aren’t supportive because they lack the courage to try new things and don’t want others to succeed. But if we want to do something, no matter what that something is, we are certainly capable of doing it. Even if all the winds blow against us, if we are determined to succeed, we can move forward. There really isn’t anything we can’t do if we want to badly enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s never been done before, it doesn’t matter if nobody thinks we can succeed, and it doesn’t matter if we’re the only ones who want to do it. We can do anything we like. We have enough initiative and courage to accomplish anything. All we need is to believe in ourselves.

Sometimes we start something new and unforeseen complications arise that make it hard to move forward. We don’t always know all the details at the beginning and when they appear they can stop us for a time. We may begin to doubt our ability to move forward. We might start to listen when we hear others say it can’t be done, and we might begin to believe it was a bad idea. But we can remember why we wanted to do this, and why it was important to us. If it’s still something we want, we can manage whatever complications arise. It might take longer than we thought it would to get to the goal, and it might be harder than we knew when we started. None of that matters if we really want to succeed. If it takes longer, we can stay on course. If it’s harder, we can get help. There is nothing that can stop us if we want the goal badly enough.

As we push forward, eventually the end will be in sight. Sometimes when we get close to success we feel trepidation. When the goal is near, we may feel unsure we can manage the changes that are coming. After all, we’ve spent all our time pressing forward and really have no idea what things will look like when we get to the end. We may hesitate to take the last few steps. If that happens we can remember why we set the goal to begin with and what we want to gain. We can be confident in our decision to seek it and bravely move forward to success. Change always takes some adjustment, even when the change is positive. We are perfectly capable of managing success and adjusting to whatever changes it brings. We know what we want and we are courageous enough to get it.

Today if there is something you really want to do but others are saying it can’t be done, or that it isn’t possible, trust yourself. You know what you want and you know how to succeed. Set your course and move forward. You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. You deserve all the success you are seeking. Keep your eyes focused forward and you’ll get there.


21 Nov

There are times in our lives when we may find the road we’re on isn’t taking us where we thought it would. The signs are there, we can see we aren’t moving forward, and we may end up further from the goal than when we started. It seems the logical thing to do at a time like that is to adjust our trajectory to one that takes us closer to where we want to go. However, if we are convinced the path we’ve chosen is right, and believe that if we just keep going we’ll eventually succeed, we may stay the course. We’ve probably all heard the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s the same thing if we know something isn’t working but keep pushing forward thinking it will change. We may not be crazy, but the idea that continuing on the same incorrect course will magically change it into one that works isn’t logical. And it certainly won’t help us get to our destination.

When we are confident in our decisions, whatever they are, and proceed forward, we expect things to work out as planned. We foresee that we’ll get from point A to point B by using the plan we’ve created and the path we’ve chosen. If we hit a few snags at the beginning we may overlook them and continue on. If we continue to falter we may think it’s just a matter of time or working a bit harder to be successful. But eventually if we see we aren’t going anywhere, and despite working harder at the problem nothing is changing, we need to stop and reconsider. It never works to keep moving forward or pushing harder if we’re going the wrong way. We may struggle with admitting our plan isn’t working but ignoring the facts will only prevent us from gaining success. If we want to achieve the goal, and what we’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to reorganize, rethink, and make a new plan.

It’s good to be confident, and we are capable of making excellent decisions. But nobody is perfect and sometimes things don’t work out with the methods we’ve chosen. There is nothing wrong with revising our plans. If we need to, it’s wise to adjust our course and retool going forward. But if we’re so sure we’re right and choose our opinion over doing what is needed to succeed, all we’ll have in the end is our opinion. We can win if we humble ourselves enough to accept the need to change and then do what is required to make success possible. After all, success is the goal – not the process to get there.

Today if you’ve been pushing and pushing and nothing is changing or you find you’re going in the wrong direction, stop and look at the situation again. Be open to adjusting your course and the answers will come. Start again, and make changes as they are needed. You will achieve your goal and you’ll be successful. You have everything you need to win. Be flexible and you’ll get there.

Getting Back Up

12 Oct

In football, the object of the game is to move the ball from one end of the field over the goal line on the other side.  It seems simple enough but there are a lot of players on the field, and half of them are determined to prevent the ball from going forward.  Everyone does their best to push ahead, and because they are struggling with each other to get to the goal, they spend a lot of time on the ground.  They fall either being knocked down by their opponent or because they are taking another player down to prevent them from advancing.  The hits are hard and sometimes they are injured and unable to get up.  But mostly, they jump back up and push forward again and again.  They take a beating as the game progresses.  Seeing it play out, it’s not that different from what we experience in our personal lives.

We’re all trying to move forward in one way or another.  We push, and maneuver, and try to gain a little ground each day.  Sometimes we get further down the road.  Other times we get knocked down.  Something goes wrong, or someone doesn’t follow through, or what we thought would work out didn’t.  If the goal is important and we’re knocked down, we have to get back up and try again.  The first few times that’s a little easier than it may be after a dozen hits.  But if we want to succeed we can’t stop.  We have to muster our courage, regain our strength, and stand up again.  There is opposition in everything we do, and if we want to win we must be determined that no matter how many times we’re set back, we will continue to push forward.

With everything we want to accomplish we weigh the costs.  Great accomplishments often require great sacrifice and time.  But they also carry the greatest rewards when we succeed.  We need to decide if those rewards are worth whatever we must do to achieve them.  If they are, and we can see the big picture instead of the problems and inconveniences we’re going through, we have a better chance of success.  There isn’t anything we can’t achieve if we want it badly enough.  If we’re resolved in our purpose, and steadfast in our focus, we can face whatever comes.  If we get knocked down, we can get back up.  And when we do we’ll be smarter, and stronger going forward

Today if you’re trying hard to accomplish a goal and you’ve been knocked down, get back up.  Envision the success waiting for you at the end of the struggle.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Just keep going.  You know what you want, and you will have it.