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Save Yourself

8 Apr

There are endless things that can happen each day. Sometimes things go right, sometimes they don’t and sometimes everything goes haywire and gets tangled up and confused. We only have control over our own decisions and most things are out of our hands. Our lives may be confounded in ways we never expected because of something we knew nothing about or a decision we couldn’t anticipate. When everything gets turned upside down and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on and what to do next, our survival instinct may kick into high gear. Although our lives may not actually be in danger, in the midst of the turmoil we may feel great stress and anxiety. We may desperately hope someone will come along to save us and help us through, and that might happen but more likely it’ll fall on us to find the way. As we try to unravel the problem, and get more information, we’ll find the answers we need. No matter how convoluted and crazy the situation may be, we’ll find the way through. There isn’t anything too difficult or complicated for us to figure out and if we take things one step at a time, we’ll prevail. Life is unpredictable, and lots of things can go wrong at any time. But we’re intelligent, wise and capable. With patience and persistence, we can always reach a successful outcome. There is never a reason to believe we can’t survive. We have everything we need at every moment. We can trust ourselves and be confident. We are stronger and more powerful than we realize, and nothing can hold us down.

We can’t read the future and may be blindsided by unexpected developments. If what’s happened is far beyond what we ever imagined, it may take time before we fully understand what’s going on. If we’re shocked or stunned by our situation we can stop and step back, and look at everything to get a clear understanding of where we are and begin to formulate what to do next. There may be a lot of moving parts to consider and we might have to take small steps until we fully grasp what needs to be done. Every problem has a solution and we are certainly smart enough to find our way through anything.

If what we’re facing is very intense and we’re completely overwhelmed, instead of trying to manage, we may want to run. Getting away from a crisis may take it out of sight, but will not solve it. No matter how far we go or how long we stay away, it will be waiting for us when we return. We are responsible for solving our own problems. Even if everything has gone wrong and we feel completely lost, the answers will come. We’ve successfully navigated many difficult situations already, and have all the skills we need to get through.

Today if your plans have completely fallen apart and you’re facing a complicated and confusing situation, step back and take a moment to see everything clearly. Take the time you need to find the answers. You can figure out anything and will get through. Don’t give up. Everything is already there for you. You are wise and capable, and nothing is too complex for you to solve. Be confident. You will succeed.


5 Sep

Every person who comes into our lives has some impact on us. Our close relationships carry a lot of influence and when things are going well we feel embellished and positive, and find pleasure in our interactions. If someone we care about or admire greatly says something that hurts us deeply we may feel crushed. Even if their comments are made in passing and nobody else notices, if they are hurtful enough we may feel devastated. It’s hard to hear critical words from those we love and admire. Everyone is different and we all have ideas about how things should be and what is right. We may make what we feel is an innocent comment to someone else but what they hear may be something entirely different. Words can hurt and they can change our perspective of everything. If we are on the receiving end of a painful comment we may feel confused and concerned about our relationship going forward. Being crushed by something said can pierce our confidence and make us feel small. But feelings lag behind our intellect and if we give ourselves a little time to catch up we can manage the situation and correct our thinking. We are strong and capable, and even if someone disagrees with us, even if they think we’re lost, we know what to do. Words can be painful but they can be overcome. We can hold onto our strength and trust in our wisdom to find our way through. There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well. We can walk right through any crushing disappointment to the success waiting on the other side.

Some people are highly critical and there are thousands of reasons why people do what they do. We don’t have to understand why someone criticizes us but it is important to find an effective way to navigate their behavior. We don’t have to internalize every criticism that comes. We can listen, offer a polite and confident response, and move on. We can control our own actions and set an example for patience and tolerance while still requiring respect in our interactions.

Personal confidence doesn’t happen overnight. We grow more confident every time we make a good decision and choose the direction that takes us where we want to go. There are countless options available to us all the time. If we decide to always choose the best road forward and determine to always make the best decisions possible, our confidence will grow and will create a shield around us that will help us navigate even the most difficult situations. We are intelligent, strong, and wise. We know what we want and we know how to get it. Each day we choose well and each decision we make wisely will bring us the confidence we need to live successfully and happily.

Today if someone has said something that has cut you deeply and you are doubting yourself, remember you are strong and capable, and can do anything you desire. You have everything you need to be completely happy. Shake off the disappointment, trust in your abilities, and move forward with confidence. There isn’t anything too difficult or complex for you, and every destination you desire is within your reach.

Cleaning Up

21 Aug

We make countless decisions as we go through our lives.  It’s not always easy to make the best choices and we can create a mess by making them quickly and without thought.  We all take a wrong turn once in a while but if we’re lazy and pass things off, choosing to let things happen as they will instead of purposely making a considered choice we may end up with a life filled with unnecessary complications and difficult scenarios that may have been avoided.  Instead of moving forward we may spend a lot of time cleaning up messes we’ve created by making bad choices.  The time spent turning things around again is time lost and cannot be used toward achieving our goals.  Deciding to live our lives thoughtfully takes effort but when we do we have a better chance of things going the way we want them to.  We can live our lives any way we choose.  If we like conflict and disharmony, it’s easy to create but both require time and energy to repair and keep our eyes from the road ahead.  Learning to live in ways that bring harmony and cooperation, and choosing to make choices carefully will take us closer to the goals we’re seeking and bring us satisfaction and happiness.

Our emotions lag behind our intellect.  When something happens that triggers a negative emotional response instead of taking time to think we may jump.  Instead of taking of moment to evaluate our next move, we may simply charge right back and make the situation worse.  We may allow our emotional reaction to decide how we’ll act.  Emotions are important and help us understand our world but when we let them decide how we’ll respond to conflict we may not get the best results.  We can step back for a moment and think about what’s best going forward before we act.  It isn’t easy to step back when we feel threatened or hurt but we have all the strength and wisdom we need to accomplish it.  Taking a moment to think first may save us additional duress going forward and help us resolve conflict before it gets out of hand.

If we choose to go through our lives reacting to things instead of taking time to respond in ways that help we may end up in situations that are heated and difficult to navigate.  Reactions are normal and when things happen that upset or confuse us if we don’t take a moment to stop and think we may do things that elevate the situation and make things worse.  We are always in control of our lives.  We can choose ways that make the road ahead easier instead of react in ways that make it harder.  There will always be conflict but how we manage it is up to us.  We can choose what’s best and make decisions that will prevent a mess going forward.

Today if you’re in a situation that is filled with conflict and you feel the tension rising within you, take a moment to step back and think about your options going forward.  You are in complete control of everything you do and you can make excellent choices that will bring harmony and peace into your life.  Choose the way forward that helps you keep your eyes on your goals.  There isn’t anything too difficult or complex for you to figure out.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Take your time and choose success.

Best Friend

1 May

Most of us are probably pretty good friends.  We’re supportive when others need help, we listen when they are concerned, and we try to be there when they need us.  It’s good to be a faithful friend and we all need them in our lives from time to time.  Sometimes we are better friends to others than we are to ourselves.  If we don’t do something well we may criticize our actions and disparage our decisions.  Our reactions to our shortcomings may be far more condemning than we would ever offer someone else.  When others come to us with concern over a wrong move we might be supportive and positive and offer them encouragement.  However, sometimes when we see the same situation in ourselves we are far more abrasive and critical.  We can decide to be as good a friend to ourselves as we are to others.  We can give our choices the same understanding and patience we offer so freely to those around us.  If we become our very best friend and learn to rely on our own personal support, our challenges will become easier and when we falter we’ll feel better knowing we are always in our corner.  We deserve to be treated with kindness and encouragement and we can offer it to ourselves.  Loving ourselves with the same measure of patience and compassion we give others will bring us peace in struggle and comfort in disappointment.  We are worth the very best of everything.  Remembering how precious we are and valuing our self-worth will help us achieve greatness and find success.

Nobody is good at everything or does everything right every time.  We all stumble from time to time and learn as we move along.  Opening new doors brings new experiences and sometimes we have to backtrack or turn in another direction to find the way forward.  We can succeed at anything but the road forward isn’t always straight and paved.  We may stumble along the way, but as we continue we learn what works and find the way forward.  No matter how many times we get lost we can find our way again.  It doesn’t matter if we go the wrong way.  What matters is that we continue the journey until we succeed.

Some things come easily to us and other things are hard to comprehend.  If we’re having trouble understanding we can take the time we need and get the help necessary to get the job done.  No matter how difficult the issue we can find our way through.  We have all the wisdom and determination we need to accomplish anything we desire.  When we stumble we can get back up.  When we take a wrong turn we can choose another way forward.  We can trust in our ability to succeed and we have enough courage to face whatever comes.

Today if you’ve been punishing yourself for a mistake you’ve made or belittling your judgment for a wrong turn, decide to be your best friend.  Treat yourself with the kindness you offer others.  You are precious and valuable.  There is greatness ahead for you.  Remember how important you are.  Trust in your wisdom and you will find the way forward.

Cut and Paste

20 Jan

Life brings us all kinds of experiences.  Whether they are good or bad depends on what’s happening and where we are.  We learn something new with everything we experience and decide as we move forward what we’ll take with us.  We don’t have to carry everything along as we go and can cut the things we don’t want.  If we experience something that won’t benefit us we can simply leave it behind.  However, if we learn something that helps us get to our goals we can hold onto it and incorporate it going forward. The trick is to accurately discern between the two.  Sometimes there may be things we’ll want to forget, especially if there are moments we don’t feel we did our best, but there will be other things we learned that strengthen us and give us additional courage.  We can hold onto new behaviors that help us or make us more confident.  As each challenge comes and goes, if we’re careful and pay attention, we will find things to take with us that enrich us and deepen our understanding.  Life is a great educator.  There really isn’t anything we’ll go through that won’t teach us something and no matter how much we’ve learned, there will always be more waiting for us.  Learning to cut and paste the things we experience will help us get the most out of each lesson and move us forward more effectively.  We are capable of changing and learning many things and as we travel through our journey can find our way to where we most want to be.

Some experiences stick to us because of their intensity or difficulty.  If the experience was very painful, even after it changes we may have trouble letting go and moving on. If the process created a permanent change in our lives or our relationships have been affected, we may grieve for what has been lost and it may be difficult to find our footing again.  If we’ve been hurt deeply we may need time to heal.  Even very good changes that are intense may take time to adjust to but we have everything we need to manage our lives well and no matter what happens we’ll find our way.

Life changes constantly and no matter how we may want things to stay the same, everything will eventually change.  If we are attached to keeping our lives in stasis, if we are intimidated by the process of change or are afraid of what the changes will bring, we may struggle to let go.  But we can cut what is no longer useful.  We can leave the baggage behind that we don’t need to carry.  We can let go of anything that is holding us back.  There is a long road ahead filled with promise and expectation and we can walk forward unencumbered by pain from the past.

Today if you’ve experienced something that has changed you in some way and you feel different than before, move forward with confidence.  You can let go of the things you no longer need, hold onto to what is helpful, and find success.  You’ve learned so much already and you know where you want to go.  You are courageous and wise enough to create a brilliant future filled with happiness.

Finding Ourselves

16 May

Learning who we are and what we want seems like an easy thing to do.  After all, we’re the only ones living inside our own heads.  But the complications of living in a world filled with others and their opinions and expectations, can muddy the waters.  We learn as we go and each day we discover something new about ourselves.  As we grow, we change and how we see ourselves changes as well.  They say it isn’t until we’re lost that we begin to find ourselves.  When we get lost and all the things we thought we could count on aren’t available, if our direction is spinning around and we feel untethered, we have only ourselves to rely on.  And when that happens, we learn who we really are.  When it’s just us and nobody else, when the light is dim and it’s hard to find our way, we must pull from resources inside us.  And when we do we find out how strong and capable we are, and we begin to understand how much we can really do.  Discovering who we really are and living a genuine life are great blessings that will bring us comfort, courage, and confidence.

This life is filled with signs and directions.  Go here, go there, do this, do that, stop, go, wait, it’s endless.  Everyone has an opinion about what we should do.  Some of those opinions mean a lot, and some of it is just noise created by our societal norms.  If we take a road trip and follow every sign we see, take every exit and every turn, all we’ll do is drive from place to place with no final destination.  Our lives are the same way.  If we don’t have a plan for our destination, if we don’t know what we want to do, and if we have no idea where we’re headed, we’ll end up spending our days going places but landing nowhere.

We don’t always have to get lost to figure out who we are and what we want, but we will have to pay attention.  Instead of going along with everything we encounter, we can take a moment and decide if it’s something we really want to do.  Instead of acting a certain way because it’s what’s expected, we can be genuinely who we are.  Our lives are in our control.  We can decide to do anything with them we choose.  But we have to make the choices if we want them to be ours.  We can go anywhere we want to go, but we have to take the journey.  We can be anything we want to be, but we have to do what’s needed for that to become reality.  It’s all in our power.  The only thing stopping us from doing it our way, is us.  We have sufficient courage and determination to create the lives we want.  Our lives can be a true reflection of who we are, and when they are, we find real happiness.

Today if you feel like you’re not moving forward the way you want to and you’re staying busy but feel stuck, think about what you want.  Think about who you really are and then begin to live your life the way that fits you best.  You are a gift to the world.  There has never been, nor will there ever be anyone else like you.  Be genuine.  Be yourself and share that uniqueness.  The world is better because you’re here.  Find yourself and you’ll find real happiness.

One Star

12 Nov

When we’re looking for direction or trying to find our way through something in our lives, there are a lot of options available to us. There are countless roads we could choose and limitless paths we could follow. When we really want to make the best decision, and we’re struggling to find our way, all those choices can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just want someone to tell us how to do it, and which way to go. But the decision must be ours and although we may get a lot of advice, we need to choose the direction ourselves. There are billions of stars in the sky. They are all beautiful and each is perfect in its own way. When we’re looking for an answer, it’s like identifying the one single star that will guide us. We need to find what fits and what will take us exactly where we want to go. It takes a little time to figure it out, but once we’ve identified it, is easier to move forward.

Making decisions when the stakes are high can be complicated. We can get lost worrying about outcomes and impact. We can get frozen in time and unable to move forward because we don’t really know what will happen. But we don’t have to get stuck. We can take the time needed to make the best choice, and then no matter what comes, we will handle it. There is no way to know where every road will take us. We can try hard to see the future based on our experiences from the past, and that will help. But with all the variables we face every day, nothing is certain. So, taking some time and evaluating the best plan forward is all we can do. Once we’ve determined that, we can boldly proceed, confident that we chose wisely, and let things play out accordingly.

If we are lost and completely unsure, we can get help. We can ask those we trust, we can talk to someone who has faced a similar situation, we can get professional advice or whatever else will aid us in determining our way forward. Most people are willing to help when asked, and there is a lot of experience we may draw from. If the situation is personal, and we don’t want to talk about it with others, we must rely on personal experience and careful thought. We are capable of making excellent decisions. There is one star out there, shining down on us, with all the wisdom and inspiration we need to go forward. Sometimes we just need to look up, and listen to find the answer.

Today if you’re pondering a heavy decision and aren’t sure which way to go, take some time to listen to your heart, and consider all your options. You’ll figure this out. You will make an excellent decision. You are far wiser and more capable than you think you are. You know where you want to go, and you will choose the best road to take you there.