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Go Faster!

16 Aug

We all have our own ideas and methods for getting things done. Some people like to jump into projects with both feet and storm through them as quickly as possible. Others like to take time to look at the situation before beginning and then carefully and cautiously proceed watching out for any stumbling blocks in the way. Neither method is wrong but when we’re on one side of the process we may deride the other as either being foolish for moving so fast, or become impatient because they are taking their time. The way we do things is completely up to us. We can rush through or ponder each step along the way. It’s a matter of personal choice for what we feel will work best. If we’re in a hurry it’s hard to wait for someone who is going slowly. We may press them to go faster, tell them to forget the minutiae, skip the finer points and details, and get on with it. It’s nice to accomplish many things and we may feel successful when we’ve checked a lot of boxes off our list, but rushing doesn’t always bring the best results. We may find the things we skipped over in order to get the job done fast are the very details that come back to haunt us because we left them undone. Fast doesn’t always translate into complete. It will do us no good to get something done quickly if we have to go back and do it again. Even if our schedule is pressing, we can take a moment to ensure we are clear on all the details and understand exactly what needs to be done. Then we can proceed with confidence and complete everything as effectively as possible.

It can be hard for high energy people to wait. Waiting takes patience and it’s hard to be patient when we want to move forward. If others are taking more time than we like and we think we know the way forward, we may jump in and take control. If we push others aside and rush forward with our own plans we may reach the goal faster but it may cost us in personal relationships we value. Everyone’s opinion is important and all views are valuable, even if they’re different from ours. We don’t have to do things our way every time to succeed. There is never only one road forward. We can be open to other ideas and still reach the goal.

There is no way to know what lies ahead before we get there. We can’t read the future and there will always be unforeseen complications we don’t expect. Although we can’t prepare for what we can’t predict, if we keep our vision open to everything around us instead of laser focused only on the goal, we will be ready when problems arise. We are capable of navigating through any issues that come up. Success is always possible and by allowing different ideas into play, we will find it and reach the destination.

Today if you’re impatient because someone is moving slowly, be open to their perspective and listen to their ideas. You may find their choice will take you forward more quickly than rushing ahead yourself. There are limitless options available to you. Open your eyes wide and see everything before you. Success will always be there and you will reach it.


Knowing and Hoping

5 Jan

As we interact with others, either in our personal relationships or in passing, we learn how they respond to different situations and what we can expect from them.  It’s helpful to recognize their patterns and choices and have a clear expectation of their behaviors.  But sometimes we may hope their expected responses will change in ways that are better for them or will fit into our needs more effectively.  They say hope springs eternal, and in some ways it does.  If someone we’re close to often makes bad decisions and those decisions hurt them and those around them, we may hope they will change and our hope may make us believe something that isn’t real.  We must always be willing to face things as they are and understand we can only control our own lives and the decisions we make.  Even if we know what is best, even if we are sure we know the right way forward, if it’s someone else’s decision to make we have no control over the end result.  It takes a lot of energy to try to control situations that belong to someone else and no matter how much we put into our efforts, if the decisions aren’t ours to make, we will not change the outcome.  It’s best to step back, see the facts clearly, hope for the best, and then accept whatever choices are made.  We can control our lives any way we desire while allowing others to do the same and make their own choices despite what we hope for them.  Doing so will give us the freedom to move forward on our own road while still being available when needed.

When we love someone who is doing something destructive, it’s hard to stand by and watch as things go wrong.  We may offer counsel and advice if they are receptive, but then we must step back and let them make the decisions they desire.  It’s very hard to watch those we love suffer, especially if we are sure we know how to fix the situation.  We all learn from the things we experience, and ultimately every lesson must come from within.  We can let go and allow those around us to make their own choices and learn their own lessons, despite what we hope they will choose.

Facts may tell us all about how something works, how it looks, or what we can expect it to do but they can never predict our personal reactions and how they will affect us.  We really don’t know a stove is hot unless we touch it.  Until then it’s undefined information.  The same is true in our lives.  Most of what we do is done through trial and error.  We learn from the things we experience and those we love learn the same way.  It takes some of us more time than others, and we all take different roads on the journey.  We can hope for the best, while understanding and accepting whatever comes.  Life is a great teacher that allows each of us to learn our own way.  We can walk beside those around us, and let them choose their own path forward.

Today if you’re hoping someone you love will make a positive choice, do what you can to set a good example.  Be there to offer help when needed and let them choose for themselves.  Share your life with them while focusing on your own journey forward.  Live your life well and let your success light the way.


9 Mar

Finding direction in our lives is sometimes easy and we feel confident we’re going exactly where we want to go and are on the right road to get there. Other times as we move along we may experience some doubt. Even if everything seems to be exactly the way it should be we may hear a little whisper in the back of our minds that something needs to change. There may be a niggling suspicion that things aren’t exactly as they seem. If we’re busy and involved, we may ignore it and if the problem is small it may not matter. But often when we have a feeling that things aren’t right, there is something we need to look at. When we get quiet whispers that come again and again it’s wise to pay attention to them. We can’t know everything but we are highly perceptive. We may be subconsciously aware of something that doesn’t fit and the doubts that creep in may be a sign we need to look more carefully. If we’re doing something we really want to do, we may forge ahead no matter what comes to mind. But if there is a quiet, small voice of caution that whispers again and again, it’s wise to listen. We can stop and really look at the situation objectively and we may see something differently and choose to change our course. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem, but other times we may misunderstand what’s really happening. Listening to our inner voices, and heeding whispers of caution will help us more carefully and effectively navigate our way forward. We can be wise and careful and still accomplish everything we want to do.

We know what we want to do and we know how we want to do it. We are in control of our lives and we can decide how we manage it and what we will do. But we aren’t the only people who have influence over what happens to us. We cannot predict the decisions or actions of others and sometimes their plans will be in direct conflict with ours. If we don’t know what’s coming, we can’t possibly prepare. We can be confident and still exercise caution. We can move ahead with our eyes not only focused on the goal but those around us as well.

The world would be easier to navigate if everyone was honest and clearly stated what they were going to do and followed through on every promise. But that is not how things are. Everyone makes choices and some people will lie to us, some will promise things they have no intention of doing, and some will mislead us to achieve their personal goals. If we are careful and watchful we will have a better chance of succeeding no matter what others do. If we listen to any warnings or doubts and address them carefully we will be more aware and able to proceed more effectively. We can do anything and we can be wise. Listening to the whispers that may come will help us succeed.

Today if you have a feeling that things aren’t exactly as you think they are, step back and evaluate the entire situation openly and honestly. If there are problems, address them and correct your course going forward. You have everything you need to be successful. Listen carefully and pay attention and you’ll find the right way forward.