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24 May

There’s a lot going on all around us all the time, and our lives are often busy with responsibilities, details, tasks, and endless interruptions. Our “To Do” lists can be very long, and no matter how efficient we are or how hard we try to be effective, there will always be more to do than we will ever get done. There is a continual round of endless tasks and unlimited details that need our attention. It’s easy to get caught up and just rush from one thing to another, and if those around us need a lot of support, we may get burdened and overwhelmed. Each day is a gift and how we spend it will determine what we get out of it. If all we do is spend our time checking off boxes, we may lose sight of what’s most important. When things get out of hand and we’re so busy we can’t see straight, it’s impossible to think about what we most want and where we really want to go. When there’s a lot of static, it’s hard to hear the music. There may be a lot to do, but nothing is mandatory but breathing. That’s all. The other stuff may be important, but is circumstantial and superfluous to our existence. We’re in control of everything we do and how spend our time. We don’t have to do everything today to move forward. We can stop, take a break, look objectively at all that lies before us, and decide how we want to manage it and move ahead. Being busy doesn’t always mean we’re moving closer to our goals. By prioritizing what is most important to us individually, and then choosing what will move us ahead, we will reach success. We can take time out for our own good health, and do things that refresh us and give us additional strength. With planning and focus, we will accomplish much and still be able to reach our desired destinations.

There are people around us most of the time. They may request our help with something and if we can fit it into our schedules, we may agree. Not everyone is confident and there may be someone who continually asks us to do things for them because they are scared to do it themselves or are unsure about how to proceed. We’re all responsible for our own lives, and our personal goals are important. We can decide how much time we can give and still be sure we achieve our own goals.

Sometimes we may be tasked with something we’re told is absolutely imperative and must be done immediately. If there is a crisis or a time requirement for the task, we may need to drop everything to address it, but most things are not critical. As we decide what is most important in our lives, we can choose how we’ll spend our time. Everyone’s goals are important, and we are responsible for achieving our own.

Today if you’ve been working on many tasks but aren’t moving closer to your goals, think about what’s most important. Your time is valuable, and your dreams are important. Make a plan to accomplish the goal you most desire, and you will find great satisfaction and happiness when you achieve it. Every dream is possible, and with focus and determination, you can have the life you want the most. Be confident and stand strong. Nothing can keep you from success.

Your Turn

17 May

People constantly come in and out of our lives, and we interact with them in different ways depending on our circumstances. Sometimes we work together in order to achieve something. Perhaps we’re in a formal team that’s been set up to accomplish a specific task, or maybe we’re just cooperating and working with others on something less formal. Whatever the situation, if we’re all in the project together and we want to reach success, everyone must do their part. We can take care of our own responsibilities and then hand it over to the next person for their input. It all works out fine unless someone drops the ball and doesn’t get their assigned portion done. When that happens, the whole thing can fall apart. If we’re in that type of situation and want the goal to be reached, we may feel tempted to step in and take over where someone else has neglected to move. It’s great to be helpful, but it’s important for everyone to recognize their input is necessary for success. If we jump in and cover when someone else forsakes their part, the job might get done, but the precedent we’ve set may cause problems going forward. If people know we’ll cover every time something goes wrong, we may end up with more work than we can manage. A group effort is just that – a group effort, meaning everyone in the group should participate. If someone neglects their responsibility the group can come together and determine the best way forward. Once everyone decides how to manage the loss, a solution will be found and the goal can be reached. We are very capable and able to do many things. If we work together, we will find the answers we need without taking too much on ourselves. Every goal is possible and with planning and determination, we will reach it.

Everyone must carry their own weight, but if someone needs our help, we may step in and take some of their burden from them. It’s noble to be kind and assist others, but if we take on everyone else’s burdens, the weight may become oppressive and we may find we can no longer carry our own. We can recognize our limits to be successful and still share our strength. Everyone has their own road to travel. We can manage our time effectively in ways that ensure our success.

Some people need a lot of support. They may lack the confidence necessary to proceed forward without constant reassurance and help from others. Help is always available, but in the end, we are all responsible for our own successes. We cannot expect others to carry us forward, or find the right roads for us to travel. We have everything we need to find our own way and reach any goal we desire. We can be confident that we have everything necessary for success.

Today if you’ve over-extended yourself helping others or have taken on more responsibility than you can effectively manage, take a good look at what you can successfully accomplish, and set the rest aside. You are strong and capable, and can accomplish many things. Be wise and plan your time in ways that help you reach success and achieve the goals you desire. You are amazing and can do anything. Make your plan and move ahead with confidence. You will prevail.

Hand Off

18 Mar

We all do many things well and some things very well. We can learn new skills and become proficient at anything we like. But sometimes we might find ourselves in over our heads when we’re in a situation that is more difficult than we planned. Maybe we don’t have the experience to manage the issue or we can’t handle the demands it requires. We can’t be good at everything and it’s important to recognize there are times when we need to hand things off to someone else. Letting something go and giving it to someone who is better equipped to handle it doesn’t mean we’ve failed. The most successful people in the world are those who understand they don’t need to know everything, and if they don’t have the skills to manage a project, there is someone who does who can help. It’s wise and appropriate to hand off issues that are more than we’re prepared to take on. This is not the same as abandoning our everyday responsibilities when they get complicated. Those are ours, and we are must manage them. But when we get into situations we don’t have the tools to manage, the best we can do is let someone with the best skill set take over. That way the issue gets attention, we aren’t stressed out of our minds trying to do something we can’t, and we gain the best possible outcome.

Learning to delegate and let others do things instead of trying to manage everything ourselves can be difficult. If we have control issues we may believe we are the only one who can do the job right even when everything indicates that isn’t so. Control issues are a form of selfishness.  If we have to control everything we will inevitably fail at something.  It’s better to trust others more equipped to handle the issues we can’t.  Some people think if they delegate a difficult task to someone else, people will think they’re incompetent or they’ve failed. Opinions vary but we never fail when we recognize our limits and then do what is needed to move forward. We are capable of seeing the situation objectively and making any changes needed to ensure success. The successful resolution of the issue is the goal. If we keep that forefront in our minds it will be easier to delegate when we need to.

It’s foolish to believe we are good at everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing them both and accepting them helps us understand where we are and what we can do best. We can accept our limitations, and do what is needed to work around them. Working with others and combining forces and knowledge makes everything easier. When we do, we can draw on many different strengths instead of just our own. Allowing others to help will move us forward more efficiently. We don’t have to do everything ourselves. We don’t have to be the one and only. We can collaborate and in doing so, we will win.

Today if you’re drowning in a situation above your abilities, reach out and get help. There are a lot of people around you and they all have talents and gifts you don’t possess. Trust them and allow them into the circle. Hand off the issues that are beyond your reach.  You’ll feel better and success will come more easily. Reach out and let others reach back. Together you’ll overcome anything.

Making Lists

22 Sep

When we have a lot to do, or things we want to remember, many of us make lists. We write down what we need to buy at the grocery store, the things we need to remember to get done, and the places we need to visit in accomplishing our errands. Sometimes we make personal lists too. We might record all the things we want to do better, or personal goals we haven’t yet addressed. If we’re the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions, those might cover all the things we want to change about ourselves, or ways we want to improve. It’s fine to make that kind of list, but if we only write the things we’re unhappy about and want to change, we might forget all the good qualities we have, and what we’re already doing right.

We all do a lot of things well. We’re responsible, we take care of business, we help out, and dozens of other things on a daily basis. We may forget how effective we are as we go about our daily chores. No matter how long our personal improvement lists are, if we take the time to make another list of all the things we’re doing well and what we like about ourselves, we often find it’s much longer than the one with all the things we want to change. But it seems we don’t often take the time to make that list at all. We take the things we do well for granted. We don’t think they are as important as what we need to change, but we’re wrong. What we’re doing well is very important, and it’s wise to remember that.

Most people are good, most people are kind, and most people care about others. There are some snakes in the mix to be sure, but most of us try hard to be nice and give when we can. There are all kinds of awards for accomplishments the world values, and trying our best to be our best should certainly be recognized. However, there really isn’t any sort of award for people who are nice, or loving, or kind. We need to value it in ourselves. We can plan for self-improvement if we wish, but we should also remember all that we have already accomplished.

Today if you’re making a list of all the things you want to change about yourself, make a second list of all the things you’re already doing well. No matter how much you want to change, chances are the list of things you’ve conquered will be longer. Remind yourself how great you really are. You’ve done a lot and you’ve come a long way. The road is long and there will always be something new to master, but as you travel, don’t forget all you’ve mastered already.

All in the Doing

21 Jun

There are times in everyone’s life when things don’t go quite the way we’d like. Sometimes our relationships have contention, sometimes our plans don’t work out, and sometimes we feel bad. We don’t feel happy. We may be depressed, and somewhat sad. Although it may not be a serious situation, it is nevertheless impacting our lives. We may feel lethargic, and don’t want to do anything. We can find ourselves sitting in front of the TV for hours, not paying attention, or sleeping far more than usual. We may not want to see our friends. We may just want to stay home, and hide until we feel better.

Sometimes when we’re in these situations we welcome advice. Other times we just don’t want to hear it. We don’t care. We’re miserable, and we just want to be left alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone, and trying to figure things out on our own, but we have to be careful that we don’t isolate ourselves for too long. This is not a pattern we want to become permanent. So how can we help ourselves? How can we get out of this funk? How can we shake things loose, and be happy again?

One of the best things we can do when we’re feeling this way is to move. Just move. Take a short walk outside. Walk to a neighborhood café for a snack. Clean out a closet, pull weeds, wash the car, bake a cake, or turn up some music and dance. Any activity that gets us off the couch, or out of bed will help. There is something about movement that makes us feel better. If we can make ourselves do something, anything that gets us in motion, we will feel better. We will feel lighter, and it will help.

Today if you’re feeling low, if you’re down and don’t want to do anything, let that be your cue to do something. You are perfectly capable of managing this. You can do anything. And today you will do something to move forward, and shake it off. This is just a small bump. It’s going to pass, and while you’re going over it, do something that will lift your spirits and help. You can dance your way right on through this. And you can’t feel bad when you’re dancing!