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Complete Darkness

12 Feb

In the middle of the night, instead of being in the light of day, there is only darkness and our view is completely different.  Darkness affects our ability to see, our depth perception is altered, and we have to use our other senses to find our way.  Although we can’t see it, even when we’re completely encompassed by the dark, the sun is still shining and light is still vibrant somewhere else.  We are simply in the shadow for a time until the earth rotates enough for us to return to the light again.  In our lives, when things go wrong and we are facing difficulty and problems, if they are intense and far reaching, we may feel like we’re stuck in darkness.  We may struggle to find the way forward, feel lost trying to find our footing and stumble as we push ahead.  Hard times by their very definition are not easy.  When it’s dark and hard to see, when we don’t know where our next step should be or where we’re headed, it may seem as though the darkness will overcome us.  But even in our worst moments, there is still light ahead.  It will always return and nothing can prevent us from reaching it.  If we remember the dark is only a shadow, and we are constantly moving back toward the light, we will find the confidence we need to navigate through.  Darkness is always temporary.  There is no problem so pervasive it stays with us forever.  Our situation will change, our circumstances will improve, and the light will return.  We are brave enough to face any challenge, and strong enough to find our way through.  The light is always just ahead, and we can keep moving forward until we reach it.

Babies learn to walk by first learning to crawl.  Once that’s mastered they begin to pull themselves up on their feet and practice balancing.  Soon they let go and take their first step forward, and then are off and running.  When we’re facing a difficult situation and it’s hard to see, we can start defining the parameters of the problem we’re facing.  Every problem, no matter how complex, can be taken apart and understood.  With each factor we solve, we take a step forward.  As we continue finding the answers we move further from the darkness of not knowing, into the complete light of understanding.  We are capable of managing and resolving any issue we must face.  We can move forward and find the road ahead.

We don’t have to wait for someone or something else to shed light on any issue.  We are intelligent and have great reserves of experience from which to pull the information and wisdom necessary.  We already have all the light we need inside us.  We can be confident in trusting our ability to find the way forward, and persevere with each detail until we find all the answers.  There is greatness inside us and nothing is strong enough to overcome us.  We are capable and tenacious, and will find every solution.

Today if you feel like you’re groping around in darkness trying to find the way forward, and are confused and unsure you will succeed, trust yourself and the great wisdom you possess.  Everything you need is there for you.  You are strong and capable, and nothing is too difficult for you to manage.  Take the first step forward toward the light.  You will succeed and find sunshine again.


8 Dec

When we’re working hard toward a goal we may be busy with a lot of details and complications.  If things are moving along toward the finish line it’s easier to keep going than if the situation is continually complicated and difficult.  When the answers are there and everything is going right we feel buoyed up and positive.  But there will be times when no matter what we do we can’t move forward and after several frustrating misses we may decide we’ve had enough.  There comes a point when we are done, and no matter what we wanted to accomplish our focus has changed and we are ready to let go.  Everyone has limits to their energy and patience, and when we reach the end of those limits we may decide the goal is no longer worth pursuing.  Of course we can change our lives any time we wish.  There is no one right way to live and if we want to modify our course we can.  There is no shame in changing our minds.  If the goal isn’t important and can be left behind, we can walk away.  However, if it’s something we absolutely want and don’t feel we’ll be happy until we achieve it, we don’t have to forsake it completely.  Sometimes all we need is a break from the struggle.  We can step away for a while, collect our thoughts, and rethink our plans to find a new way through.  There really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish but some things don’t come easily and take considerable effort and determination to achieve.  We have enough confidence and intelligence to accomplish anything.  We can look at the situation objectively and decide how we want to proceed.  Everything is there for us and we can determine what to do next.

We can keep our lives small and only do what is required to get by, keeping to ourselves and limiting our exposure to new things and ideas.  Or we can extend ourselves and reach higher for something new and exciting.  Whatever we want we can achieve but to achieve anything outside our normal experience will take effort and determination.  Things may go wrong when we step out of our comfort zone and if we can’t tolerate anything but ease we may quickly return to what we know.  If we want something new, we have to be willing to be uncomfortable while we learn it and stay the course until we make it ours.

Success doesn’t always come the first time we try.  It takes practice to learn something new and there will likely be several failures before we get things right.  The mechanics of riding a bicycle are easy – sit on the bike and pedal.  But actually learning to ride one takes practice.  The same is true when we try anything new.  If we give up the first time we fall we’ll never master the skill.  We have all the confidence we need to do anything we desire.  We can take our time, plan our way forward, and find success.

Today if you’ve been working on something that continues to elude you and you are done dealing with it, take a break and think about what you really want to accomplish.  If the goal is important look for another way to master it.  All the answers are there for you.  Try again.  You will reach the end and find success.

One Particle

23 Feb

When trials and sorrow come into our lives and we feel overcome at what we must face, it may be hard to see the other side of the trouble. We may mourn and feel heartbroken if something serious has gone wrong, and struggle to find our way through. Difficulties come to us all and nobody has a life without hardship. If our troubles are extreme or life changing, or if the stress of trying to find answers is intense, we may feel we can’t do it. We may fall down in sadness or worry unsure of how to get up again. A particle is a tiny thing. It’s microscopic but isn’t without strength. All particles, despite their minute size, have energy and momentum. They can move and exert force. In our darkest moments, if we have only a particle of faith that we can endure and overcome, it will be enough to see us through. One particle, one tiny bit of hope, one single piece of determination in the midst of even overwhelming trial is enough to help us find our way. No matter what has happened or what we are facing, we will always have at least one particle of faith left to carry us. We can focus on that, we can determine to hang onto it and take the first step forward. Terrible trials may come to us, and there may be times we feel overcome and weak. But no matter what comes we will always have at least one particle of faith. We always have what we need to persevere and all the courage and strength necessary to continue forward. Even in the midst of great tribulation we have enough. There isn’t anything we can’t do.

Life is unpredictable. If we spend our whole lives doing what’s right and trying to be the best we can be, we will still face hardship. Unexpected developments will come, disappointments will happen, and our faith will be tested. We will experience happiness and joy but we will also experience sorrow and loss. Sorrow teaches us many lessons and gives us strength as we navigate it. We can use that strength going forward to face anything that comes to us. When things go well we can build our reserves of strength and faith, and when things change, as they inevitably will, we will be ready.

If we must face serious difficulties that are life threatening or life changing, we may need to find new ways going forward. It may not be easy, it may not be quick and it may require serious determination. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to change, we can do it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we can endure. We are stronger and more powerful than we think we are and our most difficult times can bring out the very best in us. There really is nothing too difficult for us to manage. We can take every change step by step, and every challenge moment by moment until we master it and are successful.

Today if you’re facing a difficult trial and feel it’s too much for you, remember you have everything you need to overcome. You are strong and capable and there is nothing too hard for you to manage. Exercise a particle of faith and let it grow within you. You’ll find your way and gain great strength going forward. You can do anything.

Making Lists

22 Sep

When we have a lot to do, or things we want to remember, many of us make lists. We write down what we need to buy at the grocery store, the things we need to remember to get done, and the places we need to visit in accomplishing our errands. Sometimes we make personal lists too. We might record all the things we want to do better, or personal goals we haven’t yet addressed. If we’re the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions, those might cover all the things we want to change about ourselves, or ways we want to improve. It’s fine to make that kind of list, but if we only write the things we’re unhappy about and want to change, we might forget all the good qualities we have, and what we’re already doing right.

We all do a lot of things well. We’re responsible, we take care of business, we help out, and dozens of other things on a daily basis. We may forget how effective we are as we go about our daily chores. No matter how long our personal improvement lists are, if we take the time to make another list of all the things we’re doing well and what we like about ourselves, we often find it’s much longer than the one with all the things we want to change. But it seems we don’t often take the time to make that list at all. We take the things we do well for granted. We don’t think they are as important as what we need to change, but we’re wrong. What we’re doing well is very important, and it’s wise to remember that.

Most people are good, most people are kind, and most people care about others. There are some snakes in the mix to be sure, but most of us try hard to be nice and give when we can. There are all kinds of awards for accomplishments the world values, and trying our best to be our best should certainly be recognized. However, there really isn’t any sort of award for people who are nice, or loving, or kind. We need to value it in ourselves. We can plan for self-improvement if we wish, but we should also remember all that we have already accomplished.

Today if you’re making a list of all the things you want to change about yourself, make a second list of all the things you’re already doing well. No matter how much you want to change, chances are the list of things you’ve conquered will be longer. Remind yourself how great you really are. You’ve done a lot and you’ve come a long way. The road is long and there will always be something new to master, but as you travel, don’t forget all you’ve mastered already.