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24 Mar

In nature, there is order to how things happen. Each season has its own influence and impact, and no matter what comes, they continue to follow the same patterns. When it’s cold outside, everything hibernates and waits. When it starts to warm, seedlings begin to burst and grow, and leaves start to pop out on trees. We all accept this as part of the natural order. One thing prepares for the next. The same is true in our personal lives. We can decide to run a marathon, but first, we must commit to training for it. If we want a job that requires a lot of knowledge, we must first do what is required to obtain it. Doing what is needed in the first place will enable us to accomplish the goal that comes after. If we’re very confident, we may try to jump ahead of what needs to be done first and charm our way to what we want, and we might get lucky once or twice, but nothing takes the place of real preparation. What comes first is important to what comes next. Builders understand that to build a strong, enduring structure, they must begin by digging a deep foundation and fortifying it in ways that will support the building through whatever comes. Without first creating the foundation, the whole thing will eventually fall. We know what we want, but we must be willing to do whatever is required to achieve it. We can talk about what we’re going to do until we’re blue in the face, but until we step forward and start, nothing will change. Accomplishing whatever we must, one step at a time, from beginning to end, will take us to the goal. We can do anything and go anywhere. Nothing is beyond our reach, and we will succeed.

When we fly on a plane, we’re instructed that if something goes wrong and we need oxygen, to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before we try to help others. If we can’t breathe, we won’t be able to assist anyone else. Taking care of ourselves before we devote our time to others is important. Sacrificing our personal needs and pushing ourselves to exhaustion will stop us in our tracks and keep us from accomplishing anything. We are the most important people in our lives, and it isn’t selfish to take care of ourselves first. By making sure we have what we need to be healthy and strong, we will be able to reach any goal we desire and serve those around us.

Repetition can only reinforce what we’re doing. If we continually do the same things, we won’t be able to move onto something new. Every goal is possible, but they won’t just fall into our laps because we desire them. We must take the first step forward and then do what is needed to make them ours. We have all the courage and wisdom necessary to achieve any goal we desire. By trusting ourselves, and stepping forward with confidence, we will reach success.

Today start at the beginning and take the first step toward the destinations you desire most. You are intelligent and capable, and know what you want. Trust yourself. You are more powerful than you imagine. Every dream is there for you, and with determination and faith, you can make them yours.


8 May

We live in a finite world where everything has a beginning and an end. It’s hard to comprehend endlessness and it can be difficult to wrap our minds around infinity. We may try to control our lives by defining our boundaries and parameters and do our best to keep them in place. We can choose to limit our experiences to things we know and understand instead of reaching out beyond our grasp to something undefined and foreign. It’s easy to keep our patterns common and stay where we know the terrain. We understand our current situation and feel comfortable in the routines we’ve established but there are endless possibilities available to us all the time. There are unlimited roads all around us and we can step off the familiar and try something new that will take us somewhere we’ve never been and show us things we’ve never imagined. When we try new things, our thinking expands. We see our lives from a new perspective and learn more about our world and what we’re capable of. We can do far more than we think we can and go places we’ve only dreamed about. Our lives belong to us and we can be brave enough to step off the well-worn path and try something new. We may find we have talents we weren’t aware of and discover incredible happiness going somewhere unexpected. There are unlimited possibilities to reach for. Our lives can be wide open and filled with new experiences and we can expand our understanding into areas we’ve only dreamed about. Opening our eyes and reaching out to something new will enrich us in ways we can only imagine until we take the chance. Nothing is out of reach and we can do everything.

Nobody knows what the future will bring and there may be times when what we thought was settled and predictable gets completely undone. The foundations we’ve built are shaken and suddenly everything we counted on is gone. When that happens, we have to regroup and find another way forward. Thankfully there are many roads to choose and we can begin again with confidence. Nothing can ever stop us from reaching our goals. We are strong and capable and will find our way forward.

When we’re comfortable where we are, even if we aren’t completely happy, we may stay the course because we understand our situation. As we stand still
opportunities around us are always there. We can enrich our lives and broaden our perspective by trying something new. Taking one small step into something we’ve never done before will open our minds to new possibilities and refresh our perspective. Life is a great blessing. Living it wide open and taking advantage of new experiences will bring us great satisfaction and continued happiness.

Today if you’ve been thinking about trying something new but aren’t sure about stepping away from what you know, be confident. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Be curious and open a new door. Endless possibilities await that will bring you boundless growth and enhance your life going forward. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Step up and push ahead. The whole world is there for you. Embrace it and move forward. Anything is possible.

Keeping Secrets

9 Feb

Sometimes there are things we don’t want everyone to know. They are personal and private, so we keep them to ourselves. Other times, we share those very personal things with those close to us and open up in order to gain a closer relationship. But there are times we keep secrets for different reasons. Maybe we don’t want others to know the truth of a situation because it will prevent us from getting what we want from them. Sometimes we don’t want them to know the whole story because it may change their opinion of us. Whatever our reasons, when we keep secrets they can become very powerful in our lives. They can prevent us from doing certain things, saying certain things, or acting on suggestions that would benefit us. We may think we’re just keeping a secret, but if the secret controls how we go forward, the truth is the secret is keeping us.

It’s important that we are free to make decisions any way we want to, and act on those decisions freely and openly. If our lives are filled with secrets about how we are or who we are, we cannot experience that freedom. If we want to keep the secret away from others, we have to modify our decisions to accommodate it. When we live openly and honestly, without reserve, we can build strong and effective relationships. If we’re hiding something, we may build relationships but they will never be as strong or effective as they could be. It’s like building a house on sand. The foundation may look strong, and we might even use very strong stone, but sands shift with wind and rain, and when they do, the foundation becomes unstable and eventually the house will fall. The same is true of our relationships. If they are built on a foundation of secrecy when the winds come and the rain falls, and when everything is exposed as it really is, the relationship may fail. It’s impossible to keep a secret forever. Truth always surfaces and eventually everything will be laid open. When that happens the lives we’ve built may tumble and we may lose everything we thought we had.

We don’t have to tell everyone everything about us. There are personal things we all want to keep to ourselves, and we’re entitled to do so. But if we have secrets that could affect our relationships, it’s far better to simply state them, and move forward. Those who care about us will understand our fears and concerns and will respect us for sharing. If we have a secret related to our past that we don’t want to share, and it comes up, we can say it’s a private matter we aren’t comfortable discussing. We don’t have to tell things we’re uncomfortable with, but being open about an experience – even if we don’t tell all the details – will enable others to trust us, and will help us build strong connections. We can be private, and still not be controlled by secrecy. We deserve to live our lives openly and without controls. We can do that more effectively without keeping secrets.

Today if you’ve been keeping a secret and find that it’s controlling you and your decisions, let it go. You can keep personal details to yourself, but choose to live openly and without reserve. Nobody’s life is perfect. You are lovable and wonderful just as you are. There is no need to hide anything. Be courageous. Everyone will love and respect you for your honesty and faith going forward.

Pave the Road

23 Nov

As we go through our lives we all have dreams and hopes for things we’d like to happen. But we get busy with everyday responsibilities and those things can get pushed back. Sometimes our lives interfere with our plans, and before we know it, days, weeks, months, even years can slip by and we find ourselves wondering how we got so far down the road and didn’t do what we intended to do. If we aren’t careful we may find ourselves living our entire lives and never accomplishing things we wanted to do. But if we are aware and focus on where we want to go, even if it means we have to wait a while, we can make sure we do everything. We can, even when we’re busy, set things in motion that will ensure we do what’s important to us.  We can begin to the pave the road before we’re ready to walk on it.

Paving a road takes several steps.  First the old pavement must be removed.  Once that’s done a base is laid as a foundation.  Finally the smooth finished layer is applied.  We can pave our personal roads in the same way.  First we may need to remove old patterns or behaviors that will allow us to begin.  Even if we’re busy doing other things we can work on that a little every day.  If what we want to do requires a skill we don’t yet have, we can prepare the foundation by doing what is needed to gain it. Perhaps a course of study is required, or someone to tutor us in the new skill.  Maybe what we want to learn can be gained by researching on our own.  Whatever it takes, once we’ve attained the new skills needed our base is ready, and we are prepared.  We can then go forward and make the change and achieve the goal by applying ourselves.

Learning new patterns, planning for change, and implementing new behaviors require time and effort. There is an old saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well. If we want to bring some effective change into our lives, we must plan to do it the best we can. Our dreams are never mediocre. When we dream of success in anything, we dream we’ll be great at it. Nobody hopes for average performance. When we want something more, something different, or something we yearn for, we want to do it well and master it. If we plan, and remember every single day where we want to go, we can pave the road.  When we’re prepared and ready we’ll reach the goal. We can do anything we want to do. There isn’t anything too difficult or too big for us. If we plan for it, if we prepare, and if we are consistent, we can achieve anything.

Today if you’ve been dreaming of a change you want to make but have been stuck, do one thing that will help you get closer to it. Begin to prepare, start the foundation, and focus on the goal. Be diligent and consistent in moving forward and you will not only succeed, but will master the task and be triumphant. You can do anything. There is nothing that can stop you. Open the door. You can see the road you want to be on.  Start paving.


17 Nov

Life is unpredictable and we are sometimes stunned or even shocked by the way events unfold. Situations can change suddenly and unexpectedly, and in an instant we may find ourselves in a completely different place. When it’s somewhere we never expected to go, it can be startling and unsettling. Like an unexpected earthquake we are caught off guard and feel like the ground beneath us may give way. When everything shifts and the bottom suddenly falls out, we may be left dangling trying to figure out what to do. But we can hold on and go forward once the shaking stops and get our bearings again. If everything is suddenly changed we have to let it all go, and get down to our very foundation to begin again. This can be a stunning and difficult experience, and we may feel great sadness and disappointment. But we can start over in a new and more successful direction. We can re-set, revise, and modify our course going forward. We can find the right road, and we can still succeed.

When our lives suddenly change and nothing remains the same, we have to reorganize our thinking. If we’ve invested a lot of time in the situation we may feel angry at how much we’ve lost. However, as long as we’re actively engaged in our lives, we aren’t wasting time. No matter what comes to us we gain something from every experience. We learn things as we go, even if the situation disintegrates. If nothing else, we’ve learned what can go wrong and that is valuable information. Every experience brings some bit of information we can use again that will be helpful. Even when we fall, we learn more than we knew before.

Deciding how to go forward when we’ve had a serious realignment in our focus may take some time and thought. Sometimes a sudden turn changes our destination, and we must clearly determine where our next step will take us. We must decide where we want to go now, and what we want our lives to look like when we get there. Once we’ve decided that, we can plot a course and make a plan to succeed. There really are no straight lines in life. There are lots of curves, detours, changes, and complications that pull us here and there. But if we keep the destination in our minds, and keep our eyes on the goal, no matter what happens, we’ll get there. We will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Today if you’ve had a stunning development that has shaken your course off its axis, regain your footing and reevaluate your plans. Decide where you want to go. You haven’t wasted any time, and you will use the knowledge you’ve gained from this experience to be successful going forward. You are strong enough and smart enough to figure this out. You have everything you need already.