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Pocketful of Diamonds

18 Jun

Our lives are full of endless experiences. We have responsibilities we must take care of, chores to do, people to see, details to attend to, and unlimited things can happen that get in the way and complicate our progress. In the midst of all of this, we have our personal goals and dreams we want to achieve, and places we want to go. Life can be very busy and sometimes it seems we have so much going on it’s controlling us instead of the other way around. We may get overwhelmed with what we have to do, and wish for a life of ease and comfort where someone else takes care of all the pending tasks and jobs for us. While that may be possible, there’s a lot to gain from a life filled with activity and opportunities for learning. Every experience we have, even the annoying ones, teach us something of value to carry forward. Like collecting a pocketful of diamonds, we add valuable attributes and understanding as we move along. Diamonds are very expensive and rare, but what we learn as we move forward is more precious and has greater value. Nobody enjoys being frustrated or going through a difficult situation, but the things that challenge us and make us work to find answers teach us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. We become more patient as we work through problems, and wiser as we find solutions and ways to cope. Life is sometimes hard, and we will all face times when we feel unsure and lost in the middle of a difficult and demanding issue. But we are highly capable, and have everything we need to find our way through whatever comes. We can manage every trial and obstacle, discern what needs to be done, and reach every success. Nothing is beyond our abilities, and we are always powerful enough, and strong enough to prevail.

It’s nice to think about being on a beach, lying in the sun, walking on the sand, and playing our days away. We can dream of a life of luxury and comfort, but if that’s not possible, we can still experience joy and peace in our lives, even in times of stress and uncertainty. Being comfortable within ourselves and confident in what we’re doing will help us find relief and satisfaction even during difficult times. We are intelligent and competent, and able to navigate any situation successfully. Trusting ourselves to find the answers we need will help us move ahead, sure we will succeed.

Life is uncertain and even when things are going well, we may worry about what’s beyond the next curve. We never know what lies ahead, and we may face difficult, crazy days that push us to the limit of what we think we can endure. It doesn’t matter what comes, we will prevail. We already have everything we need to get through anything we must. We can rely on our wisdom and intuition to move us forward. Every success is possible, and nothing can keep us from it.

Today if you’re dreaming of an easier life, remember how resilient and strong you are. There isn’t anything that can overcome you. You are more valuable than a pocketful of diamonds, and nothing can replace the gifts you bring. Be confident and step forward, sure of success. You are amazing, and the whole world is blessed because you are here.

Blurring the Lines

1 Sep

We can live our lives any way we choose.  We make decisions every day that reflect who we are and want we want to do.  If we choose something that brings hardship we may say someone else made us do it or we couldn’t help what happened.  While it’s true we can’t see the future and some decisions may bring unforeseen consequences, it’s also true that we own every choice we make.  Blaming it on someone else or circumstance is invalid.  We may face times where there is pressure to choose a certain path that ends badly, or make a choice that keeps the peace but takes us to a destination we don’t want.  If we are subject to influences around us and make decisions based on what others expect we may find ourselves somewhere we never wanted to go.  Every choice we make alters our course going forward.  Blaming others or circumstance, making excuses when we falter, or ignoring our part in a complicated development will never change what has happened.  We can try to blur the lines so it won’t be obvious, but the truth will always rise.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish and no destination is out of reach.  But if we want to move forward we must make choices that will take us there.  We are intelligent and wise, and have everything we need to succeed.  We can be confident in our choices even if they differ from those around us and we can find our own way.  Everything is available to us all the time.  Trusting ourselves and pointing our direction exactly where we want to go will bring us great happiness and success.

It’s easy to go along with others’ decisions when there are difficult circumstances and we are unsure.  We can sit back and allow them to decide our way forward.  If we follow someone else’s decision we will certainly go somewhere but it may not be where we want to be.  Even if everyone around us says we should go right, if it’s not what’s best for us we can go another way.  We know ourselves better than anyone else and we know what we want.  Being courageous enough to choose our own path forward and strong enough to stay the course will take us to the destinations we desire most.

Life is filled with opportunities and experiences.  We can have any kind of life we desire if we are willing to do what is needed to achieve it.  If we draw a hard line in the sand it’s easy to see the boundaries.  But if we kick the sand around and blur the line it’s difficult to find the way forward.  We can define exactly what we want to accomplish and make a plan to achieve it.  There really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.  Our lives belong to us and we may direct them exactly how we want them.  Happiness and success are always there for us.  With determination we can do anything.

Today if there’s a decision looming and you feel unsure, trust yourself.  You know what you want and where you want to go.  Make a plan to move forward and begin.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You are strong and powerful, and have all the courage and wisdom you need to succeed.  The world is yours and you will have it.

Seeing and Believing

27 Jun

Most of the time we think we see ourselves as we really are.  We think we know who we are and how others see us.  But it’s possible we aren’t seeing ourselves objectively and sometimes we may be wrong about how we appear to those around us.  For instance, we might think we seem quite sedentary because we don’t like to work out but in fact others might see us busily doing things most of the time and think we’re quite active.  Or we might think we’re intense because we can feel all our emotions while others think we are easy going. It takes effort to see everything objectively but if we step back and really look at what we’re doing we can get a better picture of who we really are.  Part of the reason we miss our personal cues are the expectations we set for ourselves.  If we set very high standards for ourselves and don’t meet them, we may judge critically and reflect the perceived deficiency as failure.  But we don’t need to do that.  It’s possible we’re doing better than we think we are.   And it’s also possible we aren’t seeing that.  If we step back and really look objectively as an outsider sees us we may find we look different than we thought.  And we might even find we look great.

Personal expectations can be very high.  Sometimes when we set them we expect to achieve them right away.  Expecting to change immediately just because we’ve decided we want it never works.  It takes time and effort to do things in new ways and adopt new behaviors.  We need time for the adjustment it takes to get there.  If we can change our thinking to consider our personal expectations instead as personal goals and then make a plan to achieve them we’ll feel more confident as we’re learning the new pattern.  Nobody’s life is perfect and we all want to make changes from time to time.  Anticipating immediate change will defeat us.  We can allow time to learn new behaviors we want to adopt and then clearly see the steps we’re making each day that take us closer to them.  If we acknowledge our progress as we’re moving closer to where we want to be we’ll be more self-assured and confident that we’ll succeed.

Even if we’re capable of seeing others objectively as they are, we may struggle to see truth when evaluating ourselves.  We are often harder and more critical of ourselves than we are of others.  We may expect to do things right every time, to never falter, and to achieve everything we set out to do without problems.  It’s fine to set lofty goals but our lives are never defined by unmarred lines in the sand.  We are fluid and will sometimes make choices that aren’t perfect.  There is no way to prevent wavering from time to time.  It’s the overall picture that counts.  If our feet are pointed in the right direction, and if we strive to do the best we can at every turn, we are doing well.  We aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes.  But if we can look at the big picture of who we really are despite our imperfections we may see that we are more accomplished and capable than we thought.  We do a lot of things well, and we do some things very well.  Seeing those honestly will bring us confidence and clarity as we move forward.

Today if you feel you’re less than you want to be, step back and look at yourself objectively.  You may see you have more going for you than you thought.  You have accomplished many wonderful things already.  Acknowledge them and be confident. You have all you need to be successful in everything you choose going forward.

Keeping Secrets

9 Feb

Sometimes there are things we don’t want everyone to know. They are personal and private, so we keep them to ourselves. Other times, we share those very personal things with those close to us and open up in order to gain a closer relationship. But there are times we keep secrets for different reasons. Maybe we don’t want others to know the truth of a situation because it will prevent us from getting what we want from them. Sometimes we don’t want them to know the whole story because it may change their opinion of us. Whatever our reasons, when we keep secrets they can become very powerful in our lives. They can prevent us from doing certain things, saying certain things, or acting on suggestions that would benefit us. We may think we’re just keeping a secret, but if the secret controls how we go forward, the truth is the secret is keeping us.

It’s important that we are free to make decisions any way we want to, and act on those decisions freely and openly. If our lives are filled with secrets about how we are or who we are, we cannot experience that freedom. If we want to keep the secret away from others, we have to modify our decisions to accommodate it. When we live openly and honestly, without reserve, we can build strong and effective relationships. If we’re hiding something, we may build relationships but they will never be as strong or effective as they could be. It’s like building a house on sand. The foundation may look strong, and we might even use very strong stone, but sands shift with wind and rain, and when they do, the foundation becomes unstable and eventually the house will fall. The same is true of our relationships. If they are built on a foundation of secrecy when the winds come and the rain falls, and when everything is exposed as it really is, the relationship may fail. It’s impossible to keep a secret forever. Truth always surfaces and eventually everything will be laid open. When that happens the lives we’ve built may tumble and we may lose everything we thought we had.

We don’t have to tell everyone everything about us. There are personal things we all want to keep to ourselves, and we’re entitled to do so. But if we have secrets that could affect our relationships, it’s far better to simply state them, and move forward. Those who care about us will understand our fears and concerns and will respect us for sharing. If we have a secret related to our past that we don’t want to share, and it comes up, we can say it’s a private matter we aren’t comfortable discussing. We don’t have to tell things we’re uncomfortable with, but being open about an experience – even if we don’t tell all the details – will enable others to trust us, and will help us build strong connections. We can be private, and still not be controlled by secrecy. We deserve to live our lives openly and without controls. We can do that more effectively without keeping secrets.

Today if you’ve been keeping a secret and find that it’s controlling you and your decisions, let it go. You can keep personal details to yourself, but choose to live openly and without reserve. Nobody’s life is perfect. You are lovable and wonderful just as you are. There is no need to hide anything. Be courageous. Everyone will love and respect you for your honesty and faith going forward.