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Off the Treadmill

1 Feb

Life is filled with opportunities and possibilities. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, there will be countless options available if we want them. We can change anything at any time, but it takes effort and a willingness to do what is necessary to facilitate any change we desire. Walking on a treadmill will keep us busy, but we will never move out of place. We will stay exactly where we are, no matter how much energy we exert. If we’re busy but we’re not moving closer to our goals, we can change our situation. If we’re in a job that is unfulfilling and isn’t moving us forward, or a relationship that doesn’t make us happy, or a thousand other things, and we’re ready to move on to something else, we can. Making a big change in our lives will take serious thought and contemplation. It may cause a disruption that may bring uncertainty as we transition to something new. But our lives are ours to design and our happiness is important. We can decide what we really desire, where we want to go, and what we really want to do. Every option is possible but they won’t all be easy to achieve. Some changes take a lot of work and time but if we’re determined and focused on the goal we can get there. We already know what we want, and have everything we need to make it ours. We deserve complete happiness, and never have to settle for second best. By deciding what we want the most, and then taking the first step toward the goal, we can begin the journey that will bring us satisfaction and happiness. Everything is there for us, and with patience and wisdom, we can trust ourselves to do what is needed to achieve anything. It’s all there waiting, and we can make it ours.

When we’re ready to make a change, those around us may not agree. It’s easy when everything stays the same, and change can make some people uncomfortable. We don’t need agreement or permission to do anything we desire. We can share our plans if we like, and then start forward according to our own desires. When problems arise, we will solve them, and if unforeseen issues complicate the road ahead, we will find the answers we need. We are highly capable and nothing is out of reach.

Routines and patterns are easy to maintain. We know what to do and pretty much what to expect. It’s tempting to stay in an unfulfilling situation simply because we’re used to it. But our dreams can never come true if we don’t pursue them. Nothing is going to come to us without effort. We are more powerful and capable than we think we are, and when we’re ready, nothing can keep us from success.

Today if you’re ready for something new, decide what you want the most and make a plan. Then take the first step forward, and keep your eyes on the goal. You are amazing and strong, and every destination is there for you. You can have the life you dream of. Be confident and keep moving ahead. Every possible success is there for you, and you will make them yours.

Owning It

15 Feb

Everyone has dreams and goals, and things they want to accomplish. Maybe we want to climb mountains or run marathons, maybe we want to write books and influence others, or maybe we just want to be happier. Whatever we desire is possible but it won’t happen just because we want it. There is no magic wand or genie who will appear to grant our wish. The only way to get what we want is to do what is needed to make it happen. If we want to climb mountains or run a marathon, we must put in the hours of physical training required. If we want to write a book we have to actually start typing, and if we want to be happier, we must determine what is holding us back and change our situation so we can move forward. It’s really a simple calculation – if you want to get to “B” you must go through “A” first. Choosing what we want and then pushing forward toward it will bring us success. When we look at our goals objectively it’s easy to see what needs to be done, but actually engaging and doing the work is a whole different story. We can set any goal we choose but if we want to accomplish it, we must do everything necessary to achieve it. Every dream is possible but nothing will change if all we do is dream. Imagine what our lives would be like if we were willing to do everything to make all our dreams come true. The confidence and satisfaction that come from achieving a long-desired goal brings great happiness. We deserve complete and abounding happiness. We can give it to ourselves by focusing on what we want most, and then doing what is needed to make it happen. We can focus on the road ahead and push through until we succeed. There isn’t anything we can’t do. Every destination and every goal are possible, and we can make them ours.

There are many reasons why we may not pursue something we want. It may take a lot of time, it might be difficult, it will change our lives, our families may not like it, we may have to change – the list is long and unending. If we want, we can live a mediocre existence, simply doing what is expected and going through the motions. But we own our choices and can go anywhere we desire. Deciding to create the lives we want the most will bring us the greatest happiness and fulfillment.

Fear of the unknown can be crippling. It can hold us in place even if where we are isn’t comfortable. We can’t see what lies ahead and there will always be some risk when we step out of our routine and choose something more. We may face challenges, but we are intelligent and capable, and even if we get tangled up, can find our way through. There are endless roads to every destination, and if one doesn’t work, we can step on another. Every goal is possible, and we have all the wisdom and courage to make our dreams come true.

Today if you’ve been dreaming of something more and want to change your life, look ahead and choose the path that will take you there. You are amazing and nothing is out of reach. Believe in yourself and step forward. Make the choices that will open all the doors. You can go anywhere and have the life you desire. Nothing can keep you from success. Start today. All your dreams are possible, and you will have them.

Pave the Road

23 Nov

As we go through our lives we all have dreams and hopes for things we’d like to happen. But we get busy with everyday responsibilities and those things can get pushed back. Sometimes our lives interfere with our plans, and before we know it, days, weeks, months, even years can slip by and we find ourselves wondering how we got so far down the road and didn’t do what we intended to do. If we aren’t careful we may find ourselves living our entire lives and never accomplishing things we wanted to do. But if we are aware and focus on where we want to go, even if it means we have to wait a while, we can make sure we do everything. We can, even when we’re busy, set things in motion that will ensure we do what’s important to us.  We can begin to the pave the road before we’re ready to walk on it.

Paving a road takes several steps.  First the old pavement must be removed.  Once that’s done a base is laid as a foundation.  Finally the smooth finished layer is applied.  We can pave our personal roads in the same way.  First we may need to remove old patterns or behaviors that will allow us to begin.  Even if we’re busy doing other things we can work on that a little every day.  If what we want to do requires a skill we don’t yet have, we can prepare the foundation by doing what is needed to gain it. Perhaps a course of study is required, or someone to tutor us in the new skill.  Maybe what we want to learn can be gained by researching on our own.  Whatever it takes, once we’ve attained the new skills needed our base is ready, and we are prepared.  We can then go forward and make the change and achieve the goal by applying ourselves.

Learning new patterns, planning for change, and implementing new behaviors require time and effort. There is an old saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well. If we want to bring some effective change into our lives, we must plan to do it the best we can. Our dreams are never mediocre. When we dream of success in anything, we dream we’ll be great at it. Nobody hopes for average performance. When we want something more, something different, or something we yearn for, we want to do it well and master it. If we plan, and remember every single day where we want to go, we can pave the road.  When we’re prepared and ready we’ll reach the goal. We can do anything we want to do. There isn’t anything too difficult or too big for us. If we plan for it, if we prepare, and if we are consistent, we can achieve anything.

Today if you’ve been dreaming of a change you want to make but have been stuck, do one thing that will help you get closer to it. Begin to prepare, start the foundation, and focus on the goal. Be diligent and consistent in moving forward and you will not only succeed, but will master the task and be triumphant. You can do anything. There is nothing that can stop you. Open the door. You can see the road you want to be on.  Start paving.