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Being True

10 May

Each of us has our own unique personality that defines who we are. We express our individual tastes and desires and learn about ourselves and what we want. If we’re confident and self-assured we will stay true to our own personal values and choices. However, if we’re unsure about how we feel in certain situations and uncertain about how to respond we may latch onto someone else’s ideas and behaviors and adopt them as our own. Some people are very forceful and strong and if we aren’t sure we may choose to emulate them instead of voicing our own opinions. It’s easy to simply copy someone else’s ideas and views instead of figuring out our own. But pretending to be something we really aren’t will never take us where we want to go. Each choice we make has a result and if we choose behaviors that don’t reflect who we are we will construct a false façade that doesn’t have anything to do with reality. We can be inauthentic and imitate others for a while but eventually who we are will surface and the incongruity may bring confusion and complications. There may be times when we don’t know how we feel about something and need more information before we can decide. We don’t have to rush in order to agree with others and we don’t have to copy their answers. We can wait until we figure out everything and then determine our next steps. Allowing ourselves to be true to who we are before we respond will help us live honestly and sure. There is nobody else on earth exactly like us and our opinions and suggestions are important. We are smart enough to understand any situation before us and can take the time we need to find the best answers going forward.

Ideas change as time passes and what was once all the rage is now old news. If we change our opinions and standards every time the world around us changes we’ll be like leaves in the wind, tossed here and there with no direction or destination in mind. If we don’t define who we are and what we believe others will have trouble trusting and relying on us because each new idea will pull us away from where we are. There are always endless choices available and we must find the ones that best reflect our personal ideals and motives. We are the only ones who can define who we are. Understanding our true nature and desires, and then choosing the roads that emulate them will bring us the success we seek.

It may take time to discover what we really want and where we want to go. Until we define the way forward we can explore all possibilities around us. We will know when something fits and will find the road we want to travel. Our futures are ours to design and we can create the lives we want when we make the choices that take us there. All options are on the table and nothing can hold us back from success. We are strong and powerful and will find the way forward.

Today if you’ve been following along with those around you because you aren’t sure where you want to go, remember your destiny is yours to create. You can go anywhere and do anything. Think about what you want the most and then start forward toward the goal. There is great success ahead for you and nothing will stand in your way.


One Way

20 Sep

We make millions of choices as we go through our lives.  Sometimes we see only one path that fits where we want to go, and other times there may be many versions that will work and we must decide which to choose.  No matter where we’re headed or how far down the road we’ve traveled, we may face a moment when we need to change our focus.  Maybe the original goal is no longer what we want, the destination looks different the closer we get, or our circumstances have changed and what worked before will no longer fit.  We can go in any direction we choose at any time.  Life is not a one way street and we can change lanes, turn around, or adjust our journey whenever we desire.  If we’ve been on the same path for a while and have invested a lot of time and energy moving forward we may think we must go all the way to the end, even if the destination there is no longer where we want to go.  Nobody wants to waste their time and energy but as we’ve traveled we’ve learned new things, probably met new people and experienced new horizons.  None of that is wasted time.  It doesn’t matter how far we’ve come, and it doesn’t matter how much time we’ve taken.  We can change direction.  Our dreams and desires may change as we go through our days and our choices can change with them.  We are always in control of what we’re doing and where we’re headed.  We know what we want and we know where to go.  Choosing what’s best for us, even if it means a change, empowers us going forward.  We can be confident in the road ahead and create our lives any way we want them.

If we take time to think about where we want to go we’ll be more successful in finding the right road forward.  There are limitless places to find and they are all available to us.  If we jump to decisions before determining exactly what we want, we may discover we’re constantly changing direction and going nowhere.  Choosing well will help us complete the journey and find satisfaction.  Everything is possible and no destination is too far away or too difficult to reach.  We can decide what we want, plan our way forward, and reach success.

We may find ourselves at the end of a journey only to find the goal we were seeking isn’t exactly what we hoped for.  Sometimes we don’t have all the information before we begin or the destination is different than we imagined.  We can continue on from where we are and move forward to the place we desire.  Life is all about learning.  We learn with each step we take and the lessons we gain go forward with us.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish and if we end up somewhere that doesn’t fit we can simply modify our way ahead.  All destinations are available to us and nothing is out of reach.  We have all the wisdom and confidence we need to find success.

Today if you’ve been on a long road to a destination you’ve been hoping for but aren’t sure it’s what you really want, take a moment to think about the way ahead and choose the best direction going forward.  You can go anywhere and do anything you desire.  You are capable and strong and nothing is out of reach.  Keep moving forward. All your dreams are waiting for you and they are just ahead.

The Last Step

14 Jul

We make millions of decisions as we go through our lives.  Some of them are obvious and we know the answer right away and others are more obscure and require some thought.  There are limitless choices going forward no matter where we are.  If we don’t know where we want to go, any road will do but if we have a destination in mind we will need to carefully consider our choices.  Since we can’t read the future and can’t always see the end of the road, the best we can do is review all the information we have and make the best choice possible.  There is an undeniable truth in life that when we choose the first step on a path we also choose the last.  If we don’t know where the path is going we may end up somewhere we don’t want to be.  It’s important to weigh our choices carefully, especially when the results of those choices may have lasting consequences.  If we jump and decide on something out of convenience or speed we may make decisions that take us to destinations we don’t desire or that bring us trouble and complication.  Every road has an end.  We can carefully consider all the choices before us and get all the information we need to make sure that end is what we desire.  If we are careless and haphazard in our decisions they may be filled with confusion and disarray.  It takes valuable time to clean up after a bad choice and until we correct our course we can’t continue forward.  We can evaluate our decisions before we make them and find the best way ahead.  We deserve every happiness and success.  We can ensure our success by choosing carefully and making decisions that take us exactly where we want to go.

Speed is important when we’re in a race.  If we want to win a timed competition we need to be as quick as possible.  But speed isn’t always an asset when making choices about our lives.  Although there may be times when we must make decisions quickly, often there is no timetable involved.  We don’t need to rush and we can take the time needed to see all the options before us and understand where they will take us.  Once we are clear on the best way forward we can begin and if complications arise we can manage them and continue.

Sometimes there are many good options for a decision and it doesn’t matter which we choose.  If that’s the case we may choose any path we like and simply begin.  There will always be adjustments and modifications along the way and if we’ve chosen well those alterations will be manageable.  If we make the best decisions starting out our path will be easier and we’ll be more effective in reaching the goal.  Our lives are ours and we can be as successful as we choose to be.  Taking time to choose well before we begin our journey will enable us to successfully reach any destination.

Today if you’ve got a big decision to make and aren’t sure which way to go, evaluate all the options before you and weigh them carefully.  You will find the best road to travel to end up where you want to be.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and every success you seek is possible.  Move forward with confidence.  You have everything you need to succeed.

Just Passing Through

6 Sep

Life is a journey and each day we move a little further down the road. We’re always moving forward to something else and we meet people, make friends, build relationships, and experience countless things. Wherever we go and whatever we do there are things to learn and see. It’s a continual journey. Nothing stays the same forever and no matter where we are we will move forward to something new. We can plan and prepare for the kind of lives we want and we can succeed. But even after achieving goals we desire, we will continue on the journey. There is no end to the road here on earth until our lives end. We may be settled in, live in the same place, work the same job and associate with the same people for years on end, but our personal journeys continue. We are always learning and growing. Although we may be directed in one way or another, where we’re headed is often up to us. We can look ahead and determine exactly where we want to be and guide our path in that direction. Our lives belong to us and we are in control of them. We can achieve anything we desire. We can go anywhere we choose. There isn’t anything we can’t do and despite what comes we can decide where our journey will take us.

Disappointment and sorrow are a part of life. Nobody gets a life filled with rainbows and sunshine every single day. Things will go wrong. We will be hurt. We may suffer grief and despair, loneliness and sadness, and we may feel overwhelmed. But no matter where we are, we are only passing through. We won’t remain in any situation forever. Life cannot be stopped. It always continues forward and as it does, our situations will change. If we are sad, the sadness will lift. If we are despairing, the answers will come. If we are heartbroken, we will heal. Time continues on and brings with it the soothing balm of relief. We sometimes can’t believe we’ll ever get through when we’re struggling with very difficult situations, but we will find a way. Each day that passes will bring comfort and peace and no matter how bad a situation is, it will change. Our happiness will return and the light will shine again.

Sometimes we may decide we want to change course. We may want to find a new road to travel. If we’re headed to a destination we no longer desire, we can turn another way. We can change anything at any time. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been going along or if others think we should keep traveling forward. We can step off and start another path whenever we choose. It’s all up to us. We can go anywhere we want to go and do anything we want to do. Our lives belong to us. We can pass through places that don’t fit and continue on. We can choose our personal destination at any time. We can have the lives we really want, do the things we most want to do, and be the people we strive to be. We can do anything.

Today if you’ve been passing through and you’re not where you really want to be, adjust your course. You can do anything. You know who you are and what you want. You can make all your dreams come true. Turn your direction to the destination you desire. Everything you’re hoping for is waiting for you and you will have it.

Returning to the Scene

11 May

In law enforcement when a crime has been committed, often detectives and others looking for the perpetrator will watch the scene of the crime for anyone who looks suspicious.  Often those who commit crimes return to the scene to observe the reactions of people and watch what happens.  In our lives we may never commit crimes, and I hope we don’t, but there may be times when things don’t go quite the way we wanted them to.  There can be a feeling of emptiness as we deal with disappointment and it can sometimes take time to figure out what happened.  If we feel bad, we may decide to revisit the situation to help us understand what went wrong.  That might mean talking to those who were involved to try and gain some clarity.  Or we might just need to think about what happened and try to sort out our feelings.  Life changes every day but sometimes when we aren’t happy it can feel like it’s changing without us.  Returning to the situation where we went off track can help us find our footing again.  If we didn’t understand it all the first time, we may have to return again and again until we figure out how to go forward.  There is no rush and we can take as much time as needed until we’re ready to let it go and move on.

If we suffer a great disappointment and are deeply hurt we might feel stuck in our misery.  The days may seem fuzzy and we may have trouble concentrating.  It’s hard to look ahead when what’s behind us is holding us so tightly.  We may get stalled trying to understand what happened and where to go from here.  Analyzing the situation can help if we can be objective, but like editing, analyzing can become endless.  No matter how we look at the situation we will never be able to change the outcome.  If we’re determined not to look at it, and live in denial we’ll stay stuck until we return and sort it out.  We will ultimately have to accept the changes that have occurred, even if we don’t agree with them, and then chart a course to move forward.  There isn’t anything we can’t manage and whatever comes to us, no matter how heartbreaking or painful, can be put to rest in time.

Walking into the unknown can be unnerving, and trying to find a new road or a new destination may take some time and thought.  There isn’t just one destination for our lives.  We have limitless choices available to us all the time.  If where we thought we were headed is no longer possible, we can choose someplace new.  We can find new ways to live our lives that are rewarding and fulfilling, and we can find happiness even if it’s not the version of happiness we thought we would have.  A great disappointment is hard to bear.  But the lessons learned while navigating through it will strengthen us and make us more confident for the road ahead.  We can do anything and there is nothing too difficult for us to get through.  The road is long and no detour will keep us from traveling forward.

Today if you’ve been shaken by a disappointment and things have not gone the way you hoped, you can find another way to happiness.  There isn’t anything you can’t face and you have all the tools you need to chart a new course.  There are countless roads in front of you. Find the one that takes you where you want to go now.  Make a turn and start moving forward again.  Happiness is there waiting for you.


16 Mar

Everything we do in our lives affects us in some way. If we make a small decision, the impact of that choice is usually small as well. For instance, if we choose French fries over onion rings neither choice will greatly impact our lives, and our decision is inconsequential. But when we’re making big decisions the consequences can be far reaching. If we are deciding which car to buy, which job to take, whom to date, or whether to move or not, the ramifications of our decision can have long lasting effects on our lives. Big decisions take thought and time to evaluate. We always want to make the choices we’ll be happy with that bring us the desired results. But sometimes, we don’t know how far reaching a decision will become until after we’ve made it. There are times when we decide something quickly because it doesn’t seem that important and then it impacts us in ways we couldn’t possibly have foreseen. We may shake our heads and wring our hands, and wish we could go back knowing what we know now. But the only thing we can do is press forward and resolve whatever has been impacted by the choice we made.

We make decisions based on the information we have at the time.  Sometimes we have all the facts, and sometimes there is no way to know everything.  If we’re trying to decide whether to take a new job or not, we may research the company, and talk to employees who work there.  We may evaluate the position and then if everything looks good, accept the job.  But we may discover despite all our research once we’re in the job it’s far too stressful and a terrible fit for us.  We did our homework but all the facts weren’t clearly available.  Even if we do everything we can, and pay attention, there are times when it’s impossible to know every result before we decide.  If it doesn’t turn out the way we hoped and the consequences are beyond what we want to manage, we will have to make another decision to move forward.  The best we can do is choose wisely from where we are.

If we do all we can to make a good decision and it doesn’t work out we are not at fault.  We can only see what we can see.  Sometimes things go awry and the best we can do if that happens is consider all our options going forward, and choose as wisely as possible.  It’s impossible to know everything, we can’t read the future, and there will always be unknown factors.  But if we take our time and consider everything possible before we choose, we’ll have the best chance of getting to the destination we’re seeking.  We are completely capable of making good choices that will take us where we want to go.  Nothing in this life is permanent and we can change any situation we’re in.  If the consequences of our decision are not what we hoped for, we can correct our course going forward.

Today if you’ve made a decision that didn’t work out and you’re in an uncomfortable situation because of it, you can change things.  You are capable of making excellent decisions and you will find your way through.  You are intelligent and wise.  Turn your course to reflect that.

Pointing North

7 Jul

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever taken a wrong turn, and found yourself somewhere you didn’t recognize? Have you ever walked a little too far, and missed the path you meant to take? We all get lost sometimes. It can be unsettling, and confusing. Getting lost is part of life. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, and sometimes, in the twists and turns that happen, we lose our way. And before we know it, we’re far, far away from where we intended to go. We’re at a destination that seems foreign. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s not the end of the road.

There are a lot of influences on us every day. People who want us to do things a certain way, or be a certain way. Sometimes because of the situation we do as we’re asked, and if we do that enough we can forget where we’re going. We can forget who we really are. It’s possible to wake up one day, and realize that the life we’re living is nothing like the life we really want. It’s nowhere near where we really want to be. We took a turn, which lead to another turn, and another, and where we’ve ended up is not at all where we thought we were going.

If we determine that we are not on the right road, the only way to get to where we want to go is to stop, and reset our course. There is inside us inspiration, like a compass, that always points to the person we really are. It’s always there to guide us, but we have to listen. If all we can hear are the directions of those around us saying, “Go here,” or “Go there,” we won’t recognize our own compass telling us which way is right for us. But it’s always there to remind us. When we are ready to get to who we really are, and where we really want to be, we need to listen to it. We can always alter our course. We can always retrace our steps. Nothing is permanent, and everything can be changed. Change isn’t always easy, but if the change brings us back to the road we want to be on, it will be rewarding, and worth whatever it takes.

Today, if you’re feeling like you’re not where you really want to be, if your life isn’t on the road that will take you there, you can change your course, and begin again. You can choose a new direction. You deserve the life you want the most. You deserve every happiness. You can do this your way, and you can succeed. Today, hear your personal inspiration. Listen to your compass. If you’ve been lost, it will guide you back. You know the way back, you’ve just forgotten for a while. Today, listen and remember. And then, take the first step to getting there.