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Wasted Years

4 Jan

There are few times in life when we go from one place to another in a completely straight line with no interruptions or detours. Every journey we take has many twists and turns. We don’t live in a vacuum and are subject to all kinds of outside influences. There are others around us making all kinds of decisions we aren’t aware of which may affect the road ahead. We can adjust our direction with each new situation and in time, find our way to any destination. If we get stuck and years go by before we are able to see clearly and shake free to begin again, we may feel we’ve wasted our time. Looking back over years struggling with something that was never going to work can undermine our confidence and we may believe we’ve ruined our chances for success. Even if we don’t move forward, the time is never wasted. Whatever we’re focused on, and whatever we’re doing teaches us something new. There is no need to worry about what we haven’t accomplished. The future is ahead of us and we can begin again. Time spent spinning our wheels gives us time to grow so when the right moment arrives we are ready to move. We can change anything we desire and move forward. There isn’t any goal we can’t reach. The whole world is there for us when we’re ready to take it.

When we’re on a road trip and reach a stop sign it’s our signal to wait and watch before proceeding. In our lives we come upon many stop signs but sometimes we miss them because we are busy or distracted. If we forge ahead on a road that isn’t ready for us, or isn’t complete, we will not be able to proceed. We all face situations that are not good for us, places we shouldn’t go if we want to succeed, and people we should avoid. But if we miss the signs that warn us to stop we may not realize it until much time has passed and we are lost. Getting lost will not end our journey. Once we understand the situation, we can change our trajectory and find the right way forward.

Time is valuable and irreplaceable. Nobody lives forever or knows how much time they have. We can never change the past but we have complete control over our futures. If we’ve lost time doing things that haven’t moved us forward, we can modify our choices and begin again. We have all the wisdom, strength and power we need to change any situation we desire. We can let go of what is holding us back, and be free to find our way ahead. Every moment is a passage to the next. Choosing what we want the most, and heading toward the destinations we desire will bring us satisfaction and success. We can do anything. Nothing is out of reach and the best roads ahead are there waiting for us.

Today if you feel like you’ve wasted years doing something that distracted you from where you really want to be, straighten your journey going forward and begin again. You can achieve any success you desire and go anywhere you want to go. Shake off what has held you back and start forward. All your dreams are attainable and you will reach them. Trust yourself. You already have everything you need to succeed.



Got Your Back

9 Sep

Recently a police officer was shot to death while pumping gas. It was a horrible, malicious and cowardly act, and authorities have arrested a suspect they believe committed the crime. After that terrible event, while at a gas station with his mother, a sixteen year old boy saw another police officer pumping gas. Concerned about her, he walked up to the officer and asked if he could watch her back while she was standing by her car. Surprised but delighted, the officer agreed. Nothing happened and all went well, but the courage and determination demonstrated by that young man are an example to us all. Who has our backs, and how can we watch out for those around us?

We go through our days, busily completing our various tasks and focused on what we’re doing. Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around us. But everywhere we go there are others just like us, busy getting things done. We get used to seeing them and we don’t really watch what’s going on. But if we take a moment to look up and see what’s around us, who’s walking by, who’s in front of or behind us, we can more closely connect to our surroundings. Being aware is an important facet of any situation. We’re safer when we really see where we are, what’s going on, and what we’re doing.

If we pay more attention to those around us, we can be more helpful. We don’t have to offer to protect a police officer to have someone’s back, but we could help out in other small ways. Maybe we could open a door, or help lift something heavy, or smile at a fussing child, or just say hello. The people around us every day are connected to us. We’re all part of the same big family. We need to watch out for them, and let them watch out for us. Most of us care about others, but perhaps we don’t take as much time as we could to express that care. We can be more involved by helping out, and having their backs. And we can let them watch out for us as well.

Today look around as you go about your tasks and notice those near you. What’s going on? Who’s standing beside you? Is there some way you could help out just a little? Is there some way you can show you care? If there is, do whatever you can, and you’ll feel better knowing you are doing your part. Others will see your example, and like a stone thrown into a pond, the rippling of your good works will create others. Be the one to have someone’s back today. And when others offer to help you out, be grateful.