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Twisted Roads

12 Sep

As we’re pressing forward toward the goals we want to achieve, sometimes the road turns or we’re taken off course. Unexpected developments often occur and when they do, we may have to change direction. There will always be options for moving ahead and each choice will give us information that helps us continue forward. We’re capable of making our own decisions but there may be times when others or outside influences force us to take a direction we don’t want or don’t like. If that happens, we may be sure we’re headed the wrong way and attempt to return and start again. But life continues on and despite our best efforts we may continue to be pulled along against our will. There are endless roads to every destination and even when we’re sure we’re not headed in the right direction, sometimes we may be surprised to find we have arrived at exactly where we need to be. An unexpected change of direction can take us somewhere we didn’t know we wanted to go. Nobody knows everything and every decision we make is determined by what we can see at the moment and the information we have. There will always be more details we don’t know. The road we’re on may get twisted up and turned around, and then surprisingly take us to the very place we most want to be. It’s impossible to see the end from the beginning. We may be diverted by a turn that takes us someplace new, and enhances our experiences in ways we never imagined. Being open to every possibility will bring us unexpected blessings, and enhance our lives in rich and wonderful ways.

We always know what we want the most. We may not share our desires with anyone but we understand where we want to go and what we want to do. Confusion and disagreement don’t change our desires, and with determination we can achieve every goal we choose. Sometimes there’s a straight road ahead, but other times we may get sidetracked along the way. Life is filled with all kinds of surprises. It’s impossible to control anything outside ourselves. We can let changes happen and still move forward with confidence.

Even if we plan well and are sure we know where we’re headed, things may change. We can’t see the end from the beginning, and although we have faith we’ll reach our destination, how long that takes or where we’ll go along the way is unknown. A broken road that becomes impassable requires us to change our plans. The path may not take us to the original goal we wanted but may turn and open new doors and horizons before us. We may discover a new destination that brings us great happiness and satisfaction.

Today if you’re trying to reach a goal but everything is pushing you in a different direction, step forward with confidence. If you must change your course, be open and discover what lies ahead. You may be surprised to find great blessings and happiness waiting for you. Life is filled with unexpected changes and each has great potential. Be open and ready. The whole world is filled with possibilities. There is great success and happiness waiting for you, and you will reach it.

Looking Ahead

9 Nov

There are all kinds of people in the world and as we go through our days we’ll come in contact with many different kinds of personalities.  Some will be welcoming and fun, others may try our patience, and we may even interact with some truly mean and evil people.  Often we can tell by their actions what someone is like, but people are smart and may hide traits they don’t want others to see.  If they’re good at hiding, we may become their friends and spend a lot of time with them before we really see them for who they are.  They may suddenly turn on us and display behaviors we were previously unaware of.  We may be left confused and stunned trying to figure out what’s happening.  People can do anything they want and sometimes their choices hurt us.  They may blame us for something we haven’t done, judge us for a simple mistake, sabotage us around others or even do things to keep us from moving forward.  If we can’t reason with them or get them to listen to us, we may not be able to resolve the issue.  We all make our own decisions and if someone has decided we’re the enemy no matter what we do, we may have to accept things as they are and walk away.  People change when it’s important to them and if our relationship is important enough, those involved will do what is necessary to make it work.  Not every connection will be positive and we may need to let go from time to time.  We are worthwhile and if we aren’t valued can choose another path.  We deserve every happiness and can do what is needed to ensure we get it.

Our perceptions form our reality.  If we see things clearly and openly, often those perceptions will be accurate.  But we are influenced by the experiences we’ve had, and if they’ve been negative and hurtful, our perception may affected.  Jumping to conclusions based on emotion may color our understanding further and may make things seem very different than they really are.  We can take our time and set impressions aside until we understand everything clearly.
If we’re open to listening to everyone’s opinions and withhold judgement until we get all the facts, we’ll have a better chance of seeing the situation as it really is.

Misunderstandings happen and often we can correct them and clear the air, but sometimes the link gets broken and nothing we do will fix it.  It’s heartbreaking when someone we’re close to shuts the door on our relationship and we may feel great sadness.  But life is constantly changing and what is broken today may mend in time.  We can be kind and patient, and hope for the future.  Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring and we can be hopeful that in time we’ll reach a positive outcome.  We are strong and valiant, and can navigate through any complication.  We know what we want and will find success.

Today if you’ve been hurt by someone and are unable to change the situation, remember misunderstandings don’t define you.  You are worthwhile and valuable.  The whole world is better because you are here.  Be patient and kind, and show us your true self.  Set the best example you can.  Success will come and you will prevail.

One Turn and Another

29 Aug

When things go wrong we sometimes face heartbreak and disappointment. If we think all is going well and then discover everything we imagine is wrong we may face serious discouragement. Sometimes we don’t know the whole story and may get lost thinking we’re on one road when in actuality we’re going a completely different direction. If we’re in a personal relationship that feels secure, and then discover we’re not on solid ground at all, we may take a tumble. The sands may slip beneath our feet, and we may lose our confidence that we can find our way through. It’s difficult to navigate unknown territory and we may feel we’re in a foreign place that is unsteady and unsure. Disappointment and heartbreak are hard to overcome. They may make us doubt our ability to discern truth and find our way forward. We can’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes facts arise that change our perspective completely and clarify our situation suddenly in unsettling ways. If we want to be successful in anything we must know the truth of the situation. Truth will bring happiness in the end but when it rises if we’ve been deceived about what is real it may take time to realign our direction and refocus on the way forward. We can overcome anything and there isn’t a situation too strong or difficult for us to manage. We can take the time we need to see things clearly and determine which way to go. Heartbreak cannot stop us. Disappointment cannot deter us. We are strong and capable, and will prevail.

Serious personal setbacks can be very painful. No matter how hard we try to move ahead, our disappointment and sorrow may linger for a time. We may think about all the decisions that brought us here, the influences we believed in, and consider all the choices we made. Learning from past mistakes and taking the time to look at everything will teach us more about ourselves and help us succeed in the future. We learn as we go and if we take our lessons forward we have the best chance of success. We can turn our direction and then if needed, turn again. We will find the best road forward and we will succeed.

Personal heartbreak can be extraordinarily difficult to overcome. If our tender feelings have been broken and we feel defeated we can take the time we need to heal before choosing the next step. There is no rush to move forward. We can step back and take a breath. As we pause and rest, and allow our minds to settle, all the options available will rise and we will begin to see things clearly. We can do anything and go anywhere we desire. There is nothing strong enough to hold us down. Every challenge and trial gives us greater strength and wisdom, and we will find the best road forward.

Today if you’ve been hurt and feel heartbroken over a difficult situation and aren’t sure you can continue, think about all the times you’ve managed trials before. You are stronger than you realize and have everything you need already to prevail. Take a breath and begin again. The world is there for you and you can do anything. Step forward. The road is ready and will take you anywhere you desire.


5 Oct

When we’re enchanted by someone or a situation, we don’t always see things exactly as they are.  We may be entranced by appearances and mesmerized by beautiful words.  If we really want it to be real we may be convinced despite all indications to the contrary.  We may get caught up in fiction and fail to see truth.  As time passes there may be cracks in the armor but if we’re convinced that what we believe is real we may simply ignore them.  Living in the land of fiction rarely brings happiness and often results in pain.  Truth is invincible and will rise and no matter where we are we will eventually face it.  If we’ve been truly duped we may be seriously hurt.  It’s hard to accept that anyone would purposely deceive us and if we care about them, we may feel devastated.  There isn’t anything we can’t face when we’re ready.  The trick is to live so we’re always willing to see things as they really are and live our lives truthfully.  When we really want something we may buy into a situation that is false but being courageous enough to evaluate it and move forward honestly is the only way to real happiness.

Successful relationships require honesty.  We must be honest about who we are and what we’re doing.  Lying, deceiving, pretending or in any way being untruthful can destroy even the strongest relationship.  If the other party likes certain things we don’t enjoy we can pretend we enjoy them too.  We can pretend to have personality traits we know will be attractive to someone else, or say things we don’t really mean but which we know will bring someone closer to us.  We can do anything we want to convince others to be a part of our lives.  But every deception will be uncovered in time.  It may come to light immediately, or it may take time but it will be revealed.  Once dishonesty has been uncovered, trust is damaged and the relationship will be hurt.  It may take serious time to restore trust and in some cases the relationship may be broken.

Everyone is different and we each have special gifts to offer.  We are valuable and precious in our own way.  We can be confident in honoring that value and understanding we are a gift to the world.  We don’t have to fit anyone else’s model to be loved.  We don’t have to pretend to be something we aren’t.  We are perfect just as we are.  Understanding that and accepting ourselves as we are will help us live more genuinely.  We can be perfectly honest about what we like and what we don’t, our personalities, our unique traits and what we have to offer.  We don’t have blend to fit in and we don’t have to change to be loved.  We are who we are and that’s enough.  We can live our lives honestly and openly and be the best we can be.

Today if you find you’ve been deceived and are hurt, learn as much as you can from the experience.  You are capable of finding truth and accepting it.  If you’ve been pretending to be something you aren’t remember how precious you are just being yourself. You have so much to offer.  Be the best you can be today.  Be brave.  You are lovable just as you are.

I’m all broken up over it.

27 Apr

I recently dropped a glass on the kitchen floor. The floor is tile so the glass broke into at least a million pieces – at least. I got the broom out, and carefully began to sweep up the dangerous mess, and then I got down on my hands and knees with a wet cloth to make sure I didn’t miss any tiny barbs destined to cut my feet. Broken glass can be tricky. It’s hard to see and very sharp. You have to be careful to get it all picked up or it’ll come back to cut you. And that’s no fun. After it was cleaned up, I reached into the cabinet again for another glass, and it slipped, but thankfully I did not drop that one, which was a great relief.

Bad and unexpected things happen to us sometimes. We aren’t made of glass, but there are times in our lives when we can feel broken by something that’s happened. The pain is too great, the suffering has gone on for too long, or the loss is too painful. We break. Not all the way like a glass on the floor, but enough that we feel like we’re in pieces, and nothing is fitting together. We feel disconnected. We feel untethered. We feel bad.  And sometimes during those fractured times, it’s hard to see how we’ll get it all put back together again. How we’ll clean everything up, and make it work.

There is no set timetable for fixing a break inside of us. It’s not like the six week cast for a broken arm. Every situation, every break is different. Some breaks feel all encompassing and take a lot of time to repair. Others aren’t so intense, and we can bounce back more quickly. But no matter how long it takes, the period during the break hurts. We’re out of sync, and it can feel like we have a flat tire, loping down the road slightly off kilter. The world is off its axis. Everything feels strange, and uncomfortable. We’re not ourselves.

No matter how extensive our breaks are, once we decide we’re going to fix them, they begin to mend. There is a saying that time heals all wounds, and in some ways time is the best medicine for a break. But time is just one part of how we heal.  Attention to the break is needed.  We need to look at it, examine it from different angles, figure out how we got broken to begin with, and determine how we can fix the situation.  It will take some time.  We may get impatient, but even in the impatience, things can move forward.  We can heal.  We will heal.

If you feel broken, if something is out of whack, something is wrong, take a little while to examine the problem. What happened? How can you fix it? How can you heal the break? All the answers are inside you. If you feel lost, seek the help of someone you trust. Listen. Think. Take your time. You’ll figure this out. When we break a bone and it heals, it is stronger than it was before we broke it. We are the same way. Once we fix what is broken inside, we are stronger than before. And being stronger is a great gift. No break is permanent. This will change. You’ll heal and be stronger on the other side.