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Wearing the Coat

6 Jun

Everyone has their own defined ideas about life and how things should go, and we interpret everything we experience through our own personal filters. What looks a certain way to one person can seem entirely different to another. There is no definite right or wrong in the way we translate what’s happening around us and we each decide how we’ll incorporate the outside world into our own personal understanding. If we’re able to be objective, we often find it easier to process whatever is going on, even if it’s highly charged or difficult to manage. However, sometimes our emotions get in the way and we may not be able to see past how we feel to find the way forward. If we’re intensely affected by developments around us, we may feel overcome by our feelings and frozen in place. Like a heavy coat weighing us down, we may be so emotionally involved we can’t think straight. If we’re deeply hurt, feel betrayed or have suffered a big loss, we may feel paralyzed and unable to move. Difficult times and painful complications can burrow deep within us and before we can step forward and begin to dig out from under, we must find a way to navigate through the emotional storm we may be feeling. Deep sorrows and intense anguish take time to process, and we can take all the time we need. There is no need to rush to get back on our feet. We can stand still for a moment, look at the situation clearly, and begin to find our footing. Whatever is pressing before us will wait. We already possess everything we need to get through whatever comes. There is sufficient wisdom and courage within us to find our way forward. Life can be difficult and we may slip under water a little, but we have all the resources necessary to rise above and catch our breath. Nothing is powerful enough to hold us down indefinitely. Every road we need will appear and we will find the way forward.

There are things we may think we could never survive. However, we have all the strength and intelligence we need to overcome anything that may happen. Even if our whole world fell apart and everything we thought was true turned out to be a mirage, we would find our way through. Great sorrows may come, great disappointments may arise, and we may have to face our greatest fears. But no matter what happens we are powerful enough to find the road ahead.

When we’re overcome with emotion, the way forward may be cloudy and unclear. We can express all the sadness we need to, get it all out, and then open our eyes to the possibilities ahead. There will always be another day and another chance to find our way. There isn’t anything we can’t do and no matter how dreadful things may seem, nothing can keep us from finding happiness again.

Today if you’re suffering and are overcome with grief, trust yourself. This is just one moment. Your whole life is ahead and nothing can keep you from reaching happiness again. Every blessing will come and you will find the road you seek. Let the emotional coat fall away and take a deep breath. You are more powerful than you realize and success is just ahead. Take one step forward. Every blessing you desire is waiting.

One Ray

29 Nov

There are times in everyone’s life when we feel beset with problems. Sometimes many things go wrong at the same time and it’s hard to manage all the turmoil and disharmony. It’s difficult to find sunshine when there are layers of dark clouds hanging over us and we may be so discouraged we don’t even bother to look up to see if it’s there. Life is unpredictable and no matter what we do or where we go, at some point trouble will find us. It may come as a result of someone else’s decisions, or because of a choice we made, or it may come out of the blue with no explanation. Things go wrong and sometimes everything turns and we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of confusion and anxiety trying to figure out what to do next. No matter what has happened or how bad the situation is – and it might be very bad – we can trust there will always be something going right. It’s hard to focus on what’s working when many things are failing, but there will always be something that continues to work in our favor. We’re still breathing, we’re still here, and we can take a moment in the storm to identify something to hang onto. There will always be something going for us and once we recognize it our confidence will rise. Even in the darkest storm when everything is heavy and threatening, the sun is shining brightly above the clouds. It’s always there and during our darkest hours we can find the one ray of sunshine in our lives that endures. We are stronger than we think we are and there isn’t anything we can’t manage. Even if the bottom falls out and we feel lost, we will find our way. There will always be light ahead and nothing can keep us from it.

Daily frustrations come and go. We learn new skills as we go and find ways to move forward through everyday distractions and complications. But when there are serious issues looming, we may feel unsure and may believe we don’t have what is needed to get through. When we don’t know what to do next, we can stop for a moment to see everything before us. There is no need to rush through trouble. We can take some time to assess the situation completely and find the answers we need. They are already there for us and stepping back will help us see them.

No matter how complex or difficult the situation we may be facing, there is always an answer and hope going forward. There’s no need to succumb to desperation and imagine we won’t survive. We already have everything needed to manage whatever we must. We are powerful and strong and even during times of serious distress have enough courage and wisdom to find our way. We can trust ourselves and move confidently forward through any darkness. Resolution will come and we will prevail.

Today if you feel overwhelmed trying to get through a seriously difficult issue, remember how strong and capable you are. You have everything you need to find all the answers. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Be confident and push forward. You are amazing and powerful, and nothing can keep you from success.

Impending Doom

19 Mar

Life is unpredictable and sometimes things go wrong.  We may find ourselves thrown into a sudden tempest without warning and grasping for anything to bail us out.  There are many factors involved in every decision and we have no control over many of them.  We don’t know what decisions others are making, and there are countless complications that may arise without warning.  If we suddenly find we’re on foreign territory and nothing we expected is happening, we may feel impending doom is upon us and we will never succeed.  There may be desperation as we try to find our footing again and figure out how to proceed.  If there are black clouds looming over us and the situation feels oppressive, we may believe there is no way to get through.  We can always step back, sit down and give up, but if we do, the goal we wanted to achieve will never become reality.  Instead, we can dig deep and take the next step.  It might be dark, but above every black cloud the sun is still shining.  We can count on that and push forward until we reach it.  Few situations will go exactly as we plan them.  The road forward may be convoluted and twisted, and we may need to backtrack once or twice, but if we continue pushing ahead we will reach our goal.  Life is filled with complications and unexpected developments.  It doesn’t matter what happens on our journey.  If we want to reach the destination we can continue forward.  There isn’t anything out of reach.  We are strong and powerful and nothing can hold us in place.  Every single dream is possible if we are willing to continue in the face of adversity.  Our lives are precious and our potential is unlimited.  We can do anything and go anywhere.

There are many situations beyond our reach that may prevent us from doing something exactly the way we planned.  Complications and problems may hold us back but each brings with it the opportunity to stretch and reach beyond what is comfortable.  Strength comes from overcoming difficulties and wisdom is obtained when we find new ways to move forward.  All the complications we face teach us new ways to see the world and help us find success.  We are strong enough to face anything that comes and learn the lessons that will take us where we want to go.

When things go wrong again and again we may begin to believe we are cursed and doomed to a life of despair.  We all feel overwhelmed from time to time but in fact, nobody is cursed to a life of despair.  Sometimes it’s all about timing and we must wait for the right opportunity to arise.  Other times it’s about persistence and patience.  We have everything we need to be as successful as we desire.  Life is filled with opportunities and promise.  We can do anything, and nothing is strong enough to hold us back.

Today if everything you counted on has failed and you can’t see the way ahead, be confident.  There is always another road to any destination you desire.  Look at everything objectively, let go of despair and step forward again.  Every dream is possible.  There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish.  Try again.  You are amazing and strong, and nothing is out of reach.

Which Way is Up

7 Dec

For student pilots who haven’t yet learned to use the instruments on a plane, vertigo can be a serious issue. When flying through clouds, rain, or fog without instruments it can be hard to figure out which way is up. Disorientation may occur because it’s impossible to see the land below and everything looks the same. It can be difficult to discern if the plane is ascending or descending. Learning to understand and rely on the instrument panel to show what’s happening, despite the visual clues, will enable a pilot to safely navigate through hazardous situations. Without them, disaster may result. In our personal lives, we rely on a lot of physical clues to tell us what is going on and what we should do. We see and hear things and then proceed accordingly. But sometimes we can’t see the whole story and may become confused and disoriented. If we aren’t sure how to proceed, we can rely on our internal instrument panel to guide us. We can think about the issue, discern what is real, decide which way is up, and chart our course forward. Our previous experiences give us information to guide us. We can clarify our direction by evaluating the situation carefully and taking the time to determine which way we need to go.

It can be easy to get confused when there is a lot going on or we’re receiving mixed messages about something. When we have a decision to make and lots of people are weighing in and giving us advice it may be confounding trying to figure out what to do. Everyone has a different opinion and although there may be many good suggestions, if they all come at us at the same time we may get lost in the commotion. It’s like being in a dense fog or trying to navigate through the clouds to find the answers. If we step away from all the confusion and take time to think and clear our thoughts, we’ll figure out the answers we need. By consulting our internal navigation system, we can find our way. We have great intuition and inspiration available to us and we can access it and use it to direct our course forward.

There are no decisions that are beyond our capability to understand. We can think about even complex situations and comprehend what we need to do to address them and solve any problem that comes up. We can draw on our past experiences and all the things we’ve learned as we’ve lived through each day and we can discern truth. If we take the time to look at each variable and plan our way forward step by step, we will succeed. It doesn’t matter how foggy it gets, how hard it rains, or how many clouds are gathering above, we have everything we need to clear the confusion and go forward with confidence. We are wiser and braver than we think we are and there is nothing too difficult for us to navigate.

Today if you’re in a complicated situation and there is a lot of confusion and interference, step away and clear your head. You have all the answers already. Identify them and plan your way forward. You can do anything and solve any problem. You will find your way through with confidence and clarity. You have everything you need.

Trailing Clouds of Glory

11 May

The famous poet William Wordsworth wrote “Ode on Imitations of Immortality…” musing on who we are as people, and where we came from. He wrote:

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;
The soul that rises with us, our life’s star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting
And cometh from afar;
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home.

I have often read this poem and pondered it, and the part that captures me every time is “But trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home.” Whatever your religious beliefs are, or even if you don’t have any beliefs about God or an eternal plan, there have probably been times in your life when you have wondered about who we really are, why we are here, and what will happen when we leave here.

Despite what the news and media tell us continually every day, I believe that most people are good. Most of us try hard to do our best, and be our best. Most of us are willing to help others, and most of us are honest. Of course, as has been since the very beginning, there are some who do not care about doing what is right, and there are some who are frankly evil. But I really believe most of us are good.

If Wordsworth is right, and we came to earth from God, whatever you believe that to be, and our lives are but a “sleep and a forgetting,” what does that mean for us? If we were trailing clouds of glory when we came, are they still with us now? Does the glory disappear after we get here? What if the glory is still with us? What if the clouds of glory trailing behind us when we came are still here? And if they are, what does that mean for us? Shouldn’t we be acknowledging them, and living in ways that magnify them?

When I think about the human race – all of us since the very beginning – there seems in us an innate desire to choose well, and to help others. Think about your life, and look back as far as you can remember. Most of your friends and acquaintances probably were not evil. They probably were not wicked, and they probably were basically good. Of course there are unkind people in the world, and those who don’t care about anyone but themselves, but they are, thankfully, not the norm. Perhaps Mr. Wordsworth was right, and we are trailing clouds of glory that attend to us every day, and help us to choose well.

Today perhaps you will consider this. Look around at those you come in contact with, those you work with, those you interact with, and think about them as people. I think you’ll see that most of them are trying to do good things, and are trying to choose well. And if you do see that, let it grow within you, and build your faith in humanity. We are not perfect by a long shot. But I think there is glory in all of us. I think it’s been there since the beginning. I have it and you have it. Embrace it. Let it shine through every day, and remember who you are. “Trailing clouds of glory…” we can be a blessing to everyone around us.