Which Way is Up

7 Dec

For student pilots who haven’t yet learned to use the instruments on a plane, vertigo can be a serious issue. When flying through clouds, rain, or fog without instruments it can be hard to figure out which way is up. Disorientation may occur because it’s impossible to see the land below and everything looks the same. It can be difficult to discern if the plane is ascending or descending. Learning to understand and rely on the instrument panel to show what’s happening, despite the visual clues, will enable a pilot to safely navigate through hazardous situations. Without them, disaster may result. In our personal lives, we rely on a lot of physical clues to tell us what is going on and what we should do. We see and hear things and then proceed accordingly. But sometimes we can’t see the whole story and may become confused and disoriented. If we aren’t sure how to proceed, we can rely on our internal instrument panel to guide us. We can think about the issue, discern what is real, decide which way is up, and chart our course forward. Our previous experiences give us information to guide us. We can clarify our direction by evaluating the situation carefully and taking the time to determine which way we need to go.

It can be easy to get confused when there is a lot going on or we’re receiving mixed messages about something. When we have a decision to make and lots of people are weighing in and giving us advice it may be confounding trying to figure out what to do. Everyone has a different opinion and although there may be many good suggestions, if they all come at us at the same time we may get lost in the commotion. It’s like being in a dense fog or trying to navigate through the clouds to find the answers. If we step away from all the confusion and take time to think and clear our thoughts, we’ll figure out the answers we need. By consulting our internal navigation system, we can find our way. We have great intuition and inspiration available to us and we can access it and use it to direct our course forward.

There are no decisions that are beyond our capability to understand. We can think about even complex situations and comprehend what we need to do to address them and solve any problem that comes up. We can draw on our past experiences and all the things we’ve learned as we’ve lived through each day and we can discern truth. If we take the time to look at each variable and plan our way forward step by step, we will succeed. It doesn’t matter how foggy it gets, how hard it rains, or how many clouds are gathering above, we have everything we need to clear the confusion and go forward with confidence. We are wiser and braver than we think we are and there is nothing too difficult for us to navigate.

Today if you’re in a complicated situation and there is a lot of confusion and interference, step away and clear your head. You have all the answers already. Identify them and plan your way forward. You can do anything and solve any problem. You will find your way through with confidence and clarity. You have everything you need.

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