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Set the Hook

8 Nov

We have all kinds of dreams and desires we want to accomplish.  We may spend time planning for them and pondering our steps forward.  When there is something we really want it may constantly encompass our thoughts.  Our desire and determination to achieve the goal may be strong and we may work diligently to move forward.  But sometimes things happen that stop us on our journey.  For instance, someone offers us a big slice of chocolate cake when we’re trying to lose weight.  Or there is a sale with incredible prices for things we desire when we’re trying to save money.  No matter what we want to accomplish there will always be something to distract us and take us from our focus.  If we go fishing and a big fish swallows our hook we may be excited about bringing it in and enjoying a feast.  Landing a big fish often involves some wrestling and a tug of war.  If we fail to set the hook, when we struggle to bring it in the fish may simply spit out the hook and all our effort will be for nothing.  Setting the hook ensures it is secure and unmovable.  The same thing is true for our plans and desires.  We must establish them so completely in our minds they are unmovable.  If our focus is solid and anchored, nothing will deter us.  We can do anything and go anywhere but we must desire the goal enough to set the hook and stand firm.  We have all the strength and wisdom to accomplish anything we desire.  We can choose our way forward and keep true on the path until we reach our destination.

When we share our goals and dreams with others it’s great when they support us and cheer us on, but we might have times when others work against us.  If we’re trying to do something they don’t like they may say and do things to discourage us.  If they doubt our ability to succeed they may suggest reasons to quit or tell us we’ll never win.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions and they may differ from ours.  We can listen to their comments and if they don’t agree with our plans, we can let them go.  We don’t need permission to design our own lives.  We are in control of what we do and can choose anything we like.

No road is clear and paved from beginning to end.  We may face detours, turns that take us in the wrong direction, and muddy areas where we get confused and unsure about the way forward.  Fog may roll in that obscures our vision and makes it hard to find the next mile.  If we are determined and patient, and take the time we need to plan each step, we will succeed.  Every destination is there for us.  There isn’t anything too difficult or challenging, and we can accomplish every goal we desire.  We can keep our eyes focused on the road ahead and continue forward with confidence.  Step by step we’ll move closer to the prize and find success.

Today, think about the goals you want to achieve.  Make a plan and begin your journey forward.  It doesn’t matter how far away they are or how long it may take.  Set your hook and take the first step.  You can do anything.  All your dreams can come true.  Begin today.  The whole world is there for you and you may have it.

Which Way is Up

7 Dec

For student pilots who haven’t yet learned to use the instruments on a plane, vertigo can be a serious issue. When flying through clouds, rain, or fog without instruments it can be hard to figure out which way is up. Disorientation may occur because it’s impossible to see the land below and everything looks the same. It can be difficult to discern if the plane is ascending or descending. Learning to understand and rely on the instrument panel to show what’s happening, despite the visual clues, will enable a pilot to safely navigate through hazardous situations. Without them, disaster may result. In our personal lives, we rely on a lot of physical clues to tell us what is going on and what we should do. We see and hear things and then proceed accordingly. But sometimes we can’t see the whole story and may become confused and disoriented. If we aren’t sure how to proceed, we can rely on our internal instrument panel to guide us. We can think about the issue, discern what is real, decide which way is up, and chart our course forward. Our previous experiences give us information to guide us. We can clarify our direction by evaluating the situation carefully and taking the time to determine which way we need to go.

It can be easy to get confused when there is a lot going on or we’re receiving mixed messages about something. When we have a decision to make and lots of people are weighing in and giving us advice it may be confounding trying to figure out what to do. Everyone has a different opinion and although there may be many good suggestions, if they all come at us at the same time we may get lost in the commotion. It’s like being in a dense fog or trying to navigate through the clouds to find the answers. If we step away from all the confusion and take time to think and clear our thoughts, we’ll figure out the answers we need. By consulting our internal navigation system, we can find our way. We have great intuition and inspiration available to us and we can access it and use it to direct our course forward.

There are no decisions that are beyond our capability to understand. We can think about even complex situations and comprehend what we need to do to address them and solve any problem that comes up. We can draw on our past experiences and all the things we’ve learned as we’ve lived through each day and we can discern truth. If we take the time to look at each variable and plan our way forward step by step, we will succeed. It doesn’t matter how foggy it gets, how hard it rains, or how many clouds are gathering above, we have everything we need to clear the confusion and go forward with confidence. We are wiser and braver than we think we are and there is nothing too difficult for us to navigate.

Today if you’re in a complicated situation and there is a lot of confusion and interference, step away and clear your head. You have all the answers already. Identify them and plan your way forward. You can do anything and solve any problem. You will find your way through with confidence and clarity. You have everything you need.

What’s Coming

4 Jan

If you’ve ever tried skiing, you know there are times when you’re at the top of the hill and because of fog or snow, you can’t see the bottom of the hill. You know it’s there – you just left it – but it’s invisible. There is no ski lift that takes us back down the mountain and once we’re at the top we have only two options. We can ski down it, or we can walk. If we decide to ski, which most of us do, despite the inability to see the bottom of the hill, we can begin down the slope. If the fog or snow is heavy, it may be hard to see more than a couple of feet ahead. If we haven’t done the course before we will not know what’s coming. But if we have faith in our abilities, and plan every turn carefully, we can get down the hill and reach the bottom in safety. Our lives can be like that. We know where we are and where we want to go, but the distance in between the two can be foggy and hard to see. If we really want to reach our destination, we have to go forward with faith. Sometimes we come to a wall and have to re-navigate but if we take our time, and keep moving forward we will reach the destination.

When we can’t see the road ahead of us, and we aren’t exactly sure which way to start, we can be overcome with doubt and decide to stay where we are instead of venturing forth. We know the location we’re in, it’s predictable and sure. Forging ahead into the unknown can be frightening. But the truth is there isn’t anything we can’t manage. We are smart enough and strong enough to face anything that comes to us. If we really want to go forward, even if we can’t see each turn that’s coming, we can keep moving and if we come to a complication we can re-navigate and start again. Every road is within our reach and every goal is attainable if we’re willing to do what we must to achieve it. We can ignore the fear and just start moving ahead. We can push our doubts aside and have faith that although we can’t see the next bend, we will know what to do when we get there.

Not everyone will support us when we want to make a change in our lives and move in a new direction. Some may tell us it’s impossible, some may say it’s too hard, some may ask why we want to change when we’re fine where we are. But none of that matters if we know what we really want. We can forge a new road, go after a big goal, and tackle difficult challenges. The world and the future belong to those brave enough to grab it. We all have the courage we need inside us. We can do whatever we want to do. We can summon our confidence and garner our faith strongly enough to do anything. There isn’t anything too hard for us to manage, too difficult for us to figure out, or too intimidating that we can’t overcome it. We can do anything. When we believe that and begin going forward deciding we will continue no matter what, we will find success. There is nothing that will stop us.

Today if you’ve wanted to move in a new direction but have been unsure, you have everything you need to succeed. You are smart enough and strong enough to do anything you want to do. You can go forward and if you keep going forward you will succeed. Nothing can stop you when you are determined to win. You already know what you want. Start moving and you’ll get there. You deserve everything you’re seeking. Today take the first step forward to claim it.

Our Truest Life

1 Jan

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” Henry David Thoreau

When we’re young we dream of what we’ll become when we grow up. We have fantastic fantasies about being ballerinas, astronauts, race car drivers, famous singers, and a thousand other ideas. Sometimes those dreams come true, but often because we don’t know what’s involved in realizing them, they change. Years later as we progress through our lives, learn new things, and learn about ourselves, we get a better picture of who we really are. But even then, because of the complications of life and choices we make, sometimes we don’t end up where we want to be. The roads we want to travel may be obscured by the choices of others around us, or decisions we make that take us to other destinations, or even by time itself. Sometimes we wake up and look at where we are and wonder how we got there. Of course, it’s easy to see how one turn took us to another, and how each step altered our course, but even then, when we realize we’re not where we want to be, it’s disconcerting. Life is a force and if we don’t take control of it, our days will play out and determine our direction. If we want to live our truest life, the one we really want, we have to take control. We have to wake up, look at the road we’re on, and decide which way to go from there.

Living life on “auto pilot” is easy. We’ve all done it from time to time. We get into routines, we know what to expect, and we just go through the motions. But if we live our lives that way, after a time we may forget that we have control and can determine our direction. We can decide what we want and then make choices that will bring success. We can do anything, but we won’t get where we want to be if we don’t take control. Routines can be like fog rolling in. At first we can still see our way forward and it’s just a slight annoyance. But if we let them take over our lives, the path we’re looking for becomes obscured and difficult to see. We might even stop looking because we’ve been on the same road for so long a new choice may be intimidating. But this life only comes around once. We only get one shot at today. We can play along and stay in the fog, or we can step out and forge the road we really want to travel.

Are we living our truest life? We have the power to live the life we want most. However, before we can achieve it, we must first define it. Is what we’re doing today what we really want? Is this the life that will bring us true satisfaction and happiness? If it isn’t, what is needed to change it? We can change anything in our lives that we want to. We can step off the road we’ve been traveling and move in a new direction. We can point our compass toward what we want most and turn our course. We have sufficient control over our choices and our lives to make any change we want to make. If we aren’t happy where we are, if we don’t feel fulfilled, if this isn’t where we want to be, we have the power to change it. We don’t need the approval of others and we don’t need permission. This life is ours to direct and we can go wherever we choose, and become the person we want to be.

Today if you feel like you’re on the wrong road, that you aren’t living your truest life, that you aren’t where you want to be, you can change things. Decide where you want to go and what you want to do, and then begin to modify your direction and revise your plan. You can do anything. You can make your dreams a reality. Be who you really are and bless the world with your unique gifts. There is nobody else like you. Live your truest life today.

Walking a Tightrope

24 Nov

Our lives can sometimes get quite complicated. Perhaps our personal relationships are strained and we are unsure of how to go forward. Maybe our jobs have changed and expectations are now higher than we’re comfortable. Or perhaps our financial situation has shifted and made planning more difficult. When we’re in situations that are stressful and precarious, and we’re trying to figure out how to navigate them, it can feel like we’re walking on a tightrope. One quick turn the wrong way and we could fall. It’s unsettling when things aren’t stable or are more difficult than we feel we can tolerate. But tolerate them we must until they change. The wire may wobble as we try to move forward. We may feel unsettled or nervous, but with patience and care we can keep our balance, even if the ground is far below us. Instead of looking down and imagining the fall, we can keep our eyes trained ahead and take a step forward.

When we’re struggling to find our footing, it’s helpful to take things more slowly. If we take a little more time with our decisions and think about them a bit longer, we may be more successful. Running full speed is great when we’re on firm soil, but when we’re suspended in doubt and uncertainty, it’s helpful to go a little slower. Unless we’re facing a deadline of some sort, we may take as much time as we need to figure things out. The important thing isn’t how fast we find the answers, but to reach the right ones so we can gain a firmer foundation. Before we take a step in any direction we need to be sure there is enough rope to hold us. If there is, we can move forward. If not, we need to ponder the situation a little longer and find the answer that works. We can make excellent decisions if we give ourselves the time and consideration we need.

In order to move ahead when we’re in precarious situations it’s important to focus on the end goal. We need to visualize where we want to go and see it clearly in front of us. It’s impossible to navigate difficult situations effectively if we have no idea where we want to end up. Once we have our direction, we can plan our steps going forward. We may stumble, the ground might shake, and the wire may twist a little, but if we focus we can regain our balance and begin again. Slowly moving forward we can hang on through the fog and find our way. There isn’t anything we can’t figure out. Step by step, watching carefully, we can navigate even the most difficult of challenges and succeed.

Today if you’re in a complicated situation and you feel unsure, take your time. Stop for a moment to regroup and see where you need to go. Let yourself have time to think and you’ll find your way. There isn’t anything you can’t conquer. There is nothing you can’t do. See the destination before you and begin going forward. You’ll reach it at the right time and everything will be strong again.