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Set the Hook

8 Nov

We have all kinds of dreams and desires we want to accomplish.  We may spend time planning for them and pondering our steps forward.  When there is something we really want it may constantly encompass our thoughts.  Our desire and determination to achieve the goal may be strong and we may work diligently to move forward.  But sometimes things happen that stop us on our journey.  For instance, someone offers us a big slice of chocolate cake when we’re trying to lose weight.  Or there is a sale with incredible prices for things we desire when we’re trying to save money.  No matter what we want to accomplish there will always be something to distract us and take us from our focus.  If we go fishing and a big fish swallows our hook we may be excited about bringing it in and enjoying a feast.  Landing a big fish often involves some wrestling and a tug of war.  If we fail to set the hook, when we struggle to bring it in the fish may simply spit out the hook and all our effort will be for nothing.  Setting the hook ensures it is secure and unmovable.  The same thing is true for our plans and desires.  We must establish them so completely in our minds they are unmovable.  If our focus is solid and anchored, nothing will deter us.  We can do anything and go anywhere but we must desire the goal enough to set the hook and stand firm.  We have all the strength and wisdom to accomplish anything we desire.  We can choose our way forward and keep true on the path until we reach our destination.

When we share our goals and dreams with others it’s great when they support us and cheer us on, but we might have times when others work against us.  If we’re trying to do something they don’t like they may say and do things to discourage us.  If they doubt our ability to succeed they may suggest reasons to quit or tell us we’ll never win.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions and they may differ from ours.  We can listen to their comments and if they don’t agree with our plans, we can let them go.  We don’t need permission to design our own lives.  We are in control of what we do and can choose anything we like.

No road is clear and paved from beginning to end.  We may face detours, turns that take us in the wrong direction, and muddy areas where we get confused and unsure about the way forward.  Fog may roll in that obscures our vision and makes it hard to find the next mile.  If we are determined and patient, and take the time we need to plan each step, we will succeed.  Every destination is there for us.  There isn’t anything too difficult or challenging, and we can accomplish every goal we desire.  We can keep our eyes focused on the road ahead and continue forward with confidence.  Step by step we’ll move closer to the prize and find success.

Today, think about the goals you want to achieve.  Make a plan and begin your journey forward.  It doesn’t matter how far away they are or how long it may take.  Set your hook and take the first step.  You can do anything.  All your dreams can come true.  Begin today.  The whole world is there for you and you may have it.

Fish or Cut Bait

7 May

We make dozens of decisions each day as we go through our routines, and responsibilities. Time flies by and before we know it, another year has passed. If we are on the road we want to be on, that time may be spent positively pursuing goals or moving toward results we want. If we are on another road, one that isn’t where we want to be, it may be hard to look back, and realize that another year has passed, and we haven’t yet changed our course.

Routines are interesting things. If we stay in them long enough, we don’t even think about them – we automatically just do the next thing. If we aren’t careful, time goes by with us hardly noticing where we’ve been or what we’ve done. And time is a commodity that can never be replaced. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. If we are in a routine or a rut in our lives that isn’t bringing us satisfaction, that isn’t rewarding, if we aren’t happy, if we are just going through the motions, we’ve traded valuable time even though we didn’t enjoy it. And we’ll never get it back. So, we need to be awake and aware of what we’re doing. If we’re in a situation where we aren’t happy, the only way to get out of it is to make a change.

Imagine you’re on a fishing boat charter. There are several people on the boat, and everyone is excited about the trip. The captain offers a $100 prize for the person who catches the biggest fish of the day. Needless to say, you want to fish the whole time to increase your odds of winning, but since there are so many of you, and the fishing is good, you’ll need a lot of bait. Everyone must take time away from fishing to cut bait so it will be ready when needed. While you’re taking your turn cutting up the smaller fish and throwing them in the bait bucket, someone catches the biggest fish of the day. You’re excited for them, but you think if you hadn’t been cutting bait you could have been the one to win the prize.

If we are in situations where we aren’t happy, and do nothing to change them, if we are just going through the motions, we are, in essence, cutting bait. We aren’t actively involved in going forward or moving ahead. We aren’t doing what we really want to do. We are not focused on our goals. Some people trade out years of their lives enduring situations that hold them back. They don’t want to do what is needed to correct the situation. Change is hard for most of us, but our lives don’t last forever, so it’s important to look at where we are, and where we want to be. If we want to be happy, we have to be courageous enough to face what we’re doing that needs to change, and then do what it takes to correct our course. We all deserve to be happy but happiness comes from within us. Nobody can give it to us. It doesn’t just happen on its own. We have to give it to ourselves.

So, what’ll it be today? Will you fish or cut bait? Will you choose the road you really want to be on? Will you choose happiness? The choice is always there. We can change any time we want to – we just need to make the decision. This life goes by in an instant. If you’ve been stuck, start today. Go forward, put your face in the wind, focus on your future with your eyes firmly placed in the present. Today is the perfect day for it. No matter what is going on, today is the perfect day to start.