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Breaking in Two

21 Jul

We all go through many experiences in our lives. Some are wonderful and the happy memories stay with us forever. Everyone wants happiness and joy in their lives and we strive for it each day. But trouble comes to us all and sometimes serious disappointments or losses come and we feel as though our hearts are broken. We may feel great sadness and despair as we try to find our way through a very hard time and there may be moments when we feel so bad it’s hard to breathe. We may believe we’ll never overcome the sorrow, we’ll never find our way back into the light, and we’ll never be happy again. When we’re brokenhearted and feel lost it’s hard to see anything but what we’re going through. We need time to grieve and adjust to whatever changes have come. How much time we need is different for every situation. Healing has its own schedule and we don’t need to rush it. We can take time to recover and day by day regain our confidence again. There isn’t anything too strong or difficult for us to face but when we’re in the depths of sorrow that may be hard to see. But if we have faith and hold on, each moment will bring healing and comfort, and in time we’ll be happy again.

Nobody has a perfect life. There are ups and downs in every situation and we have little control over what comes to us. Even if we try hard to limit the possibility of problems, they will come. We are forging our own way, a road nobody else has traveled and there will be unexpected twists and turns as we go. We may trust in someone or a situation that lets us down. We may believe in something that isn’t true, and we may want something badly we cannot have. If we push hard for something we want and can’t achieve it no matter what we do, the disappointment may rattle our confidence. If we are intensely involved with others who let us down, we may feel deeply wounded and afraid to trust again. If we are seriously betrayed by a loved one, we may feel broken and lost. Severe setbacks can make us doubt our worth and our capabilities. We may believe we can’t survive and will never get through them.

No matter what comes to us, no matter how hard it is to face or how difficult it is to navigate, there is nothing – nothing – too difficult for us to get through. We are smart enough to figure out even the most complex problems, and we are strong enough to endure any struggle. When we’re broken and disheartened we can remember that and move forward. We may shed a thousand tears, have many sleepless nights, and feel desperately sad. But we will survive. And we will conquer even the hardest of challenges. We have everything we need to overcome anything that comes to us. Each day will bring us more courage as we move forward and in time we’ll find ourselves on a new road with sunshine and light. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We are capable of greatness and nothing can stop us.

Today if you’re facing heartbreak over something that has hurt you deeply, remember you are strong and there isn’t anything too difficult for you to manage. You have great courage and you will be successful no matter what you’re facing. You can do anything. Have faith. You will overcome.

On the Level

14 Jun

As we go through our lives we experience a lot of ups and downs, successes and disappointments, and give and take. We never know what each day will bring and sometimes things go well, and sometimes they don’t. As we navigate all the changes and challenges we adjust and accommodate whatever is happening to keep ourselves on an even keel as much as possible. We can usually cope with whatever comes and mostly take it all in stride. We know the importance of perspective and as we face each situation try to keep things as level as we can so we can move forward with confidence. But if something extreme happens, something unpredictable and devastating, we might find our balance upset and everything leaning to one side. Our perspective is slanted and we struggle to stand up straight. Although we all go through hard times there isn’t anything we can’t manage. We can figure out how to right ourselves and find our way but it may take time as we process everything that’s happening. When our world has been shaken and we feel unstable, and when the road we’re on feels rocky and unsure it’s sometimes hard to look ahead. But we have all the courage we need and all the inspiration required to make things right again. It’s all inside us. We need only take some time to find our way and we’ll be able to correct the balance again.

Sometimes we all wish we could see the future. It seems if we could know what’s coming before it arrives we could better prepare for it. That might be true, but knowing what lies ahead could work against us as well. If we are overwhelmed at what we’re going to face we may try to hide instead of face it head on. We really don’t know how we’ll respond to anything until we experience it. We are where we are right now, and we’ll respond to whatever comes to us when it arrives. We can draw on all the experiences we’ve navigated already and find our way through whatever happens. There is nothing we can’t face and nothing we can’t conquer.

There are certain things we all think we could never survive. The loss of a loved one, the betrayal of a close friend, or maybe a serious financial setback. We may think there are things that will break us and from which we could not recover. But that is never true. Nobody wants to go through devastating losses or face extreme disappointments but even if we’ve been knocked completely down, we can get back up again. There isn’t any problem without a solution. There is no storm that doesn’t end. Even if we’ve completely lost our balance and our world has been shattered, tomorrow will come. And we will find a way through. We have more courage and strength than we know. We have everything we need to conquer anything we face. We can reset our level, we can rebalance the scales, and we can move forward. There is nothing that will stop us from succeeding.

Today if you feel overwhelmed and devastated by something that’s happened, remember how strong you are. You have overcome so many things already. This is just one more challenge and you have everything you need to conquer it. You are strong and capable and you can overcome any problem. Look ahead. This is just a storm and it will pass. Move forward with confidence. You have everything you need to succeed.

The Delete Key

3 Jun

In this day of computers, anything we write or create may be erased with the push of a button.  It’s very convenient if we change our plans or make a mistake.  All we have to do is press the delete key and all evidence of the activity disappears.  It’s like magic. Sometimes we might wish we had a delete key for our lives.  Maybe we do something we regret, or say something we didn’t mean, or get involved in a situation that brings us sorrow.  It would be great when those things happen if we could just delete the experience and move on.  It would be such a blessing to be able to remove all reminders of the event and completely erase it from our lives.  Sadly that is never an option.  In this life, once a card is played it’s there forever.  Our actions, good or bad, become part of our irrevocable history.  We all make mistakes.  They can’t be avoided and they teach us the lessons we need to learn to be happy and successful.  But it doesn’t feel good when we’re in the midst of them and have to push through whatever complications they bring us.  Although we may wish for the delete key in our lives, if we can remember that each experience teaches us something of value we can move forward with confidence despite what has happened in the past.

As we go through our lives we enjoy happy experiences and hope they’ll stay with us.  We endure the hard ones as well, and pray they’ll end quickly.  But we learn the most from the hard times as they mold us and teach us about who we are and what we want.  Often as we look back at the things we’ve been through we see the times that were the hardest taught us the most valuable lessons.  It’s hard to be grateful for difficulty and nobody prays for trouble in their lives.  But the trouble is what teaches us.  We learn good things from the easy times and enjoy them when we have them.  The hard times aren’t usually enjoyable and even if we wish we could magically make them disappear, give us endurance and help us find pleasure and joy even when things are going wrong.  Those gifts brings a richness to our lives that easy living could never give us.  Everyone wants to live a strong, rich life and struggling helps us achieve that.

We all have some regrets.  Perhaps we have deep regrets for decisions we’ve made, but we all have the opportunity to learn from those experiences so we don’t have to repeat them.  The sorrow of heartbreak helps us appreciate those who love us.  The remorse for dishonesty reminds us how important it is to be true.  The sting of betrayal teaches us how to be loyal.  Every problem brings a blessing.  If we can remember what we’re learning when we’re struggling we won’t yearn for the delete key.  We can embrace whatever comes to us – good or bad – learn from it and go forward with more understanding and greater confidence.  People often use the phrase, “It’s all good,” when describing an experience.  In our lives that’s true – it’s all good in one way or another.

Today if you wish you could go back and erase something, and remove it as though it never happened, stop and look at how much you learned from the experience.  You have come so far and each day takes you closer to where you want to be.  Embrace everything you’re going through.  You’re becoming the person you most want to be with each step you take.  And that person is the perfect reflection of you.

The Trust Conundrum

23 Jun

One of the most painful things we can experience is betrayal. A friend turns against us, a co-worker steals our idea, a lover cheats, a family member lies to us, and the list goes on. There are unlimited ways to be betrayed, and each one is extraordinarily painful. It knocks the wind out of us. Our first response is often disbelief. We can’t believe someone we trusted could do this to us. But we can’t control what others do, and sometimes because of their choices, we may face this very difficult experience. It’s horrible whenever it happens, and it certainly changes the dynamic of the relationship involved.

Being betrayed by someone we’ve trusted can feel devastating. We may second guess ourselves. We may ask, “How could we have trusted them?” or, “How did we not see this coming?” A thousand doubts may fill our minds. But we need to remember that betrayal belongs to those who betray – not to those who trust. It is noble to trust others. It builds relationships, and bridges to those around us when we allow ourselves to trust them. If that trust is broken, it will hurt us, but we are not wrong because we trusted them. The one who betrays us is wrong for breaking that trust.

When this happens to us, we may decide not to trust anybody. Nobody. We may decide not to believe what other people say, and not to rely on anyone. We may become suspicious of everyone, and everything. But trust is the basis for friendship, and every other relationship we have. It’s counter productive to decide to never trust others. If we want interpersonal relationships with anyone, we need to trust them. We need to believe them, and that means we have to be willing to take the risk that they will betray us. Without relationships we miss an important part of being human. So we need to trust, despite the possibility that we will be hurt. Not everyone will betray us, and it’s generally worth the risk. We need to be brave enough to do it.

Today if you feel betrayed by someone you’ve trusted, it will hurt, but try to remember that your trust did not cause this. Sometimes those we’ve entrusted make decisions that hurt us. It’s not a reflection on you. If you’re suffering through a betrayal, remember that. This won’t last forever. You were noble to trust them, and you will move forward. Keep your standards, and do your best. You know more about the person who hurt you now. You’ll be more careful with them going forward. Keep going forward. Walk right on through this. You’ll be wiser because of this, and wisdom is a wonderful attribute.