Breaking in Two

21 Jul

We all go through many experiences in our lives. Some are wonderful and the happy memories stay with us forever. Everyone wants happiness and joy in their lives and we strive for it each day. But trouble comes to us all and sometimes serious disappointments or losses come and we feel as though our hearts are broken. We may feel great sadness and despair as we try to find our way through a very hard time and there may be moments when we feel so bad it’s hard to breathe. We may believe we’ll never overcome the sorrow, we’ll never find our way back into the light, and we’ll never be happy again. When we’re brokenhearted and feel lost it’s hard to see anything but what we’re going through. We need time to grieve and adjust to whatever changes have come. How much time we need is different for every situation. Healing has its own schedule and we don’t need to rush it. We can take time to recover and day by day regain our confidence again. There isn’t anything too strong or difficult for us to face but when we’re in the depths of sorrow that may be hard to see. But if we have faith and hold on, each moment will bring healing and comfort, and in time we’ll be happy again.

Nobody has a perfect life. There are ups and downs in every situation and we have little control over what comes to us. Even if we try hard to limit the possibility of problems, they will come. We are forging our own way, a road nobody else has traveled and there will be unexpected twists and turns as we go. We may trust in someone or a situation that lets us down. We may believe in something that isn’t true, and we may want something badly we cannot have. If we push hard for something we want and can’t achieve it no matter what we do, the disappointment may rattle our confidence. If we are intensely involved with others who let us down, we may feel deeply wounded and afraid to trust again. If we are seriously betrayed by a loved one, we may feel broken and lost. Severe setbacks can make us doubt our worth and our capabilities. We may believe we can’t survive and will never get through them.

No matter what comes to us, no matter how hard it is to face or how difficult it is to navigate, there is nothing – nothing – too difficult for us to get through. We are smart enough to figure out even the most complex problems, and we are strong enough to endure any struggle. When we’re broken and disheartened we can remember that and move forward. We may shed a thousand tears, have many sleepless nights, and feel desperately sad. But we will survive. And we will conquer even the hardest of challenges. We have everything we need to overcome anything that comes to us. Each day will bring us more courage as we move forward and in time we’ll find ourselves on a new road with sunshine and light. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We are capable of greatness and nothing can stop us.

Today if you’re facing heartbreak over something that has hurt you deeply, remember you are strong and there isn’t anything too difficult for you to manage. You have great courage and you will be successful no matter what you’re facing. You can do anything. Have faith. You will overcome.

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