Clearing It Away

16 Nov

Our lives are busy and there is often a lot that needs our attention. We have relationships to nurture, jobs that need our time, chores to take care of, people to consider, and the list goes on and on. Every experience we have teaches us something, and they may also leave us with unfinished business. Unresolved issues will linger and hang onto us until we face them, and do what is needed to take care of them. We can try to avoid thinking about them but like static electricity, they cling to us and continually remind us they are there. There may be unresolved feelings from a former relationship, or conversations we need to have in an unsettled situation. Whatever the issue, carrying it around will never bring us freedom or peace. Until we clear it away, we may feel burdened and get stuck unable to move ahead. It’s not easy to open painful doors and look inside, but the only way to let go of whatever is holding us down is to bring it all out in the open and address every unfinished aspect. We have everything we need to face anything we must, and already possess all the courage and wisdom necessary to find our way through. By being completely honest with ourselves and those around us, and taking the time to work through any issue, we will find great release and satisfaction. All the answers we need will be there for us, and we will find the road ahead. Success is waiting, and by looking at everything clearly, and stepping forward with confidence, we will reach it.

There is an old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” That works with some things but simply looking away from trouble will never fix it. Hiding from something we don’t want to face changes nothing. No matter how long we look away and pretend things are different than they are, the problem we’re avoiding will wait until we turn back around. There is no need to run from trouble. We have all the courage and wisdom necessary to solve whatever comes. By trusting ourselves, and taking control, we can solve any complication and find the road ahead.

We may face an issue that is so complex and difficult we struggle to get through. Everyone has different experiences and chances are someone around us will have information and ideas that will assist us in finding the answers we need. By reaching out to others, and being open about what’s happening, we can get the help needed, and reach success. Nothing can hold us in place, and we will prevail.

Today if you’ve been holding onto unresolved feelings and conflict, stop and look at everything openly and objectively. Let go of any unfinished business and clear away any unsettled issues. Close the books on the past, and start again. You are amazing and capable, and bring great light to the world. Trust yourself and be confident. There is great success just ahead, and nothing will keep you from it.

Making Them Agree

15 Nov

Everyone has their own ideas about life and how things should go. Our ideas come from our personal experiences and how we feel about different situations. We’re all unique and can express ourselves any way we like. This is something most of us understand intellectually but there may be times when we want everyone to just stop thinking and do things our way. It’s true that if everyone is on the same road and doing the same things, whatever is going on will be easier to manage. There will likely be times when those around us will follow along and agree with what we’re doing, but that won’t always be the case. If our success depends on getting others to acquiesce to our way of thinking, we may push hard and use every influential tool we possess to get them on our side. That might work, but unless we have some sort of authority over them, they may still disagree. It’s hard to accept differences when we desperately want conformity, but there is never only one way to move ahead. If what we want isn’t working, we can look at everything objectively and come up with compromises that bring others on board. We don’t have to have everything exactly our way. By giving a little here or there, and bending instead of commanding, we can find ways to get agreement. We are smart enough to figure anything out and find solutions that work. Every destination is possible, and with clarity and patience, we can find the way ahead. Nothing is beyond our reach, and every success is there for us.

Disagreements are a normal part of life. No two people are exactly the same, and we will likely face times of discord and dissent. We can dig our heels in, scream and yell, and try to force the situation. We can lose our minds and get hysterical, but none of that will enhance or improve anything. Instead of demanding compliance, we can listen to all viewpoints and come up with a solution that works for everyone involved. We probably won’t get everything we want, but we can find excellent ways to continue forward.

Just because someone doesn’t think the way we do, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid or somehow lacking. We’re all entitled to our own opinions on everything, and even if we don’t understand someone else’s ideas, we can be polite and honor their input. We know what we want, and how we want to accomplish it, but if our plans won’t work, we can find another way around.

Today if you can’t get others to agree with your plan for moving forward, look at all the options possible. Listen to different opinions and find something that works for everyone involved. There will always be another road and another way forward. You are intelligent and powerful, and nothing is too hard for you to figure out. Trust yourself and be patient. Every success is waiting and you will prevail.

Who’s In Charge

10 Nov

There are lots of people in our lives. Everyone is unique and they all have their own ideas about how things should go. If they are very confident they know what’s right, they may share their opinions with those around them, whether they ask for them or not. Those who are loud and confident may press us into following them and doing what they say. If we let them, they may take control of our decisions and we may end up far from where we want to go. It can be hard to stand up to someone in authority whose ideas are different than our own. We may start out going along just to keep the peace, but if we continue to follow along, we may end up simply making choices without thinking. Every road has a destination and we’ll eventually end up wherever it leads. Chances are we’ll be fine whatever happens, but being fine isn’t the same thing as being happy. It doesn’t matter what those around us want, and it doesn’t matter where they think we should go. We are in control of our lives, and when we’re ready, can take charge of the journey and move toward what we want the most. Our lives are ours to design. We don’t have to do anything like anyone else. We can choose where we want to go, and then do what is necessary to reach every destination. There is greatness in us all, and with focus and determination, we can have the lives we want the most.

The influence of family can be great. There may be intense pressure to keep certain traditions and do things that are agreeable to everyone. We can certainly do anything we like, and if we want to avoid conflict, can keep a low profile and just do as requested. We own every decision we make and are responsible for our own happiness. If we want something different, we can have it. We can be polite and honor the decisions of others, and then make our own choices. Every dream is possible, and when we’re ready, nothing can hold us in place.

Life is like a box of crayons. Just like all the colors, there are many different ideas and expressions possible. Everyone doesn’t have to be blue, or red to fit in. We can express our own individual desires and dreams, and choose the roads we want the most. Our differences bring great richness and depth to our lives. We’re in control of our own destinies, and can reach any goals we desire.

Today if you’re being pressured to follow someone else’s road, remember how unique and extraordinary you are. You bring great light and blessing to the world just as you are. Decide what you want the most, and begin your journey. Be confident and strong. You are amazing and powerful, and every success is there for you.

Popping My Balloon

8 Nov

Everyone has their own dreams and desires, goals they want to accomplish and places they want to go. We’re all different and what’s important to one may not be even a consideration for another. We can design our lives any way we like and when we’re headed toward a goal and things are going well, we feel confident and content. A big red balloon is delightful and children love to walk along with one floating over their heads. They like to look up and see it there, and having it may bring them a lot of joy. But life is uncertain, and for reasons we can’t possibly understand, someone may come along with a big, sharp pin, reach up and pop it. If that happens, there may be much grief and despair over its loss. Our dreams and desires can feel like that big, red balloon. When we’re anxiously engaged in making them ours, and are making great progress, we may walk with a bounce in our step, confident of success. If someone comes along and tells us we’ll never succeed, and undermines our confidence, the balloon may pop, and we may be left standing alone, bereft and unsure. It’s hard to know why anyone would try to steal someone else’s dreams. Maybe they’re unhappy and want those around them to be unhappy as well. Maybe they get a lot of power from hurting someone else. Whatever their reasons, if they cross our path and interfere with our plans, they may cause us a great deal of distress. We know who we are and what we want, and can do anything we like. We don’t need agreement or approval to do anything we desire and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about our plans. Our lives belong to us and by choosing what we want the most, and then doing what is needed to make it ours, we will gain great satisfaction and happiness. Every dream is possible, and we have everything we need to succeed.

Everyone has their own inspiration about what they want to do. Nobody can possibly know us better than we know ourselves, and our vision for our lives is unique and specific. Some people think they know what other people need and they may give us advice and suggestions for moving forward. They may tell us to “Go here, do this, don’t do that,” or other ideas they think are in our best interest. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, and they will vary, but we know what we want. We can trust ourselves to make the best choices and be confident we will prevail.

Conformity can make things easier. Situations are often simpler to navigate if everyone is doing the same things. Following along with others might be easier, but their roads will never take us where we want to go. Our destinations are ours to choose, and we can chart our own course. There are endless possibilities, and when we’re ready, we can do anything we desire and go anywhere we want. The whole world is there for us, and nothing can keep us from success.

Today if something has happened that has stopped you in your tracks, look at everything objectively. The goal is still possible, and there is a way forward. Decide how you want to proceed, and step forward. All your dreams are possible, and nothing can keep you from reaching them. Every success is there for you, and you will reach them all.

Ending and Beginning Again

5 Nov

Nothing is permanent in life and change is constant. We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish, and may work hard to make them ours. Sometimes things will go well and we reach our desired destinations as planned, but life is uncertain. Things can get in the way, people may make decisions that hold us back, and we might find ourselves facing a complete stop with nowhere to turn. For reasons out of our control, what we want may not be possible. Maybe the parameters needed to make it happen aren’t there, or it requires something we don’t have and can’t get. Our dream of success may face an insurmountable complication that prevents us from proceeding. If there is nothing more we can do, and we must accept the end of a journey, we may feel devastated and sad that we cannot prevail. The world around us may seem bleak and we may feel overcome with failure. Endings can be hard but the end of one road doesn’t mean we are done. When a door closes, we can take whatever time we need to adjust to our new reality, and then look ahead to something new. When we’re completely focused on moving in one direction, nothing else matters. When that changes, every other road is possible. Ending one thing opens the way for beginning something else. There are unlimited destinations out there, and once we decide how we want to proceed, we can start on our new journey. Saying goodbye isn’t always easy, but when we’re ready, the whole world is there for us. We have endless potential and can reach great success. By remaining confident, even in defeat, we can forge ahead toward whatever destination we desire, and with focus and determination, reach the goal.

The past does not predict the future. If we’ve faced a situation where our plans haven’t worked out, it doesn’t mean we are incapable of achieving success. There will never be a time when every goal we desire is out of reach, and all the doors ahead are locked. We can decide what we want the most, and then carefully and thoughtfully make a plan to achieve it. When the timing is right, we can step forward and move closer to success. We know what we want and with persistence and determination will prevail.

Reaching the end of a road gives us time to think about how we want to proceed. When there is no pressure to push forward, we can consider every option we desire and decide how we want to move forward. Taking the time we need to evaluate all the possibilities enhances our chance for success. We are highly capable and more powerful than we realize. By trusting ourselves and keeping our eyes on the destination ahead, we will succeed.

Today if the road ahead is blocked and you can’t move forward, consider all the options possible. The end of one road is just the beginning of another. Decide what you want the most and take the first step toward the goal. You are amazing and can do something incredible. Trust yourself and be confident. Every success is yours for the taking. Step up and claim them.