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Defined by the End

6 Feb

Life is long and we accomplish many things as we move forward. Being in control of our lives helps us reach any destination we desire. If we want something difficult to achieve, and the road is hard and filled with detours and complications, despite our efforts it may feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. Long roads can be exhausting, and if we think nothing counts until we reach the very end, we may start to waver. But success isn’t defined by the end of any journey. Every step we take that moves us forward brings it. The progress we make, even if it’s minuscule, is a marker of success. It’s always exciting to reach the end of a long and arduous road and claim the prize, but that alone does not define us. Our personal success is displayed every time we push through trouble and solve another problem in order to move ahead. The strength we gain as we struggle, the wisdom we realize as we find answers along the way, and the courage we demonstrate as we continue forward make us who we are. We are successful as long as we keep moving ahead. Every particle of progress is an accomplishment. Each step forward we take exhibits success. Our determination to stay the course brings us great confidence, and we learn more about ourselves as we move forward. We are enriched by the answers we find, and fortified when another door opens and we can advance. Everything we need to know we learn on the journey. We are strong and powerful, and every goal we desire can be achieved. Learning to appreciate what the road to get there gives us, will bring great satisfaction and fulfillment.

It’s possible to push through a long, hard road and never reach the goal. Sometimes things change after we start, sometimes the goal isn’t possible at this time, and sometimes there are so many complications we simply cannot advance. That doesn’t mean all our efforts are wasted. Everything we do teaches us something of value. Facing trouble and trying to find answers gives us insight and opens new ideas. We gain information and experience in every effort. If we can’t overcome everything now, when things change, what we’ve learned so far will help us start again.

There is no way to know at the beginning where a road will lead us. We can plan well, and try to get all the information possible before we start, but there is no way to predict how things will develop or what will happen. Unexpected complications will always arise and we’ll be able to overcome many of them. If we get stuck, we have all the wisdom and intelligence we need to find our way through. Focusing on the goal is important, but appreciating everything we’re learning along the way will enrich and empower us. We are incredibly capable and wise, and can carry all the wisdom we gain forward.

Today if you’re only focused on the end of the road, think about everything you’re learning as you push ahead. You are gaining important and impressive skills. Use them to enhance your journey. There are many blessings to be found in the struggle. Acknowledge and embrace them. You are amazing, and every dream is possible.

Off the Beaten Path

5 Feb

There are many ways to get to any destination, and countless roads we can travel.  It’s easy to follow others along and go with the flow of traffic.  Roads that are constantly traveled are usually easy to navigate.  They tend to be paved and without much obstruction.  It’s easy to move forward and because we’re on a common road we often have company to enjoy along the way.  Traveling a common road that’s easy is always possible, but if we only travel common roads we will only go where others have gone and see what others have seen.  If we step off the beaten path we may find new experiences that heighten our perception of life and as we push through, strengthen us in ways a common road never could.  It may be harder to forge our own road going forward but what we learn about ourselves as we push through difficulties and complications deepens our wisdom and broadens our understanding.  They say the only difference between mediocrity and excellence is effort.  If we want to have the richest most rewarding lives we can, we must step off the beaten path and forge ahead on our own.  We have greatness inside us and allowing that to come forward and bring with it the courage we possess, we will open new horizons before us we may have only imagined.  Every possibility can happen.  Every destination is reachable.  We can move in a new direction and find the success we dream about.

Others may have expectations about our lives and decisions.  Maybe there are long held traditions that are assumed or accepted behaviors that are encouraged.  We can live our lives any way we want to and if the pressures of expectation are great we may follow along with someone else’s ideas and maintain the norm.  But we get only one chance at this and if we waste our time living someone else’s ideas of life we will forfeit the opportunity to live our own.  We are the only ones who can give the gifts we possess.  Everything we do enhances the world around us and our personal expressions are valuable and needed.  We can do things our way, travel any road we desire, and create the lives we want the most.

There is comfort in traveling easy roads.  The way forward is well marked and there are plenty of signs to help us if we get lost.  Stepping off and going our own way through new territory requires courage to face whatever comes.  There is no way to know what lies ahead but the opportunities we find will open new vistas of possibilities before us.  We have everything we need to travel forward and open new experiences we’ve only dreamed of.  Everything is there for us and we can reach any goal we desire.

Today if you’ve been following everyone else and doing things as expected but yearn for more, step away onto a new road and move toward your dreams.  Everything is available and you can reach any destination.  Open your horizons and travel with confidence.  All your dreams are possible.  Move forward your own way and make them come true.

Magic Lamp

7 Sep

We go through countless experiences as we move forward and each one teaches us something and changes us in some way. Despite the constant adjustments, we may find ourselves in a routine that is predictable and uninspiring. It’s easy to do the same things every day. There is comfort in knowing what to expect and over time we may become lazy and instead of looking for new opportunities, simply go through the motions of what we already know. But if we decide we want more or something different we can have it. We can think about achieving what we really want but thinking and dreaming will not make the change come to us. If we want something different, we actually have to do things differently. We can do anything we choose but it’s unlikely what we want most will simply come because we desire it. There is no magic lamp that will make it appear. If we want a change in our lives we must do things differently and move in a new direction. We are brave enough to let go of what we know and reach for something new. The whole world belongs to us and there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. We can decide what we really want and then do what is needed to achieve it. Our lives can be fulfilling, exciting, and joyful as we stretch beyond where we are to where we want to go. Nothing is out of reach.

Some people bemoan their lot in life. There may be a relationship that doesn’t work, a job that is unsatisfying, a family situation that is difficult or a thousand other issues that are stressful or bothersome. We can complain all we want about where we are but complaining will never change the situation. If we’re unhappy we can do what is needed to create a better plan going forward. We deserve to be happy and joyful in our lives. Every day is a blessing and we don’t need to waste time in situations that don’t embellish us. We can change our circumstance and create the lives we want the most. Everything is available to us and we can have it.

Change can be daunting and we may hesitate even if we really want something new. Nobody knows what the future will bring and it can be unnerving to step into the unknown. But unknown territory is just someplace we haven’t been. We have enough courage to open a new door and see what’s behind it. No matter what we face we are smart enough to find our way through. Every road is open to us and there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. We can start with one step, and then take another. As we push forward our lives will change, our experiences will grow, and we’ll become the person we most want to be. We can have the lives we dream about. There is nothing standing in our way.

Today if you want a change but aren’t sure, take the first step. You can have the life you dream of. There isn’t anything you can’t do and no place too far to reach. Take one step and then take another. Design the future you want the most. It’s all there for you and nothing will keep you from it.