Off the Beaten Path

5 Feb

There are many ways to get to any destination, and countless roads we can travel.  It’s easy to follow others along and go with the flow of traffic.  Roads that are constantly traveled are usually easy to navigate.  They tend to be paved and without much obstruction.  It’s easy to move forward and because we’re on a common road we often have company to enjoy along the way.  Traveling a common road that’s easy is always possible, but if we only travel common roads we will only go where others have gone and see what others have seen.  If we step off the beaten path we may find new experiences that heighten our perception of life and as we push through, strengthen us in ways a common road never could.  It may be harder to forge our own road going forward but what we learn about ourselves as we push through difficulties and complications deepens our wisdom and broadens our understanding.  They say the only difference between mediocrity and excellence is effort.  If we want to have the richest most rewarding lives we can, we must step off the beaten path and forge ahead on our own.  We have greatness inside us and allowing that to come forward and bring with it the courage we possess, we will open new horizons before us we may have only imagined.  Every possibility can happen.  Every destination is reachable.  We can move in a new direction and find the success we dream about.

Others may have expectations about our lives and decisions.  Maybe there are long held traditions that are assumed or accepted behaviors that are encouraged.  We can live our lives any way we want to and if the pressures of expectation are great we may follow along with someone else’s ideas and maintain the norm.  But we get only one chance at this and if we waste our time living someone else’s ideas of life we will forfeit the opportunity to live our own.  We are the only ones who can give the gifts we possess.  Everything we do enhances the world around us and our personal expressions are valuable and needed.  We can do things our way, travel any road we desire, and create the lives we want the most.

There is comfort in traveling easy roads.  The way forward is well marked and there are plenty of signs to help us if we get lost.  Stepping off and going our own way through new territory requires courage to face whatever comes.  There is no way to know what lies ahead but the opportunities we find will open new vistas of possibilities before us.  We have everything we need to travel forward and open new experiences we’ve only dreamed of.  Everything is there for us and we can reach any goal we desire.

Today if you’ve been following everyone else and doing things as expected but yearn for more, step away onto a new road and move toward your dreams.  Everything is available and you can reach any destination.  Open your horizons and travel with confidence.  All your dreams are possible.  Move forward your own way and make them come true.


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