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Tip of the Iceberg

23 Mar

Icebergs are very deceptive things. They may be huge floating in the water but no matter how big they appear on the surface what’s hiding underneath is far larger. What we can see floating in the water, even if it’s enormous, is generally just a small fraction of the iceberg’s total size. The bulk of it is hidden and cannot be seen. Sometimes we face a problem in our lives that’s like that. It may appear to be somewhat simple on the outside and we may make decisions for solving it quickly only to discover there is a far bigger situation lurking beneath the surface. We might have a complication that seems easy to navigate and make a snap decision to settle it only to find there are deeper issues in play and we have much farther to travel if we want to solve the real problem. It’s not always easy to see everything the first time we look. Some issues only reveal themselves over time and if we think we know everything from the beginning we may get burned. Although we understand rushing may mean a mistake, sometimes if we’re in a hurry to move on we may ignore valuable clues that give us the whole story. We have enough wisdom to understand complex issues and enough patience to wait until we comprehend a situation completely before proceeding. If we take the time to see all the information before us, chances are we’ll have a better understanding of how big the iceberg is before we attempt to conquer it.

People are sometimes hard to understand. We may take others at face value and believe the image they are portraying about themselves is true. Sometimes we are right and who they seem to be is exactly who they are. But some people may fool us. They may present themselves in a specific way to get our attention or favor when in truth they are far different than they appear. It takes time to get to know those around us and we can be open and still be cautious before we jump into a relationship. Relationships can be complicated and when based on half the facts can be very difficult. Instead of rushing we can learn a little more and take a little time to get to know others before we get too close.

Problems may have many layers we can’t see at the beginning. Sometimes they look innocent and easy to solve but once we’re involved we may discover there are many issues that must be addressed. Even if they are complicated and difficult we have everything we need to figure them out. We can take the time necessary to consider our options and find the best way forward. If we are patient and look carefully we will see the situation clearly and be able to solve it, no matter what the problem is.

Today if you have an issue you thought was simple to solve that has turned into a huge iceberg, take your time and see all the facts before you. You can find the answers one at a time and resolve the problem. There is nothing too difficult for you and you will succeed. Be strong and have confidence. Step by step you’ll find the way forward and you will prevail.

Fact or Fiction

7 Nov

People have a lot of opinions and some of them involve us. They see us do things or hear us say something and draw conclusions about who we are. Sometimes they’re right, but sometimes their interpretations of what we’re doing are inaccurate. Unfortunately, once they’ve made up their mind about us, they may share their perceptions with others, and before we know it people may think we are someone very different that who we really are. It isn’t always bad. Sometimes they are wrong in ways that make us look better, but other times they may assume we’re doing something inappropriate, wrong, or distasteful. When that happens, we can be hurt by the stories people tell about us. Even when there is no truth to the rumors, they can hurt us, and damage our confidence.

We are the only ones who know who we really are. We share our lives with others, and even when we share ourselves in intimate relationships, nobody can know us like we do. We know our thoughts, our motives, our intentions and we know what we want and what we believe. Our outward actions only tell part of the story, and when they are misread, can tell a story that has nothing to do with the truth. It becomes a question of fact or fiction. We always know the facts but unless we’re clear in expressing them, fiction may take over. Lives can be destroyed by rumors, and spirits can be broken. It’s imperative that we do everything we can not to spread them, and if we are the subject of them, do everything we can to clear up the distortion. We need to speak up and correct any misconceptions, and hold fast to what is real.

There may be times when stories about us, even when they aren’t true, make us question ourselves. After all, if others believe we are a certain way, we might think there must be some truth to it. There is a minute bit of truth in almost all fiction, but that doesn’t make the entire tale true. We need to stand strong in being ourselves. In the end it really doesn’t matter what other people think or what they say about us. If we continue to live our lives authentically, in accordance with our personal goals and desires, those around us, even those who initially believed fiction, will come to know the facts. And when they do, they’ll see us clearly and without misinterpretation.

Today if you’ve been injured by stories about you, if someone misunderstands you or what you’re doing, you can be strong, knowing the truth. You know who you are and any fiction floating around means nothing. Be courageous in being uniquely you. Be open and honest about yourself, and those around you will come to understand exactly how impressive you really are. Live your life exactly as you choose. You are a gift to the world. Never forget that.

Speak Up

29 Oct

There are people in our lives that we hold dear and love very much. They may be family members, friends or intimate relationships. We value them and want to support them and care for them, and sometimes because of our intense feelings for them, we may go along with their choices even when we know they aren’t wise. Maybe they are dishonest in their dealings with others but we don’t want to upset them so we say nothing. Maybe they lie about situations or intentions, and we know they aren’t going to follow through but we look the other way. And maybe they pretend to care about something or someone in order to move forward to a goal they are seeking, when in fact they only want the goal and don’t care what they have to say or do to get it. If we love them intensely, and are afraid of their response to criticism, we may remain silent and blindly go along with them. When we don’t speak up and tell the truth, if the situation is inappropriate or dishonest and we say nothing, we enable them to continue. And if we enable a situation that is dishonest or inappropriate to continue, and we say nothing, we own part of the pain or disharmony that results.

It’s very difficult to point out possible errors in behavior to those we love. It can be very hard if it’s our spouse, our lover, or our parent. It’s hard to tell them we can’t go along with them if they are dishonest or hurtful. We love them and don’t want to hurt them, and we don’t want to damage our relationship with them. But if we say nothing, and simply let them continue doing things that are wrong or destructive, if we let them hurt others and say nothing, we become part of the problem. Most of us know when we’re hurting those around us. We know when we’re being dishonest, and we generally know who near us is aware of what we’re doing. If we watch someone we love do these things and say nothing, it gives power to the behavior to continue. We can tell ourselves it’s not our problem, and we can pretend we aren’t involved. But the fact is, if we know it’s happening, and we want what’s best for those we love, we need to address it.

We own our decisions and everything we do. We get to choose what kind of people we are and what we want in our lives. We can be dishonest, we can cheat, we can be hurtful, and unkind, and we can play along when others act out. We can keep quiet, and watch from the sidelines and not get involved. Or we can step up and choose the nobler path. We can stand up for what’s right no matter who is involved. We can defend truth, and with love, express concern over situations that are inappropriate or incorrect. Whatever we choose to do makes us who we are. If we speak up and nothing changes, we did the best we could. But if things do change, and situations improve, we may do much to prevent the pain and suffering of others. It is noble and wise to set a good example. It is worthwhile to stand up and speak when things aren’t right. We know what to do and it’s important that we are strong, and brave enough to do what’s right, even with those we love.

Today if you’ve been watching someone close to you hurt others or make decisions that are detrimental or destructive, you can say something. You can show you love them by telling them what you see. They may take your words to heart or they may ignore you. But if you speak up, you will know you did your best. Doing our best is imperative in this life. It makes us who we are, and defines our priorities. Today, show you care by speaking up and helping those you love be their best as well.

What do you want?

3 Jun

When we are children, we do what our parents want us to do. They teach us, and guide us as best they can. When we’re older and we’re off to college or jobs, we do what our professors or bosses want us to do. We do our assignments to get the grades we want, or we follow the company rules so we can fit in and keep our jobs. We learn that in order to succeed we need to become compliant, and cooperative, and we do what we’re told. As we mature we begin to understand that although we comply to certain things, we are the ones who really control our lives. Our parents do their part, our professors and bosses do their parts, but in the end our decisions are ultimately ours to make.

There will always be people with opinions about how we should live our lives. They will often give us advice even if we don’t ask for it. And their opinions are important – to them. But they need not be the guiding force for us. We are the only ones actually living our lives, so it follows that we should be the only ones making decisions about them. Sure, we can ask for and take good advice when we want to. Sure we can listen when others tell us what they think. But in the end, we own the decisions we make. And the irony is, we own our decisions even if we don’t do what we want to, but choose to do what others tell us to do. It’s still on us.

It is neither appropriate nor truthful to tell someone they made us do something, unless of course, a gun was involved. Since that doesn’t usually happen, if we choose to do what someone else has decided for us, it’s our decision. If we choose not to do what they suggest, it’s our decision. And so, there is no way to excuse a bad decision by blaming others. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes we can make bad decisions because we weren’t given all the facts, or someone lied. But in most cases, when we make bad decisions, we have to own them. And the good news is when we make good decisions, we own them too.

If we choose what’s right for us, we will find happiness. If we choose what’s wrong for us, we may find despair. Either way, we get to pick. The most important thing when making a decision is to decide what we really want. What do we want to do? Not what do we think we should do, or what would be easiest to do, but what do we want to do? That sounds simple but it’s surprising how difficult it can be sometimes. If we want to make good decisions, we must determine what it is we want first.

Today if you’re struggling with a decision, first decide what you want most. What do you want from this decision? How do you want things to look on the other side? Once you determine that, it will be easier to understand. Keep it simple. Look at it objectively. Be bold. Make a decision and go forward. You probably already know what you want to do. Now go do it.

Truth is Truth

1 May

My brother is very smart. He has a high IQ, and he knows a lot of things, but he’s somewhat lazy. When he was in college he took a complex class in physics, and the professor had a policy that if the students were taking an exam and could not answer a question, they could write “Truth is Truth” in that space, and enter something related to the course that had some theory of physics involved in it. Needless to say, my brother used this option a lot. He told me he figured he could learn some basic physics concepts, and use those to get through his exams. So he did that, and it worked. He passed the class. How much he really learned is anybody’s guess, but at that point learning wasn’t his focus – passing was.

Truth is truth – it’s a simple concept, and it’s correct. The truth of any situation is the basis of its existence. And yet sometimes we forget this basic concept of life. We sometimes pretend that the truth doesn’t exist. “Don’t look over there, look over here. Don’t listen to that, listen to me.” We do this when the truth is uncomfortable, or when we are having trouble facing it. We dodge, we hide, we camouflage, we ignore, and we pretend, and all of those things are effective in distracting us from the real truth of the situation. But they can never change it. It’s still there. It’s always there. Nothing can stop the truth from coming out. It can be hidden for a while, but eventually it will rise, and force us to look at it straight on.

Accepting the truth in our lives isn’t always easy. If we want something very much but for reasons out of our control cannot have it, we may convince ourselves that we can still get it. We just need to wait a little longer, be a little more patient, or try a little harder. Sometimes that works, but often it doesn’t. The trick is to figure out what we can change, and what we can’t. And once we’ve determined that, then we know the whole truth. And that’s what we must face.

There is a lot of dishonesty in the world. It seems that everyone is selling us something. It’s easy to be distracted by the glitz, the promises, and the thrall of something new. We have to be careful to look closely at the entire picture, and discern the whole truth of the situation. But there are times when we don’t want to know the truth, we don’t want to face it because it’s too hard. We don’t think we can handle it. However, whether we want to see it or not, changes nothing. It’s still there. It will not change. So the best we can do is to face it, accept it, and go forward.

Today pay attention to what you see and what you hear. Take a moment to think about it. Are you seeing the real truth, or is it a version of the truth that has been modified to fit someone’s model? Dig down. Get to the bottom of it. Truth is truth. And that never changes.

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