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Anything and Everything

2 Mar

As we go through our days making decisions and accomplishing tasks, there are lots of things we do well. We are often able to complete what we set out to do and the road is clear ahead. But sometimes, things don’t go well and we get tangled up in all kinds of complications and unforeseen problems that keep us from getting our plans done and stop us in our tracks. There may be times when anything that can go wrong has gone wrong, and everything goes up in smoke. It happens to everyone at some point. When we’re in the midst of a mess we didn’t expect, and nothing we do clears the way, we may have to put our plans aside for a while. Nothing can hold us in place forever, but we might have to stand still for now. It’s frustrating not to be able to move forward, however, standing still gives us time to look at all the options in front of us and think about how we want to proceed. There will always be more than one way to any destination. We can see everything possible and find the best road that will move us closer to the goal. Everything may go wrong, but nothing stays the same forever. Change is constant and we will find an opening to start again. With determination and patience, no matter what happens or how complicated or convoluted the situation becomes, we will find our way. Every goal is possible and we have everything we need to succeed. We can trust ourselves, and step forward with confidence. Nothing can keep us from any destination we desire. We are strong and powerful, and we will prevail.

Some goals are easy to reach, and some are more difficult. When we want to accomplish something that means a lot to us, but is complex and hard to attain, we may have to work on it for a long time. If we don’t feel we’re moving forward, we may begin to think the goal is impossible to reach. The road may be very long and arduous, we may tire and need to rest, and there may be endless problems and roadblocks ahead. We can always change direction if we decide the goal is no longer worth the cost, but if we still want to prevail, we have everything we need to reach it.

Most of what happens in our lives is out of our control. If things develop in ways that endanger our plans or there is risk that we will be impacted negatively, we may become overwhelmed with concern. If the possible loss to continue forward is too great, we can let the goal go, and work on something else. Things are always changing and in the future, we may be able to move ahead. We can do anything we want to do, and with careful planning can accomplish any goal we desire. The whole world is there for us. We can be confident and sure we will prevail.

Today if everything is falling apart and your plans aren’t working out, decide what you want to do. If the goal isn’t possible right now, set it aside and move on to something else. If you can continue moving forward, trust yourself. You are stronger and more powerful than you know. You can do anything. Step forward with clarity and confidence. Nothing can hold you in place, and you will succeed.


14 Sep

There are billions of people on the earth. We will never meet them all but we are connected to them in many ways. We influence each other constantly as we navigate our lives. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we change every situation we’re in just because we’re there. We have more influence on those around us than we may realize. If we’re happy and feel good, our positive energy will show and those who see it will be drawn to us. We have the power to lift others by our example and can be a great influence for good. Conversely, if we’re struggling we may push others away. The impact we make is up to us. Our connections to those around us may be invisible but will always be present. We can be mindful of our influence and remember how important we are in everything we do. We can share ourselves in ways that are comfortable and allow others to share with us in return. When we keep our connections strong we feel more confident and supported. We’re all in this together and that bond can be the glue that takes us from trial to success. We have millions of brothers and sisters around us who can help us through difficult trials and rejoice with us when things go well.

We all process trouble differently. Some people like to talk things out with others, some people bury themselves in activity as a way to get through, and some of us just want to be left alone. Being alone can give us the space we need to clear our heads and find the answers we seek. It can be helpful for a time but being locked away will also keep the influence of others away. Everyone has different experiences and someone near us may know things about our situation that are helpful. We can reach out to those we trust and allow them to share their advice with us. A different perspective may open new options we hadn’t considered and those options may help us find our way forward more easily.

There is a grove of over 40,000 aspen trees growing in a forest that are not individual organisms but in essence all one tree. They share the same network of roots and each tree is a clone of the one next to it. In some ways, we are like that grove of trees. Although we are all individuals, as people we share a common ancestry and even though our desires are different our needs are the same. We can lean on each other in times of discomfort and enjoy each other’s company when things go well. Remembering and strengthening our connections to those around us will bring us comfort and confidence, and help us find new ways forward to success.

Today if you’ve set yourself apart and are facing a problem alone, remember the help available from those around you. Reach out for answers and let others in. We’re all cheering for your success. You’re a valuable member of the team and we’re glad you’re here. You deserve the very best of everything. Strengthen your connections to those around you and let them help you make your dreams come true.


Wrong Door

1 Jun

When we’re striving to achieve something, there are often many roads that will get us there. Sometimes it seems obvious which way we should go and we set out with confidence. Everything may go well until we hit a roadblock that stops us. Perhaps there is a door we must open and pass through to continue but no matter what we do we can’t get through. We may try to force ourselves forward but if the door blocks us nothing we do will work. Even if we’re headed in the right direction there may be times when we run into an impasse. Something or someone may stand in our way and we may be unable to continue forward. If we are knocking on the wrong door we will get stuck. No matter how good it looks, the wrong door will never take us to our desired destination but there is always another door to find. When we get stopped we can take a moment to look around and see the options before us. No matter what is in our way, if we are determined to reach the goal we can find the road forward. There are few journeys that don’t have complications. Since we can’t see what lies down the road we must take each obstacle as it comes and navigate through. We have all the wisdom and courage we need to accomplish anything we desire. Obstacles may stand in our way but we can continue forward and gain success.

People are complicated and sometimes we may have a relationship with someone that turns out to have a negative impact on our lives and prevents us from moving forward. As we interact with them we may discover things are far different than we thought. We can’t know what we don’t know but truth will rise and when we see things clearly if we don’t want to continue as before we may change direction. We can let go of what doesn’t work and choose a more effective road going forward. We deserve every success and can make whatever changes we desire to ensure we reach it.

As we focus on a goal, if we only see the destination we desire and nothing else, we may ignore what’s going on around us as we push forward. We may miss signs that we are heading in the wrong direction, or be unable to hear quiet promptings that caution us. It’s important to take the time to ensure we know where we’re going before we storm ahead. There is nothing we can’t achieve if we are willing to do what is needed to gain it. We can plan carefully, modify when necessary and find success. We have everything we need already and no matter how many complications we face we will find the way through.

Today if you’ve been striving forward toward a goal and have reached a door that will not open, turn your course and continue on. There are limitless doors, and detours are just cues to change direction. You know how to modify your course and you will find your way. Keep moving forward. The whole world is there for you and you will have it.

The Road We Travel

1 Oct

Opinions about everything vary from one person to the next. Some people like one thing, and others hate it. We own our opinions and we’re entitled to them. We don’t have to change them even if everyone else disagrees. Opinions about us and the way we’re living our lives may vary. We may have friends who support our decisions, and others who think we’re way off the mark. Sometimes opinions color the way others feel about us, and if they’re negative they can also color how we feel about ourselves. We may live our lives any way we choose to, but if that brings us criticism it may impact our confidence. If someone we care about tells us we’re making stupid decisions, and we should do things differently, we may feel less confident. But just because someone has an opinion about us, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Although we may understand that, a negative comment about our choices or how we’re living can have a strong impact on us.

It’s important to be confident in who we are and what we’re doing. We are the only ones with all the facts about our lives. Those around us can only hear what we tell them, and observe what they see. They can’t feel the things we feel or understand our personal inspirations. Since they have only part of the story, their opinions may be inaccurate. However, if we care about them, their comments may carry a lot of weight, even if they’re the opposite of how we feel. When that happens we may become confused and forget which way we’re going. There are a lot of roads out there, and others may have an idea about which one is best for us. But in fact, the only road they get to pick is the one they’re on. We get to choose the one we travel.

Our lives belong to us. If we want to quit our jobs and join the circus, we can. If we want to move to another country, we can. If want to live alone, get married, eat pie for dinner, go base jumping, or open a tattoo shop, we can. We can do whatever we want to, and live our lives according to our personal choices. Others may disagree with us, or they may support us. But in the end what really matters is that we’re living our lives our way. If we aren’t hurting others, we have the right to do whatever we want to. We can be confident in our choices. Every single day we’re here is a gift. We can’t afford to waste a single moment doing what others think is best for us unless it’s also what we want. Doing it our way is the road to true happiness.

Today if you’ve been told you’re going the wrong way, or should change the way you’re doing things, be polite and thank the giver for their concern. And then determine what’s best for you. You can make decisions that are right for you even if they are different than what others think. Be strong and go forward on the road you’ve chosen. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Today belongs to you. Own it.

What Really Matters

10 Sep

Like static on the radio, there is a lot of noise in our lives. The constant background thrumming of things going by, the din of those around us, the activity that never ceases, and the continual rhythm of each day. We are distracted by the sounds, and all the things we need to do. Things go right and things go wrong, and we’re caught up in them no matter which way they turn. And as each second passes our opportunity to make a difference passes with it. What are we doing with our time? Are we making an impact? Are we being an influence for good? Sometimes it seems we aren’t even aware of the time going by, and before we know it, it’s gone.

We rush through our days, and then something happens that stops the clock. Something so important that time seems to stand still. It might be a wonderful experience like when we meet the love of our lives, or it might be something very sad as an unexpected death. When those events come to us we tune our focus and sharpen our vision. We wake up, become alert, and see everything clearly. The distractions fade, the mists of busyness lift, and we are there, completely in the moment. And we remember again what’s really important.

This life flies by quickly. We think it will last forever, and then we look up and another year has passed. What have we done during that time? Are we happy with where we are? Are we on the road we really want to be on or are we treading water? Did we look away when we had the chance to go forward? We need to remember who we are and pay attention. We only have today. Nobody knows what will come tomorrow but we can make a difference today. If we grab hold of it, if we make it count, today could be the best day of our lives. Our days are what we make of them, and we’re in control of everything we do. Take control. Do what is most important and make them count.

Today be alert to what’s happening in your life. See everything and make it the best you can. Live each moment and remember this day will never return. It will leave and never look back. Don’t worry about tomorrow. This moment is where we are. Make sure you live it the way you really want to, and focus on what’s really important. You have so much to offer. Remind the world you’re here, and be the influence you want to be.