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Taking Time Out

8 Feb

Our lives are constantly changing and there are endless things to address and manage as we move along. In the midst of our regular responsibilities, taking care of chores, managing appointments, and getting work accomplished, we have our personal dreams and desires that need attention. It’s easy to get caught up in the maintenance of our lives trying to keep things going. We may be busy, but it’s important to take time out and think about the dreams we hold dear and all the goals we want to achieve. It’s difficult to find true happiness by checking off boxes and getting lists of details completed. Our personal dreams and goals will continually niggle at us and remind us of what we really want. It’s good to be responsible and get all the details of our lives taken care of but real contentment only comes when we are living the lives we dream about and headed toward the destinations we really want. Time is a limited commodity and once it passes can never be recaptured. How we use it is up to us. If we are self-directed and in control, we can manage our tasks and still make time to do all the things we dream about. Our lives are ours to live and every decision we make takes us somewhere. We deserve complete happiness and when we make our dreams come true, we will find it.

There are only so many hours in a day and nothing we do can extend it, even if we desperately want a little more. If we are ineffective in managing our responsibilities and don’t get things done, we may complain that there just isn’t enough time. That may be true but often we end up with incomplete tasks because we ineffectively used the time we had. There are endless activities to distract us and if we are unfocused or lack discipline we may waste our time and end up completing nothing. Learning what works and how to manage our time going forward will help us find success. We can do anything and with proper planning will get where we want to go.

Down time is a good way to recharge our imagination and refuel our energy. Getting away from our responsibilities to take a walk, visit a friend, read a book, or simply think about our lives, can rejuvenate us and open new ideas going forward. We don’t have to move constantly to get things done. Stepping back and taking time out will often bring us new insight and help us see things in new ways. We know what we want and where we want to go. We can manage our lives to make sure we feel our best and have what we need to move forward. Everything is possible and we can do what is needed to make all our dreams come true.

Today if you’ve been running around getting things done and you’ve accomplished much but feel unsettled, take time out to think about what you want most. You deserve complete happiness. You can make all your dreams come true by planning carefully and managing your time. It’s all there for you. You can get to any destination you desire. Nothing will keep you from success. Plan well and go forward with confidence. Everything is possible.

What Really Matters

10 Sep

Like static on the radio, there is a lot of noise in our lives. The constant background thrumming of things going by, the din of those around us, the activity that never ceases, and the continual rhythm of each day. We are distracted by the sounds, and all the things we need to do. Things go right and things go wrong, and we’re caught up in them no matter which way they turn. And as each second passes our opportunity to make a difference passes with it. What are we doing with our time? Are we making an impact? Are we being an influence for good? Sometimes it seems we aren’t even aware of the time going by, and before we know it, it’s gone.

We rush through our days, and then something happens that stops the clock. Something so important that time seems to stand still. It might be a wonderful experience like when we meet the love of our lives, or it might be something very sad as an unexpected death. When those events come to us we tune our focus and sharpen our vision. We wake up, become alert, and see everything clearly. The distractions fade, the mists of busyness lift, and we are there, completely in the moment. And we remember again what’s really important.

This life flies by quickly. We think it will last forever, and then we look up and another year has passed. What have we done during that time? Are we happy with where we are? Are we on the road we really want to be on or are we treading water? Did we look away when we had the chance to go forward? We need to remember who we are and pay attention. We only have today. Nobody knows what will come tomorrow but we can make a difference today. If we grab hold of it, if we make it count, today could be the best day of our lives. Our days are what we make of them, and we’re in control of everything we do. Take control. Do what is most important and make them count.

Today be alert to what’s happening in your life. See everything and make it the best you can. Live each moment and remember this day will never return. It will leave and never look back. Don’t worry about tomorrow. This moment is where we are. Make sure you live it the way you really want to, and focus on what’s really important. You have so much to offer. Remind the world you’re here, and be the influence you want to be.