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The Road We Travel

1 Oct

Opinions about everything vary from one person to the next. Some people like one thing, and others hate it. We own our opinions and we’re entitled to them. We don’t have to change them even if everyone else disagrees. Opinions about us and the way we’re living our lives may vary. We may have friends who support our decisions, and others who think we’re way off the mark. Sometimes opinions color the way others feel about us, and if they’re negative they can also color how we feel about ourselves. We may live our lives any way we choose to, but if that brings us criticism it may impact our confidence. If someone we care about tells us we’re making stupid decisions, and we should do things differently, we may feel less confident. But just because someone has an opinion about us, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Although we may understand that, a negative comment about our choices or how we’re living can have a strong impact on us.

It’s important to be confident in who we are and what we’re doing. We are the only ones with all the facts about our lives. Those around us can only hear what we tell them, and observe what they see. They can’t feel the things we feel or understand our personal inspirations. Since they have only part of the story, their opinions may be inaccurate. However, if we care about them, their comments may carry a lot of weight, even if they’re the opposite of how we feel. When that happens we may become confused and forget which way we’re going. There are a lot of roads out there, and others may have an idea about which one is best for us. But in fact, the only road they get to pick is the one they’re on. We get to choose the one we travel.

Our lives belong to us. If we want to quit our jobs and join the circus, we can. If we want to move to another country, we can. If want to live alone, get married, eat pie for dinner, go base jumping, or open a tattoo shop, we can. We can do whatever we want to, and live our lives according to our personal choices. Others may disagree with us, or they may support us. But in the end what really matters is that we’re living our lives our way. If we aren’t hurting others, we have the right to do whatever we want to. We can be confident in our choices. Every single day we’re here is a gift. We can’t afford to waste a single moment doing what others think is best for us unless it’s also what we want. Doing it our way is the road to true happiness.

Today if you’ve been told you’re going the wrong way, or should change the way you’re doing things, be polite and thank the giver for their concern. And then determine what’s best for you. You can make decisions that are right for you even if they are different than what others think. Be strong and go forward on the road you’ve chosen. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Today belongs to you. Own it.