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21 Jun

We live in an Information Age. Never before has access to information been easier or quicker than it is today. If we want to know anything, we can quickly find most facts we need with the click of just a few buttons. That’s great when we need to learn about something new or investigate a confusing situation. However, this has no bearing on the information we need from others for various projects we are working on. We can only use the information we are given and the parameters required for any task we want to accomplish. Sometimes we’ll get all the facts we need to proceed and reach every destination, but other times there may be holes in our knowledge and understanding, and we may go blindly ahead unaware that we’re headed for trouble. We don’t know what we don’t know. If we haven’t got all the information necessary to reach success, we’ll likely run into problems and snags along the way. When we hit a blockade and can’t go any further, we can ask for assistance and try to figure out what we’re missing. Black holes exist in space. We know they are there but don’t have any idea what’s in them. It’s the same when we try to advance with less than all the facts. We know where we need to go, and may have an excellent plan to get there, but without all the information we’re going to get stuck at some point. Although we don’t know what’s missing, it’s likely someone will be there who can fill in the holes. We can ask others for advice, and look for additional facts that will help us reach success. We can do anything we desire, but not every road will be clear and paved. There are going to be hiccups, road blocks, and detours that may hold us in place until we find a way around them. We have enough intelligence and insight to figure out any problem that arises, and can be confident that even if the road gets tangled, we’ll find our way forward. Every destination is possible, and nothing is strong enough or convoluted enough to keep us from success.

We all have our own opinions about things, and if we’ve heard about a difficult situation or someone who made a project stressful, it may color our idea of how things will go when we get involved. Preconceived notions are notoriously inaccurate. Trusting rumors or other people’s interpretations will never give us the entire story. We can listen to any advice or suggestions we’re given and still leave our minds open and not prejudge what may or may not happen. We’re smart enough to figure out how things work and find our way forward with confidence and clarity.

Sometimes once we start on a new project we see that everything is completely different than we thought when we started. If it turns out the destination we’re working toward isn’t something we want after all, we can stop and look at all the possibilities available, and chart a new course moving forward. We are always in control of our lives, and can do anything we like. Every goal is possible and we have enough wisdom to get all the information we need to succeed.

Today if the plans you’ve made for the road ahead aren’t working, stop and get the information you need to proceed. If you need help, ask for it. Every answer is there for you and nothing can keep you from reaching any destination. You are amazing and wise, and everything is possible. Trust yourself, and step forward. The whole world is there for you and you will prevail.

Fact or Fiction

7 Nov

People have a lot of opinions and some of them involve us. They see us do things or hear us say something and draw conclusions about who we are. Sometimes they’re right, but sometimes their interpretations of what we’re doing are inaccurate. Unfortunately, once they’ve made up their mind about us, they may share their perceptions with others, and before we know it people may think we are someone very different that who we really are. It isn’t always bad. Sometimes they are wrong in ways that make us look better, but other times they may assume we’re doing something inappropriate, wrong, or distasteful. When that happens, we can be hurt by the stories people tell about us. Even when there is no truth to the rumors, they can hurt us, and damage our confidence.

We are the only ones who know who we really are. We share our lives with others, and even when we share ourselves in intimate relationships, nobody can know us like we do. We know our thoughts, our motives, our intentions and we know what we want and what we believe. Our outward actions only tell part of the story, and when they are misread, can tell a story that has nothing to do with the truth. It becomes a question of fact or fiction. We always know the facts but unless we’re clear in expressing them, fiction may take over. Lives can be destroyed by rumors, and spirits can be broken. It’s imperative that we do everything we can not to spread them, and if we are the subject of them, do everything we can to clear up the distortion. We need to speak up and correct any misconceptions, and hold fast to what is real.

There may be times when stories about us, even when they aren’t true, make us question ourselves. After all, if others believe we are a certain way, we might think there must be some truth to it. There is a minute bit of truth in almost all fiction, but that doesn’t make the entire tale true. We need to stand strong in being ourselves. In the end it really doesn’t matter what other people think or what they say about us. If we continue to live our lives authentically, in accordance with our personal goals and desires, those around us, even those who initially believed fiction, will come to know the facts. And when they do, they’ll see us clearly and without misinterpretation.

Today if you’ve been injured by stories about you, if someone misunderstands you or what you’re doing, you can be strong, knowing the truth. You know who you are and any fiction floating around means nothing. Be courageous in being uniquely you. Be open and honest about yourself, and those around you will come to understand exactly how impressive you really are. Live your life exactly as you choose. You are a gift to the world. Never forget that.

The Rest of the Story

3 Aug

Sometimes our interpretations of situations are skewed because we don’t have the whole story.  We may hear one side of things, or we may be basing ideas on what we think we’ve seen.  There is an old saying, “Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.”  It’s wise advice, but sometimes because the source telling us a story is someone we trust, we may believe them.  And if they have only half the information, we may be way off the mark.  And seeing isn’t always believing.  What we see may be a small part of a bigger picture.

People are complicated, and sometimes situations are complicated too.  What at first may seem to be obvious can turn out to be something completely different.  If we make decisions based on what we think is happening, without first getting all the facts, we may make mistakes that hurt us, or others.  Everyone knows the rumor mill cannot be trusted.  Some of us love intrigue and suspense, and sometimes when people repeat a story, they embellish it.  Before we know it, the entire scenario barely resembles the truth.  It’s like the telephone game we played as children.  Nothing is ever the same after it’s been filtered through several people.

It’s best then to try to get the facts from the real source instead of those reporting on it.  That’s not always possible, and if it isn’t, we should let it go.  Many people have been hurt by rumors that started out with a segment of truth, only to be blown way out of proportion to the point that they no longer resemble what happened at all.  Getting the rest of the story before we believe or repeat anything is imperative.  This is true in our interpersonal relationships, and in every other facet of our lives.  We need to get the truth before we go forward.  If that isn’t possible, we need to let the story go.

Today if you’ve gotten involved in a rumor or story that’s floating around, stop until you can verify all the facts.  Don’t take a chance on hurting someone by repeating something you’ve heard, or interpreting something you think you’ve seen.  We are all connected to one another, and we have a responsibility to ensure we don’t injure each other needlessly.  Be wise, and be careful with what you repeat, and what you interpret.  Those around you are important and they will value you, and trust you when you care for them.  Caring isn’t always sharing.  Sometimes caring is keeping it to yourself.