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Changing Everything

29 Apr

There are a lot of people in the world. The scope of our planet is huge and there are billions of others sharing it with us. As we go through our days, managing our responsibilities and taking care of our lives, we may feel insignificant to the overall scope of everything. We may not be out climbing mountains, or curing diseases, or inventing new items that revolutionize how things work. If we’re not powerful and persuasive in sharing amazing ideas that enlighten and educate, we might think our influence means nothing and that we’re inconsequential and unnecessary. It’s easy to feel like we don’t count as our days come and go. We’re not in the news, or the subject of great and important discussions, and our contributions may feel inadequate or unimportant. While we may not do things that bring great fame and attention, everything we do changes something in the world around us. It might seem our influence is inconsequential and doesn’t matter, but it’s far more valuable than we may think. Every time we say hello and smile at someone else, we bring light into the world. Every time we reach out to help, we turn the tide toward goodness. The smallest ripple of kindness or charity, can change everything. The ramifications of good works are greater and more far reaching than we imagine. One good thing leads to another. When we set an example of courtesy, forbearance, and gentleness we spread goodness in everything we touch. Like a pebble thrown into a still and placid pond, the ripples continue forward unabated and changing everything in their path. We are more influential and valuable than we think we are. Everything we do alters everything around us. We are unique in our ability to shine, and the whole world is blessed because we are here.

Our presence in every situation brings an impact and influence. There is no way to interact and not create a change of some kind. We may never know how much we impact others or how much effect we have over far reaching decisions or choices. A single word can change the direction of where we’re headed. Everything in life is connected in one way or another. We can recognize the power of our decisions and understand the potential of our influence.

Sometimes things go wrong and decisions don’t turn out exactly how we planned. When the bottom falls out and disaster is looming, we can accept our role in the choices that were made. Everyone makes mistakes and there is no shame in taking a wrong turn. We can accept every decision and learn more as we move forward. There is great nobility in holding fast to our integrity and honestly admitting when we’ve erred. Nothing is permanent and we can change our course whenever necessary to reach our goals and find success.

Today if you feel insignificant and that your input is meaningless, remember you are the only person in the whole world who can give the gifts you offer. There is nobody else like you. Your influence is meaningful and important. Be confident. You are amazing and valuable, and we’re all blessed because you are here.


11 Feb

People make all kinds of decisions, both good and bad. We can do anything we want to do, and if we’re only thinking about ourselves, may make decisions that work against us. If someone hurts us and we’re angry, we might purposely do something to hurt them in return. We may lie about them and try to turn others against them to bring them pain and make them pay. Revenge can seem fair when we’re determined to settle a score, but never makes things better and can escalate an already difficult situation. We may be successful in hurting the other party and we might achieve whatever negative objectives we’re after, but the cost will be high. Hurting someone else is easy, being mean is easy, and getting revenge may feel good at first but in the end, we may lose more than we imagined. The truth of every situation will eventually be revealed and if we’ve been spiteful and conniving, or have lied or besmirched someone’s reputation unfairly, we will be found out. There is no virtue or nobility in revenge. In the end, we may lose the trust of those around us, and will only gain heartache and a loss of self-respect. Pain happens to all of us and sometimes we may be judged unfairly, or ridiculed, or we may lose something we value. Allowing anger to determine our next steps will only bring us failure and disappointment. Instead of seeking revenge, we can step back and look at everything objectively and clearly. We can decide to move forward with integrity and courage, and choose the most successful road ahead. We are defined by our actions. Making sure they represent the best of who we are will take us where we most want to go.

Time is always moving forward and there is no way to go back and change something in our past. Once we do something, even if we regret it later, it remains forever. Nothing can change it and we must live with it going forward. We all want to make good decisions but everyone makes mistakes. If we’re angry or upset, we may falter and choose something negative that brings us shame. If we’ve chosen badly, we can accept what’s happened, do what’s needed to amend any pain we’ve caused, correct our course, and continue forward.

Nothing is ever gained by hurting others. We may feel justified or vindicated if we make someone who has offended us suffer, but that is a mirage. We gain nothing through revenge. Whatever victory we believe we’ve achieved will be hallow when we realize we’ve traded our nobility to get even. We are worth more than we realize. We can hold onto to our values and choose the right when things go wrong. Every blessing is possible and by choosing wisely, even when we’re in pain, we’ll reach every destination we desire.

Today if someone has offended you and you are determined to make them pay, remember your standards are more important than revenge. Step up and move forward with integrity and honesty. You are a great blessing to the world and when you choose wisely, we all benefit. You can reach any destination you desire. Keep your eyes focused ahead, and nothing will keep you from success.

Pulling the Knife Out

5 Dec

We will all probably experience the exquisite pain of betrayal at least once in our lives. Someone we care about, or someone we thought cared about us does something that betrays our trust, our friendship, or our love. It’s a horrible feeling when it happens, and we are often caught unaware and breathless when we discover the truth. We feel like we’ve been stabbed in the back. There is no way to see it coming as someone sneaks up from behind, and plunges the dagger. Few things are as painful as betrayal. Secretly plotting against anyone or covertly doing things that will destroy others is disgraceful and despicable, and cannot be justified. Of course, those responsible have reasons they believe are sufficient for causing such pain, but there is no truth in that. Betrayal is cruel, mean, and destructive, and the pain it causes can be crippling.

If this happens, we may feel devastated and shocked. It can knock the wind out of us and leave us wondering who we can trust, and what to do going forward. It’s hard to move anywhere with a knife in our backs, so first we must remove it. Since we’re talking about an emotional wound, we don’t have to wait to yank it out. We can do it immediately by facing those who have betrayed us, and clearly and succinctly telling them we will not tolerate it. When we take that first step and stand up for what is right, we feel more power and control than if we suffer quietly. What they’ve done only diminishes them and we can maintain our high personal standards despite their actions. Speaking up at once, and pro-actively addressing the situation often leaves those involved speechless and stunned by our self-control. And that’s a win.

We can’t control what anyone does but ourselves. People can make bad choices, they can do horrible things, they can hurt others, and sometimes we’ll be the target. Even when we’re devastated, even if we feel destroyed, even if the pain is severe, we can still choose well. We can rise above the destruction, take a deep breath, and remember who we are and who we want to be. We can be noble, even if those around us are shameful. When we choose the path best for us, and behave in ways that communicate how incredible we really are, we always win. Those who take the low road, who hurt and use and betray, will never have the respect or honor that comes to those who choose well. It hurts to be betrayed. It hurts a lot. But by choosing what is right, we will heal, and in time, we’ll be happy again.

Today if you’ve been stung by the bitter pain of betrayal, remember who you are. This does not diminish you. You can manage this with grace and determination by making excellent choices. You are strong and you can handle anything that comes to you. There are so many great experiences just ahead. Keep your eyes focused on those. Learn what you can from this and then let it go. Remember you are a gift to the world. We’re all better because you’re here.