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Changing Everything

29 Apr

There are a lot of people in the world. The scope of our planet is huge and there are billions of others sharing it with us. As we go through our days, managing our responsibilities and taking care of our lives, we may feel insignificant to the overall scope of everything. We may not be out climbing mountains, or curing diseases, or inventing new items that revolutionize how things work. If we’re not powerful and persuasive in sharing amazing ideas that enlighten and educate, we might think our influence means nothing and that we’re inconsequential and unnecessary. It’s easy to feel like we don’t count as our days come and go. We’re not in the news, or the subject of great and important discussions, and our contributions may feel inadequate or unimportant. While we may not do things that bring great fame and attention, everything we do changes something in the world around us. It might seem our influence is inconsequential and doesn’t matter, but it’s far more valuable than we may think. Every time we say hello and smile at someone else, we bring light into the world. Every time we reach out to help, we turn the tide toward goodness. The smallest ripple of kindness or charity, can change everything. The ramifications of good works are greater and more far reaching than we imagine. One good thing leads to another. When we set an example of courtesy, forbearance, and gentleness we spread goodness in everything we touch. Like a pebble thrown into a still and placid pond, the ripples continue forward unabated and changing everything in their path. We are more influential and valuable than we think we are. Everything we do alters everything around us. We are unique in our ability to shine, and the whole world is blessed because we are here.

Our presence in every situation brings an impact and influence. There is no way to interact and not create a change of some kind. We may never know how much we impact others or how much effect we have over far reaching decisions or choices. A single word can change the direction of where we’re headed. Everything in life is connected in one way or another. We can recognize the power of our decisions and understand the potential of our influence.

Sometimes things go wrong and decisions don’t turn out exactly how we planned. When the bottom falls out and disaster is looming, we can accept our role in the choices that were made. Everyone makes mistakes and there is no shame in taking a wrong turn. We can accept every decision and learn more as we move forward. There is great nobility in holding fast to our integrity and honestly admitting when we’ve erred. Nothing is permanent and we can change our course whenever necessary to reach our goals and find success.

Today if you feel insignificant and that your input is meaningless, remember you are the only person in the whole world who can give the gifts you offer. There is nobody else like you. Your influence is meaningful and important. Be confident. You are amazing and valuable, and we’re all blessed because you are here.

Changing the World

20 Jul

Everyone is different and there are endless interpretations to everything we do, see, and experience. We all have our own ideas about how things should be and what is right. If we feel strongly about something and someone disagrees it may be difficult to accept their viewpoint and opinions. In an effort to convert them to our side we may speak loudly and forcefully trying to make them listen. If they don’t follow along and we’re angry, we may belittle them, criticize them, call them names or insinuate they are too stupid to see what to us is the correct point of view. There is nothing noble in demeaning others for any reason and nothing can be gained by diminishing their value. Being disrespectful and rude doesn’t elevate anyone and reduces us. We’re entitled to our own ideas and opinions but it’s inappropriate and destructive to demand that others agree with them. Each of us is unique and our decisions are ours to make. To punish those who disagree with us will never bring us happiness but will only increase suffering and disharmony, and ruin relationships. The only way to effectively influence others is through patience, kindness, inclusion and acceptance. We have the power to change the world but only by setting the example for love and charity will we prevail. Nothing is more powerful than a loving and understanding attitude. When we are accepting and kind people will be drawn to us and we can share our lives with them.

Opinions vary and we can respect the right of everyone to believe what they choose and live their lives according to their own values and desires. It may be hard for us to understand their viewpoint but we don’t have to understand everything to be accepting. We can be respectful and kind and if we disagree we may share our opinions and ideas. We’re all different and when we clash there may be conflict. We have the power to diffuse any tension through kindness and a welcoming attitude. Being patient when there is disagreement and listening openly to every idea will pave the way to friendship and inclusion.

It’s impossible to push people into agreeing with us. Everyone has their own ideas and can live their lives any way they choose. We can express what we believe and exhibit how our beliefs are beneficial. We can lead by example and display goodness and nobility, and with patience and love bring others close. There is greatness in us and by showing it to the world through kindness and charity, especially in conflict, we will prevail.

Today if you’ve been pressuring others to listen to you and trying to get them to accept your viewpoint, remember gentleness and kindness will open the doors. Be patient and loving and accept other opinions. Express your respect and love to those around you and they will draw close to you and feel your influence. Acceptance will give you power and charity will bring you success. You have the power to change the world. Be the best you can be and set the example for good.

What happens next?

19 Apr

What would you do if someone unfairly and maliciously insulted you in front of your friends? What would you do if someone took credit for your idea at work? What would you do if someone you loved hurt you to serve themselves? What would you do if someone lied to you and caused you to lose something you valued? What would you do if you discovered that a friend or loved one betrayed you?

All of these scenarios could happen to you. Some of them may have already happened to you. Unfortunately, we can’t control any choices other people make. We can’t control what they do or don’t do. We can’t control what happens to us as a result of those choices. When it comes to dealing with others, if they choose to hurt us, lie to us, betray us – we really can’t do anything to stop them. They may choose to do whatever they want to, and if that means hurting us, they may choose that as well.

But we can control what happens next – at least as far as our behavior is concerned. It is very hard to deal with being treated unfairly, and our first instinct might be to fight back. Fighting fire with fire might work, but it’s not always the best option. Sometimes it just makes the situation worse, and causes more hurt feelings on both sides. So if we don’t return back exactly what’s been done to us, do we have to just take it? Should we do nothing? No. We have options. But choosing the right one takes a little thought.

What if for every injustice, we offered back the opposite of what we received. For anger, we could offer kindness. For jealousy, we could offer acceptance. For selfishness, we could offer charity. For greed, we could offer generosity. For lies, we could offer honesty. If we offer these things in return for the pain, there is a good chance that the person who hurt us will be touched by our consideration and understanding. They may see the error of what they’ve done, and use our example to change. And if they do, that change would most probably be positive. It won’t happen every time, but if our example helps even one person to change for the better, it’s worth the cost.

We’re all going to be hurt by others at times. Sometimes the hurt will be exquisitely painful, devastating even, and it will be hard to turn the other cheek and offer back something better. It will not be easy. But becoming the best person we can be is never easy. We have to rise above the pain, and see the bigger picture. We have to decide that it’s worth it. We have to choose to reach higher. So today, make a choice. Do you want to return fire with fire, or do you want to change the situation and make it better? There is nobility in all of us. Recognize yours. Express it when things go wrong. Embrace it when you get hurt. And show it off to the world. It really is your finest feature.