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Waiting for a Sign

10 Jul

When we’re trying to find our way forward and aren’t sure which road to choose, and there are a lot of variables and decisions to be made, we may feel daunted and overwhelmed at the task. It can be hard to make decisions when there are a lot of possible good choices and if we’re confused and unsure we may hope for a sign to point the way. Signs are helpful and we use them every day to guide us and give us the direction we need to move forward safely and in the right direction. They are often easy to understand and help us navigate difficult passages. When we’re unsure in our personal decisions we may wish for a clear and obvious sign that points us toward where we want to go and gives us the information we need to find success. We can wish for a sign that tells us what to do and hope it will come but it’s unlikely to happen. If we take the time to think about our decisions and rely on our personal experiences and wisdom to guide us we will find the best way forward. We already have all the tools we need to make the best choices going forward. We have all the signs we need inside us. There is no need to wish for answers – we can find them on our own. We are capable of making excellent decisions. There isn’t anything we can’t figure out and everything we need is available. We can be confident and brave moving forward and choose the best roads to take us to any destination we desire.

Life is all about cause and effect. Things always happen for a reason but the reason may not be what we imagine. When something changes that seems to be pointing us in a new direction, before we change course, we can take the time to look at the situation objectively and ensure it will take us where we really want to go. There is no pre-destination at play. We make all our decisions independently and choose the paths we want to travel. Every road will take us somewhere and there are endless possibilities before us. We need only decide where we want to go and then take the first step forward.

When we’re in difficult and challenging situations it would be great if someone came along at just the right moment to tell us exactly what to do to reach success. That might happen at some point but generally we must find our own way forward. There is no need to be intimidated even if the decisions before us are hard and far reaching. We have everything we need to evaluate any circumstance and choose the best way forward. We are intelligent, strong and capable of making the best choices. All the answers are there for us and we will find them.

Today if you’re facing a big decision and wish there was some sign to point the way, remember all the good decisions you’ve already made and trust yourself to choose wisely. You know what you want and where you want to go. Look ahead and decide on the best road forward. Every success is there for you. Take the first step. You know the way and you will reach the destination.


What is Real

15 Jan

Life is filled with all kinds of distractions and complications. When we’re unhappy with where we are, those distractions and complications may allow us to keep our eyes off what we don’t want to see and help us ignore things we don’t want to face. It’s not hard to look away or pretend a disappointing situation is different than it really is. All we have to do is focus on something else and we can defer what we don’t want to address. But what is real is where we are and looking the other way or ignoring anything will never make it change. If we’re unhappy with our appearance we can avoid anything that reflects our image and just keep moving. If our personal relationships are disappointing, or worse, we can go through the motions and make believe they will improve even if there is nothing indicating any change will happen. We can live in a make-believe world and we may convince ourselves that what we imagine is really happening. That might work for a time but reality has a way of breaking through and eventually we must face things as they really are. What is real is where we are. We have everything we need to create lives that are fulfilling and satisfying on every level. Pretending will never take us where we want to go. It’s like living in a house of mirrors, each one bending the truth to something that isn’t real. We can find true happiness and success when we look at everything openly and truthfully. We can take the blinders off, face any situation before us and determine where we want to go. Success is always available to us and we will have it.

Our dreams are personal and unique and we have everything we need to make them come true. It takes courage to decide to live our lives our own way and do the things we dream about. It takes determination to find the right roads and stay focused on the goal. We have all the courage and determination we need and once we decide we deserve the lives we dream about, we can make everything reality.

There will always be a reason to stay in a situation that isn’t working for us. If it’s a relationship that isn’t working we may think we have to stay to prevent hurting the other person. If it’s a job that’s unfulfilling we may think we owe something to our boss. If it’s a personal change we want to make we may hesitate worried we won’t succeed. We deserve true and complete happiness and nothing is more valuable than living our lives authentically, in complete harmony with what we truly want. We have everything we need to do anything. It’s all there for us and we can take the steps needed to find success.

Today if you’re in a situation that isn’t working, or you want to make a personal change you’ve put off, afraid that you’ll fail, be brave. Take the first step today to move forward toward where you really want to be. Your life is yours and you can live it exactly the way you desire. Be strong and confident. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Take control of what you want and go get it. It’s all there for you.


10 Aug

There are a lot of signs in our lives.  They inform us, caution us, and give us direction.  There are traffic signs, road signs, sale signs, address signs, and many others.  They are helpful, and we see them everywhere.  Exterior signs are useful, but what about the signs in our personal lives?  They pop up from time to time to help us find our way, or correct our course.  For instance, if we don’t exercise and our health starts to suffer, it may be a sign that we need to start.  If we eat too much and our clothes start to get tight, it may be a sign that we need to stop.  If we argue a lot with those around us, it may be a sign that we aren’t listening effectively.  There are a limitless number of personal signs in our lives that teach us, warn us, or make us more aware.

Paying attention to signs is important.  There is a reason they are there, and they are helpful.  But sometimes we get busy, and ignore our personal signs.  If someone we love keeps trying to reach us but we don’t respond, and later realize they needed us and we weren’t there, we may wish we had listened.  If our car makes a strange noise but we’ve got a lot to do so we push it off, and then suddenly it stops altogether, we may wish we had paid attention.  Perhaps we wake up with a headache but are in such a rush we don’t take a moment to see how we’re really feeling.  Then we head out to a busy day, only to be derailed by illness in a very uncomfortable situation, and wish we had waited before we left.  Signs are important, and paying attention to them is equally important.

We can do anything we want with our lives.  We can ignore good advice, we can eat and drink too much, neglect exercise, work constantly, isolate ourselves or anything else we want to do.  Even when we know some things may hurt us in the long run, we might choose to do them anyway.  And when we fail to notice our personal signs, we can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations.  Life gives us a lot of discomfort we can’t control.  It seems wise to try to control the discomfort we give ourselves.  So it’s important to pay attention when we feel reminded to do something, or when there is a sign that we aren’t going down the best path.  When those promptings come, we need to stop and re-evaluate.  Signs are there to help us, to remind us, and to show us the way.  It’s important to see them, listen to them, and consider their significance.

Today if you feel like you’re getting a little nudge to change something in your life, pay attention to it.  Take a look at the issue and determine if you need to change.  Listen to your feelings and inspiration.  Today decide to not just do what you want, but to listen.  You deserve the best of everything.  Do what you can today to achieve it.