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9 Jul

There are a lot of unknowns in life. We can’t read the future and we can’t see what’s around the next corner. In most cases, we have no idea what will happen next, but there are some instances where we can predict outcomes. If we regularly eat more calories than we burn, we will gain weight. If we don’t put gas in our car and continue to drive, we will run out. Some things are inevitable based on the decisions we’re making. Most of the time we know what we’re in control of and what will happen if we don’t pay attention. But life is complicated, we get busy, and there are lots of distractions. Sometimes we get carried away going from one task to the next, and forget or ignore things that need our attention. We grab food on the go, even though we know it’s heavier than we want to carry, we may forget to fill the car up, water the plants, or take the dog out. And in the end, we pay the consequences. When we’re sitting in traffic with a dead engine because there is no fuel, arrive home only to find the dog has “decorated” the rug because we didn’t take him out, or finally notice the plant on the table is dead because we never watered it, we may have regrets. If we continue to neglect what needs to be addressed, our lives may get more complicated. We’re in control of everything we do and decide how we’ll spend our time. We can plan our days responsibly and prepare for what needs to be done. Our lives are a reflection of every decision we make. If we’re constantly getting into situations that cause us discomfort, embarrassment or hardship, we can regroup and plan more effectively. We are smart enough to make good, strong decisions and take care of our lives in ways that pave the road ahead. Every success is possible, and with focus and attention, we can do anything we desire.

We can accomplish our goals and go anywhere we desire, but everything has a cause and effect. We can control every decision we make, but we have no control over the results of those decisions. If we choose well, the outcomes will likely be what we desire. If we make a bad decision, the results may be far different. Every road ends somewhere. By taking our time, and looking at all the possibilities before we choose, we have the best chance of ending up where we want to go.

There are all kinds of influences around us all the time. We may have cultural, family or traditional pressures to live our lives a certain way, and make certain decisions. If things have been done a specific way for a long time, it may seem inevitable that we must follow them. We can do anything we like, but our lives are ours to design and we create our own destiny. There are endless roads to choose from, and we can chart our own course. We can have the lives we dream of, choose our own journey, and reach every success.

Today if you’ve neglected something that has caused complications, think about making a new plan moving forward. You are stronger and wiser than you think you are, and nothing is too difficult for you to manage. Be confident, and move ahead with clarity and focus. Every destination is there for you, and nothing can keep you from success.


Our Gift

14 Sep

“The past is your lesson.  The present is your gift.  The future is your motivation.”  Unknown

While we’re navigating our lives and doing everything we need to accomplish we often think about our futures.  Where are we going?  What do we want to do?  How will get there?  There are questions to explore, ideas to formulate, and plans to make.  If we’re highly ambitious we may spend a lot of time planning for what lies ahead.  There is nothing wrong with making plans for the future and everyone has dreams they hope to accomplish.  But the real gift in our lives is our present.  What’s happening right now is the most important thing in our lives.  The past is behind us and we can take all the lessons we’ve learned from our previous experiences forward with us but we can’t go back.  The future lies ahead and although we may try to plan for it, nobody really knows what it will bring.  Today is the most important day of our lives.  What we’re doing right now is the only thing we have any control over.  What we’re doing, how we’re living, and what we’re learning today is the gift that helps us move forward.  We may forget how important today is if we’re heavily invested in plans for tomorrow, or grieving over something that has passed.  But today, right now, is the most precious gift we have.  If we pay attention and apply ourselves to this moment we will gain as much as possible from our experience.  Without today there would be no tomorrow.  We can honor our lives today and grab hold of everything it has to offer.

When we’re busy and have a lot to get done our time flies by.  The hours seem like minutes and before we know it the day is gone.  If we’ve rushed through it we may have missed some of the blessings available to us as we hurry to the next item on the list.  We may not even see those who pass us or hear others say hello.  Having a singular focus is helpful when there is a lot to get done.  But if we look up and pay attention as our lives rush by we will have a richer experience and deepen our connections to those around us.  It doesn’t take long to acknowledge someone and say hello, or offer a smile as we walk by.  If we take our eyes off ourselves for a moment and interact with others our days will be augmented and enhanced.  This day will be gone quickly and there is nothing we can do to get it back.  Seeing it as a gift and opening ourselves up to receiving all its blessings will bring us happiness and contentment.

They say when we’re dying we don’t regret the things we did, but the things we didn’t do.  If we knew today was our last day on earth, how would we change things?  Who would we see, and what would we do?  This may not be our last day here but if we lived our lives as though it were, how different would it look?  Would we take more time for those we love?  Would we pay more attention to those around us?  Would we offer more care and compassion?  We can change anything about how we’re living our lives at any time.  We can make each day a priority.  This life is precious.  Living each day to the fullest will bring us the most satisfaction.

Today if you’ve been rushing around to get things done, remember what a gift today is.  It’s just for you.  This is the best day of your life because it’s the only day you have.  Live everything to the fullest today.  This is your most precious gift.

Too Far

24 Aug

When we’re trying to move forward we sometimes push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. We reach further than we have before in an effort to get ahead and stretch our capabilities. We are often capable of doing more and when we’re striving for success we test our limits to see how far we can go. It’s important to stretch if we want to achieve and we sometimes surprise ourselves at what we can accomplish with determination. But sometimes we push too far and when we do we may be hurt. We may over commit our time and then find we can’t keep our promises, or work too many hours and end up completely exhausted and unable to do anything. We should push to be the best we can but we must be mindful of where the lines are. There are limits to everything and recognizing those limits will help us find success. Learning to work around limitations enables us to achieve results more effectively and easily, and prevents us from going too far and potentially getting hurt.

Our physical limitations change over time. What we used to do easily years ago may be harder to accomplish as time goes by. Even if we are fit and healthy our abilities will change over time. It can be hard to accept the need to modify and sometimes we may ignore the signals and push ourselves beyond our limits. We may think that because we believe we can do it, we can do it. There is nothing wrong with high aspirations, but reasoning must be a part of the picture as well. If we truly cannot accomplish a task without injury, it’s foolish to try. When we go beyond what we can reasonably accomplish, we may get hurt. And getting hurt and having to take time out to heal and correct our course works against our progress. It’s best to understand and accept our real limitations and work around them. We can modify any plan for success and ensure it’s the best plan for us going forward.

We all have personal expressions for what works best for us. There are some situations we do well in and others that are more difficult for us. We can all grow and learn and change but every personality is different. For example, perhaps we work great in groups but working alone is difficult for us. If we accept positions or situations where we’re forced to work alone we won’t find the success that an atmosphere of team work would bring us. We can recognize our personal expressions and build our lives in ways that bring us the most success instead of trying to push ourselves to conform to a model that doesn’t fit. We can set our priorities to maximize what works best for us to reach our highest potential. We are unique and understanding where our personal limits are will give us great confidence and certainty, and bring us success.

Today if you’ve been pushing too hard and are feeling the pain use another strategy. You don’t have to get hurt to be successful. Find the plan that works best for you. You have everything you need to succeed and there isn’t anything you can’t do. What works best for you is the best plan going forward. Choose your unique path and you’ll find great success.

Dirt Roads

30 Mar

When we travel through rural areas we sometimes need to take dirt roads to get to our destination. Because they are rough and unpaved, they may have potholes, brambles, rocks and other things we have to navigate around. Just being dirt they are subject to damage from wind, rain, or snow, and can become quite pitted and difficult to traverse. After driving on them for a while it’s always nice to get back to pavement and smooth roads again. Pavement isn’t something we generally focus on or give much thought to. We drive around on it, and take it for granted. But pavement is a great blessing. It helps us get to our destinations quickly and safely, and the ride is more enjoyable than it would be without it. When we’re navigating difficult situations in our personal lives and the road is bumpy and hard to get over, we can do things to make it smoother and easier to travel. We do that by seeing things clearly and preparing ourselves for what comes next. We can’t do anything about what has passed, and we’re already in the moment, but we can think about the next best step and prepare ourselves for it. If we take the time to analyze the situation, and make a plan for our next move, it’s like laying down pavement for the road forward. Thinking ahead and preparing our way makes the journey less stressful and helps us move along more quickly.

Nobody can read the future but we can decide where we want our path to go. If we’re in a situation that is difficult and there are others involved it’s important to understand the issues clearly so we know how to move forward. We can listen when they express their ideas, and take time to comprehend their concerns. Then we can look at everything objectively and determine what to do next. Taking the time to look and listen and really see the whole issue will open our eyes to all the possibilities before us. When we see the entire picture we can often see what we need to do to move forward. Once we determine what our next step should be we can put things in motion to make it happen. Success doesn’t usually just happen to us. We need to plan for it. And we can do that by preparing the way forward.

We can pave the road for our personal dreams and aspirations as well. If we want to learn something but haven’t found time to get to it, we can make it a part of our daily schedule and commit to making it a priority. If we want to change something about ourselves but haven’t taken the first step, we can get a coach or involve a trusted friend as a support to help us focus. If we want to do something new and don’t have the skills to make it happen, we can find a teacher who will show us how. There isn’t anything we can’t do. But we must decide what we want, and where we want to go. And then we can start laying down the foundation that will help us get there. Step by step, mile by mile, will take us closer. Every destination is possible. Nothing is out of reach.

Today if you’re navigating a difficult situation take some time to look and listen. See everything as it is and then decide the best way forward. If there is a destination you’ve been wanting to reach but haven’t yet started the journey, plot a course and begin. Pave the way by planning and preparing. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You have everything you need. The road is there waiting for you.

Checking Out

7 Sep

Our lives are busy. We have things we have to do every day, things we need to get done, and responsibilities we can’t ignore. We sometimes make lists to get everything organized and check things off as we accomplish them. Get gas – check. Call the exterminator – check. Go to the dry cleaner – check. Buy batteries – check. And so it goes. We have sticky notes to remind us in our car, and on our mirror in the bathroom, and we’ve got reminders programmed into our phones. No matter how many things we get done, there is always more to do. Like bees in a field of flowers, we flit from one task to the next, busy and determined.

As we go about all these responsibilities, we may forget about taking time for ourselves. When we’re making our lists and programming our phones, we may not include a time out. But time out just for us is as important as all the tasks we need to take care of. A lot depends on us, so it’s important that we take care of ourselves. That means taking time to recharge and find our center again. Even bees take time out to rest, and so should we. We can add it to our list of things to get done. It seems like a simple step but when we don’t actually put it on the list, it tends to get neglected. What is the most restful and rewarding thing we can do today? What will rejuvenate us and help us go forward? Whatever it is, we need to get it on our lists of things to do.

Maybe we’d love a short break to go to our favorite coffee shop for a drink and a snack. Maybe we’d like to relax and read a book for fifteen minutes, or take a walk around the local park. Or maybe it would be perfect to just sit and do nothing. Whatever makes us happy, whatever gives us respite, whatever reminds us that we’re important, is something we should schedule for. I have a friend who writes “Simon” on her schedule every day for half an hour to spend time on something just for her. On her work schedule it looks like a meeting, and when her phone reminds her it’s time for Simon and she’s with others, she excuses herself and steps away. No matter what’s on her list that needs to get done, she makes sure Simon gets on it too. She makes time for herself a priority. When we become a priority in our busy lives, we’ll be happier, and that will help us accomplish everything else.

Today if you’re busy with lots to do, be sure to schedule a time out just for you. No matter how much there is to get done, take a short break and do something that will refresh you. You do so much. You deserve to do this for yourself. Check out for a while. Remember that you’re as important as anything else you’ll do today. Time is the best thing you can give to yourself. Schedule it in and take it.