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The Very End

28 Jul

Life is filled with opportunities. We can do anything we like, and each day brings new possibilities. If we’re focused on what we want to accomplish, we can design our lives in ways that bring us great satisfaction and lasting happiness. All options are possible, but few will come without effort. Of course, we can sail along and just let things roll out as they will, and we may be happy with what we get. But without direction, our lives will simply be a reflection of whatever is happening around us. Without thought and effort, we will never reach the goals we most desire. When we’re looking ahead and are focused on a particular destination, if we plan well and move forward with determination, each step will take us closer to the goal. Some things come quickly, but others will require attention and diligence, and we may have to strain to push ourselves forward. If we’ve been trying hard, and seemingly pushing uphill for a long time, it may be difficult to continue. A marathon race is a long distance. The first few miles may fly by, but as we press forward, putting one foot in front of the other, we will tire. When we get close to the finish line, we may be exhausted, and begin to doubt we can make it. Anyone can accomplish the first mile of a race. It’s the last mile that’s the hardest, and defines who we are. We will never win unless we’re willing to endure to the very end, no matter how hard the race becomes. If we only start out well, excited and full of energy, and then sit down and stop when the road gets hard and miles stretch before us, we will never succeed. Some challenges are very difficult, and will try us, perhaps more than we think we can endure. But there are great reserves of strength and stamina within us. We have all the courage and temerity we need to win. We are strong and powerful, and if we’re determined, nothing can keep us from success.

There is no way to see into the future, and we never know when we begin what will happen or how things will go. Some roads are paved, well-traveled, and easy, and are a snap to navigate. But others may take us through foreign territory, where we don’t know the players, and the terrain is difficult and unknown. Stretching beyond what we know is never easy, but if we want to move toward our goals, we can step forward with confidence. There isn’t anything we can’t manage, and no complication that can hold us in place. We are intelligent and capable, and will find the way forward.

Nobody has unlimited energy and there will be times when we’ll tire and run out of steam. A long challenge will test our ability to endure, and we may have moments when quitting looks very appealing. We can do anything we like, and if the journey is more than we can handle right now, we can step away and do something else. Change is constant, and the chance to start again will come. Every goal is possible and we have everything we need to reach them.

Today if the road you’re on is hard and you’re tired of struggling, look ahead. The end is closer than you think, and you have everything you need to prevail. Be strong and step forward. Nothing can keep you from success, and you will win.


Super Highway

3 Mar

When we’re on a road trip and want to get to our destination quickly, we may choose a super highway to get there.  They are generally wide with several lanes, often in good condition and well paved.  Although there may be many cars traveling along with us, there are no stoplights to slow us down as we go.  Highways are popular, well-traveled and often busy.  In our lives when we’re deciding what we want to do and where we want to go, we can choose the path most people travel.  We can take the popular road and walk forward along with others doing what is expected.  There is nothing wrong with going with the flow but if we want to, we can turn off the main road and take an exit.  We can choose a path that isn’t well traveled, where the terrain is rocky because it hasn’t been worn down, and opt for a destination that is different from the norm.  Sometimes the most beautiful places are hidden away, and the most desirable outcomes are those that are hard to reach.  Super highways are great and we can always travel them.  But if we want our lives to be different, and prefer to travel someplace higher, we can take a turn off the highway.  We may design our own road forward, and choose a destination that is off the beaten path.

Some people prefer everyone to be the same, look the same, make similar choices and have common goals.   It’s often easier to relate to others who are like us.  We understand them because their choices are similar to ours and we may feel comfortable around them because they feel familiar.  But we aren’t clones of one another and we have the power to design our lives any way we want.  Even if we’ve been going along with the ideas of others for a time, if we decide we want to change course, we can.

As we travel on busy highways sometimes the scenery doesn’t change for hours.  Highways tend to be somewhat generic and it doesn’t matter where we are, they look about the same.  After some time we may not even notice what we’re passing as we move forward.  But every mile we travel is time we’re spending and once gone, can never be replaced.  We can look up and really see what’s around us and decide if we want to continue or make a change.  If we see something interesting off the road, we can choose to move toward it and leave the busy lanes behind.  There may be brambles in our way because nobody has cleared them, there may be things we must climb over to go forward, and we may need to turn a few times to continue forward.  But if the destination ahead is where we want to go we have everything we need to overcome anything to get there.  We can chart our own courses, and create our own paths.  We have everything we need to succeed and once we decide on a destination there is nothing strong enough to keep us from it.

Today if you’ve been traveling the same road with others and have decided you want something different, look around and decide where you really want to go.  Chart your own course forward and begin.  Every destination is there for you.  Choose what you want most and head toward it.  You will succeed and arrive exactly where you want to be.

Dirt Roads

30 Mar

When we travel through rural areas we sometimes need to take dirt roads to get to our destination. Because they are rough and unpaved, they may have potholes, brambles, rocks and other things we have to navigate around. Just being dirt they are subject to damage from wind, rain, or snow, and can become quite pitted and difficult to traverse. After driving on them for a while it’s always nice to get back to pavement and smooth roads again. Pavement isn’t something we generally focus on or give much thought to. We drive around on it, and take it for granted. But pavement is a great blessing. It helps us get to our destinations quickly and safely, and the ride is more enjoyable than it would be without it. When we’re navigating difficult situations in our personal lives and the road is bumpy and hard to get over, we can do things to make it smoother and easier to travel. We do that by seeing things clearly and preparing ourselves for what comes next. We can’t do anything about what has passed, and we’re already in the moment, but we can think about the next best step and prepare ourselves for it. If we take the time to analyze the situation, and make a plan for our next move, it’s like laying down pavement for the road forward. Thinking ahead and preparing our way makes the journey less stressful and helps us move along more quickly.

Nobody can read the future but we can decide where we want our path to go. If we’re in a situation that is difficult and there are others involved it’s important to understand the issues clearly so we know how to move forward. We can listen when they express their ideas, and take time to comprehend their concerns. Then we can look at everything objectively and determine what to do next. Taking the time to look and listen and really see the whole issue will open our eyes to all the possibilities before us. When we see the entire picture we can often see what we need to do to move forward. Once we determine what our next step should be we can put things in motion to make it happen. Success doesn’t usually just happen to us. We need to plan for it. And we can do that by preparing the way forward.

We can pave the road for our personal dreams and aspirations as well. If we want to learn something but haven’t found time to get to it, we can make it a part of our daily schedule and commit to making it a priority. If we want to change something about ourselves but haven’t taken the first step, we can get a coach or involve a trusted friend as a support to help us focus. If we want to do something new and don’t have the skills to make it happen, we can find a teacher who will show us how. There isn’t anything we can’t do. But we must decide what we want, and where we want to go. And then we can start laying down the foundation that will help us get there. Step by step, mile by mile, will take us closer. Every destination is possible. Nothing is out of reach.

Today if you’re navigating a difficult situation take some time to look and listen. See everything as it is and then decide the best way forward. If there is a destination you’ve been wanting to reach but haven’t yet started the journey, plot a course and begin. Pave the way by planning and preparing. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You have everything you need. The road is there waiting for you.